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One-K 9m

My 2016 OneK 9m Plan

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Update on 4 January 2016 – Important Notice : 1 January 2016 !!

Friends, the One-K 9m Program is officially taken off ! Kindly do NOT deposit ANY MORE money into my Capitec Bank Account below as I am **NOT** taking any new members after 1 January 2016. The ship has sailed and we are now on the road. Those who did NOT take me seriously on this offer when I first started preaching about it back in November 2015 PLEASE you will have to go look somewhere else to make money in 2016 ! A lady from Pretoria tried to force her way by depositing R2000 into my account today on the 4th of January 2016 and I had to REFUND her money immediately because like I said, the gates have now closed and we have taken off. If I take any new people on this program it just causes me to do more work and it puts pressure on me and it is increasing the risk on other people’s money especially those who joined early on time. So I am NOT TAKING ANY MORE NEW PEOPLE, ok !! Do NOT deposit money into my Capitec Bank Account ANYMORE as I will refund your money with Immediate Effect if you try to force your way in by quietly depositing money into my account without notifying me. We’ve ALL had plenty of time to think about this. I have been preaching the One-K 9m Program since November 2015, now you Cannot come on 4th January 2016 and say you want to join . . it just tells me that you were NOT really serious about your financial prosperity in 2016 and beyond ! I have closed the door on One-K 9m and the 17 people who have decided to join on time are ALL that we will proceed forward with. I Don’t think I need any more people or that I should waste my time with late commers, so please refrain from depositing money into my account saying you want to join now . . because i will REFUND that money back to you without any further discussion !


Update on 22 November 2016

Notice to New People : for those of you who are NEW on my distribution list and this is the FIRST time you receive my newsletter, I would advise that you kindly read ALL the emails in my weekly newsletter starting from the bottom all the way UP to this one. Yes it can take you up to an hour to read all the emails below, but I assure you that it is WORTH YOUR WHILE 🙂 🙂



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