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What I Do

Hopefully you’re NOT here to try to learn anything about *What* I do 🙂 . In any case, well I do a LOT of things. However, it appears that many people who watch too much TV and read too much magazines and newspapers keep asking me if I am a Modeler or some weird stuff like that !! I Don’t know who told them that someone like me would be busy Modeling . . . LOL , Don’t make the same mistake ok . . Guys . . listen here . . I am NOT a Modeler, I have NEVER been a Modeler, and I will probably NEVER be a Modeler, ever, ok !!  The best I can do is to hold my mobile phone in my right-hand, bend my body a little to one side, look intently at the lens and then shoot a photo . . that’s about all I can do. If that is called “Modeling”, then I am always like  “LOL, really!!”.  Like I said, I do a LOT of things. There is a LOT more to (My) Life than just Modeling around, LOL. Anyway, I play with computers, I listen to Music, and I read and read and read . . . I go out a LOTT , almost every Friday, I eat out , I go shopping 🙂 LOTSSS of shopping , and I research and I’m always on the look out for Innovative Solutions.

My current areas of research are in the following disciplines : Nanotech, Life Extension, Cryonics, Nano-Medicine, Microbiology, Quantum Physics (properly known as “Quantum Mechanics”), Internet Marketing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence…especially the sub-field of Clustering, Classification and Fuzzy Pattern Matching, Regular Expressions (i’m BIG time on Regular Expressions! They’ve literally CHANGED my Life!), Automotive Electronics, Space and Astronomical Sciences, Anthropology, Evolution & Creation Science, NLP & DHE (Neuro-Linguistic Programming / Design Human Engineering), Psychology and Philosophy. I also have a very mild interest in Chemistry, General Medicine and Bio-Physics. Unfortunately, I have little to No interest in the disciplines of Conservation, Ecosystems, Sociology and the related disciplines. I make plenty of commentary on many forums and several RSS feeds on a regular basis.

You can Click Here to visit my Current Research Work

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