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My Life Skills

One of my KEY Life Skills is RESEARCH !  I research, and research, and research ! I am always on the look out for New and Innovative Solutions. I leave No stone unturned sniffing out for ideas, concepts, methodologies, ways and means to solve every day problems that haunt thousands of people day and night. I have a LOTTTTTTT of people that depend on me for their so-called “Businesses” , from Professors of Universities who hold PhD’s, to Medical Doctors and Dentists in my local community, Teachers and Nurses, Pastors and Ministries, to your Mac and Jack hustler who tries a thousand things a year and Never succeeds at any of them


LOL. I’ve looked at so many things in my life and evaluated so so so MANY ideas !! I’ve looked at thousands of ideas in the past few years. But **JUST BECAUSE** i have looked at thousands of ideas and evaluated thousands of others, it does NOT now mean that I have to **DO ANYTHING** about ANY of these ideas or even USE THEM for any purpose whatsoever in my Life ! And I think that is the EXACT area where millions of people commit serious long-term blunders in their lives. They think that they are  **supposed**  to DO SOMETHING about a particular “good” idea simply because they have PUT TIME into it ! They assume that SPENDING THEIR TIME on researching an idea or considering an idea MUST LEAD to some kind of MONETARY or DIRECT reward, or that the effort they put in must now RESULT in some kind of direct reward ! NOTHING could be MORE WRONG !

People think focus means saying YES to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that is NOT what focus is about ! Focus means  **saying NO**  to the hundred other  **GOOD**  ideas that are out there waiting for you and that you have ALREADY DISCOVERED. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things I haveNT done as I am of the things I have done. Innovation . . is saying NO to 1000 great things. Whether in relationships, business or what to do next Saturday, the magic lies on the far side of saying NO

warren buffet say no-b

“No” is your defense against the dark arts. It’s the way you silence the cacophony of voices telling you what to do and embrace the primal part of your mind that already knows. It’s how you carve out a personal life of magnificence or make sure your business isn’t screwing things up.

Money is the second most important invention in society after language, and we’ve been doing a terrible job of it (money). Millions of us are so terrible and incompetent when it comes to dealing with money. Even people who are supposedly in the so-called “good-paying” jobs are STILL living hand to mouth. If you earned R3000 a month you would think that someone who earns R25 000 a month has ALL THE FREEDOM to buy and afford whatever they need, to Live WHEREVER they want and to DO WHATEVER they wish (i mean come on . . with R25 000 into their pocket every friggen month!!). But you’d be SORRY to discover the utter truth ! Anyway, forget MONEY, Language, however, by FAR is the FIRST and MOST important invention in society the WORLD over !

Human beings are decision machines. Our free will may be an illusion, but our choices still matter. Most of our time is spent wondering whether the last decision we made was the right one, and what to do about the next. Worse, we tell each other what to do and complicate the process. In almost every situation we’re compelled to say yes, when really we should be saying “no” more often.

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