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Have You Found Your Winning Idea Yet Or Not ?

So, you’ve found it ! You’ve finally found that perfect idea you’ve been looking for . . . that ONE idea that sets your dreams on FIRE ! Well, good for you ! You’ve finally uncovered the hidden concept that you’ve always believed in and you have a gut feel that this is THE ONE !

But how do you know for sure that you’ve found a winning idea that will genuinely bring you success ? ?

There’s THREE key questions you have to ask yourself as an entrepreneur . . And BE FAIR and HONEST when you answer ! !

If your answer is YES to ALL of the questions below, then you’re probably sitting with a Winning Idea on your hands ! ! You’re sitting with Gold in your hands ! On the other hand, if your answer is NO to any of the questions below, then you’re probably contemplating a “Bad Idea” and you’re about to burn your fingers . . . sorry to say that, but that’s probably the case . . I can tell you by a far shot !

QUESTION 1 – Can this idea be implemented by ONE man ? ?

if your answer is YES = Then you probably have a Good Idea 🙂
if your answer is NO = Sorry, you probably have a Bad Idea !

QUESTION 2 – Can that ONE man Start TODAY ? ?

if your answer is YES = Then you probably have an idea that will WORK 🙂
if your answer is NO = Sorry, you probably have a Bad Idea !

QUESTION 3 – Do people want it BADLY ? ?

if your answer is YES = Then you probably have a Great Idea !!
if your answer is NO = Sorry, you probably have a very Bad Idea !

Now the third question is VERRRRY important ! ! ! When you are excited about an idea, there is a tendency to RUSH to conclude that the WHOLE WORLD IS ALSO EQUALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE SAME idea (your idea). There is a tendency to INCORRECTLY ASSUME that the whole world WANTS the idea as much as YOU DO and that they are ALSO GREATLY EXCITED about it :-(( This is typically the sign of a DEADLY mistake that all new entrepreneurs make ! They call it the “rookie entrepreneur fallacy” !

When you actually go out there to introduce your idea to people, you might be surprised that they are NOT all so excited and happy about what you want to offer them, you’ll find that they DON’T even care ; some of them may appear confused by what you’re trying to tell them, or they might just misunderstand you completely ! And you’ll often find that even if you try to show them what they’re Losing by Not buying into your idea they STILL DON’T CARE anyway ! ! This has crashed the dreams of many excited To-Be Entrepreneurs & Billionaires-To-Be who thought that they had discovered a brilliant idea that will change the whole world and bring them overwhelming success by the turn of the year ! Only to get a wake-up call after they spend 10 months pursuing the idea with ALL their might and power, but with NO visible results at all.

This situation has happened to a lot of people and has fooled so many entrepreneurs who thought they had Everything the world wants. Just to name a few, this has happened to : Musicians & Music Artists, Music Producers, Film & Creative Arts Producers, Craftsmen, Retail Businessmen, Ideas about Shares and Investments on the stock market, Multi-Level Marketing & Network Marketing ideas, Health & Beauty Product Marketers, Internet Business Marketers, Work-From-Home ideas, and a dozen others. Businessmen of all sizes, kinds and sorts have been through it ! The LIST goes on and on, and it covers well over 2000 ideas ! ! !

All that remains when a brilliant idea fails to materialize is Blame . . . blame the Bank Manager = he refused to give me funds for the idea ; blame the government = they refused to empower your idea ; blame the record companies = they stole the idea ; blame the thieves = they infringed me on my idea ( “it was originally thought up by me” ) , it was MY IDEA ; blame your friends and family = they did NOT support you enough ; blame your dad and your mom, your dad didNT love you enough when you were a baby, your mom always discriminated against you and she seemed to love your younger brother “more than you”, blame her for that. Blame him ; blame them ; blame it . . blame those evil fools next door too . . etc, etc, etc ! ! ! You see where this is going guys ?? Blame ! Blame ! Blame, and NOTHING else but BLAME !

You see, the problem we have here is that EVERYONE ELSE is being blamed because they did NOT do something FOR YOU ! ! But hey . . I thought it was YOUR IDEA and that you had THOUGHT IT UP yourself and that it was originally your idea ! ! . . . . Mhhh . . . this is really tough. Well let’s take a minute and review the above 3 questions again . . .

Question Number 1 Review – Can ONE person implement it ?

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT that the idea MUST be possible to be implemented by **ONE MAN** ! !

Well, you know you have a great idea when it’s an idea that ONE MAN can implement. Yes this can also be a “woman” if at all you’re a female :)) Note that I said ONE MAN ! If the idea will work only when 20 people are involved, then chances are that it will Never bring you any success, because it might Never materialize ÷(( When 20 people have to be involved to make the idea work, the chances of success are going to be SEVERELY limited. Negotiations, meetings, agreements and decision-making are going to get in the way and spoil the idea so much that it becomes extremely distracting and difficult to make progress on it. There’ll be very little FORWARD MOVEMENT and at the end of all the meetings, ups and downs and run around there will be NOBODY doing anything at all. You can only remain with your **good idea in the brain** and lots of BLAME towards others :-(( That’s the danger of an idea that CANNOT be implemented by ONE MAN :-(( If ONE man could do it, then he would probably be able to START today, and if indeed he is able to START TODAY, then this is probably a very brilliant idea you’re coming up with. If on top of that people WANT IT BADLY, then you have a truly AWESOME IDEA, and you ARE probably going to make some notable success out of it ! !

The criterion of ONE man being able to implement the idea single-handedly is very important because sometimes you’ll hear people saying they have a BIG – BIG – BIG idea that’s worth millions or even worth billions, yet you find that the idea CANNOT even generate R20 tomorrow ! I mean, what is the point of a billion dollar idea that fails to generate R20 for its owner per week ??

If an idea CANNOT work with ONLY ONE man involved, it is UNLikely for it to work with 20 people or 200 people involved.

And yes  I know there are ideas that will NEVER work if ONLY ONE person is working on it. There are ideas where OTHER PEOPLE MUST be involved in order for it to work ! There are ideas that are so multi-fold and multi-tiered that without other people, it would be impossible for it to work. I know that very well. But here’s my conclusion on this : Why do you have to mess with something that requires “DEPENDENCE” on other people ? When there are so many other great ideas out there that you can embark on SINGLE-HANDEDLY ! Why do you have to place yourself into a situation whereby if  SOMEONE ELSE does NOT do his part, then  YOU STAND TO FAIL and suffer ! Friend, DON’T place yourself into a position where “other people’s performance” determines your success, failure, and destiny !  I can tell you now . . it’s a very fundamental flaw you’re committing by doing something like that !

Question Number 2 Review – Can you start TODAY ?

If an idea can be implemented TODAY, then its likelihood of success is about 40 times that of an idea that requires preparation over many months, planning that lasts several weeks or some other extensive preparatory work that may last several months.

And what about the “business plan”, “marketing plan”, “SWOT analysis”, “financial projections”, “competition analysis”, “mission, vision, and victim of objectives” ??

Well, please . . Don’t waste my or your valuable time with all this ! I have a business management diploma from Damelin College too. Do you really think I would say the things I say above boldly without any fundamental knowledge or consideration of the fundamental principles of business management and economics ? If you do NOT get the core 3 questions above addressed effectively and honestly, you will waste your time with “financial projections”, “swot analysis” and “marketing plans”, etc . . only to come out powerless and discouraged by the simple reality that the idea was NOT viable at all due to a wrong “mindset” when you originally contemplated it. 98% of that stuff is pure academics and theory. In the real world, however, you will be eaten alive if you apply those principles literally and you come with a fundamentally flawed “mindset” in your approach . . . DISAGREE if you will ! !

Question Number 3 Review – Do people want it BADLY enough ?

If the world really likes your idea because it’s a brilliant idea . . how come they did NOT bother to support you on it ? ? Surely if an idea is a good one then THOSE who do NOT support you . . it’s THEIR LOSS, right ? ? It’s NOT your Loss ! ! You are bringing a wonderful idea into their lives but they DON’T care about it. In fact you’re doing them a favour by sharing the idea with them, so if they Don’t like it then they DON’T see what they are Losing, right ?? Shame on them, right ? ? Isn’t that HOW you should think of them ? Shame On THEM . . that’s the way you are supposed to handle them, you should simply say to yourself “quitely” . . SHAME on these poor people, they have NO idea what they’re missing. That’s the attitude you must have towards them, . . . you should NOT end up trying to put blame on them, alright ? They will regret when it’s too late to participate and they will wish they had taken you seriously when you originally shared the idea with them. Since they did NOT believe you in the beginning, it can only bring them remorse ! !

So, if you really think you have a great idea hidden in your bag, you should NOT be blaming anyone if the idea FAILS, you should ONLY blame yourself because it was YOU who was actually excited about it, but perhaps you made a fatal mistake of ASSUMING that YOUR Excitement means that The WORLD is Also Equally Excited about YOUR idea ! ! ! And if that’s you . . then you may have just become another victim of = “the rookie entrepreneur fallacy” :))

If the world or the people really want your idea BADLY (question number 3 above), then they would come to you like a swarm of bees as soon as they hear about the idea :-)) You wouldNT even know how some of those people managed to discover about you. You would just find that people are flooding your door begging to use your idea ! ! That’s how a great idea unfolds ! People must WANT it badly, it must be something that people WANT badly :-)) . . and this is the subject of question 3 above.

And how do you know that your winning idea is truly successful (as opposed to OTHER WINNING ideas) ?? . . . . Don’t laugh at this one . . . You will know it when people suddenly come to you to BORROW MONEY without you having advertised anything about the fact that you have money, let alone “money to lend out”. That’s when you know it’s really working ! !

So guys, it’s basically THREE SIMPLE questions all the time:

1. Can ONE man do it ? ?
2. Can he start TODAY ? ?
3. Do people want it BADLY enough ? ?

Anything more than this really, you’d be spoiling the fun out of it . . .

Ok, that’s all, I’m done, thanks.

NB: Please understand that the word “man” as I use it in this article, applies equally to “women” and “females”. I am Not sexist in any manner whatsoever.

Tebogo Motlhale’s Bare Bones Introduction to FOREX

My 18th book is out ! This guide is an effort to compile the most DIRECT and EASIEST explanation of what FOREX trading is all about as well as a very basic introduction on how to place Forex trades in the Retail Forex environment. It is hard to learn Forex from a detailed book with 24 chapters and 355 pages of text or from a website such as where the topics covered are TOO WIDE and BROAD. It is also challenging to put everything together once you’ve gone through their entire detailed explanations . . however it is actually BEST to learn it in that DETAILED manner because a LOT of confusion in life is due to a LACK of DETAIL in the content.

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Four Paradigms God Indicator Strategy – FPGIS

greetings to you Traders ?

before i forget . . as i promised yesterday . . i this share i reveal my NEW Guide that i wrote recently. it is based on the God Indicator Strategy but i added my own twist to it. i added a unique candlestick analysis method which involves the use of FOUR Mental Paradigms to analyse candlesticks in Real Time AFTER getting the signal from the God Indicator

this is a fairly intricate guide that is meant for matured traders who can interpret and assimilate complex details and instructions while making sense of the story as a whole. it is meant to help you to SEE THE LIGHT once you understand WHY the instructions are based on the FOUR Mental Paradigms that i present and explain in detail within my guide

with the addition of my own candlestick analysis technique, this is a unique method of trading on the iQ Option broker that takes into account the usually UNPREDICTABLE and UNEXPECTED REACTION from the market PARTICULARLY once the trader has placed his/her trade ? !

for most traders, this is the MOST COMMON situation that happens during their trading session => just before you place your trade . . all the details you see on the screen and your analysis usually indicates that the market is STABLE and it is going in a certain predictable direction that you can CLEARLY see and easily ANTICIPATE

but AS SOON as you OPEN YOUR TRADE, for most traders . . that’s when ALL hell breaks loose ? !! the market suddenly starts to MOVE in a weird manner or it starts to go wild on its behaviour and its direction becomes EXACTLY OPPOSITE to what you saw JUST BEFORE you took your trade ? ! it leaves you feeling as if was just WAITING for you to make that FATEFUL MOVE so that it can DEVOUR you and EAT you alive as soon as you OPEN your trade ? ? ! this includes the painful last-kick-of-a-dying-horse that strikes most traders whereby the market lets your trade to run IN THE GREEN to tease you up and keep you smiling and self-confident that you’re gonna win . . . UNTIL the last 3 seconds towards the EXPIRY of your trade and then SUDDENLY the price jumps into the opposite direction very quickly . . . making your trade to close OUT OF THE MONEY !! and THENNNNN the very next 2 seconds the market RETURNS to where it was and it ACTUALLY CONTINUES running in the ACTUAL direction that you had PREDICTED . . leaving you Dumbfounded and Shocked with an trade that ran for 4 minutes full LOOKING GREEN and NICE . . but it ended Out-of-the-Money in its LAST 3 seconds !! the broker then laughs to DEATH ALL the way to the bank with your money in his pocket knowing that the market smacked you Hard and PAINFULLY with a last-kick-of-a-dying-horse ONLY for it (the market) to ACTUALLY CONTINUE in YOUR CHOSEN DIRECTION JUST AFTER YOUR TRADE expires Out-of-the-Money ? !!! That kick is painful hey ? !

you guys need to help me to TEST this strategy and PUT it to the Ultimate TEST in order to figure out HOW reliable and profitable it is

as you know i do NOT like sharing Copy-Pasted things . . i prefer to write ORIGINAL guides that contain CLEAN, FRESH, and EXCLUSIVE content that is UNAVAILABLE anywhere else on the internet

if your TEST of my strategy turns out to be profitable, i may end up selling it . . LOL ? , but for the members of this group who would have helped me to TEST it . . of course it would already be in your hands at NO charge

the name of my strategy is = FPGIS by Tebogo Motlhale

download it , set it up . . and enjoy TESTING it guys ? ? !

if you think i Talk too Much . . you haveNT seen NOTHING yet . . you must see me explaining in Detail my Four Mental Paradigms of Candlestick Analysis ! Fortunately the guide is only 11 pages long . . thank God ?

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Enjoy !

Questions – Four Paradigms God Indicator Strategy – FPGIS

Questions i have received regarding my guide (FPGIS)

Continuously updated questions and answers on my FPGIS Strategy

These continuously updated questions and answers are available for download  . . you can download them from right here on my website . . .

OR alternatively from my Google Drive link

Enjoy !

Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 3

in closing . . for my friends who suffer from Diabetes i would like to recommend something revolutionary that some of you may NOT EVEN have ever conceived . . a STEM CELL medical procedure offered at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre which costs R35 000 . . ouch ! while this treatment is certainly expensive, it WORKS hands down !!

the doctors at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre will extract stem cells from your OWN fat tissue (from YOUR OWN body – No transplant, No operations, No theatre, No general anaesthetic, No hospital admission or sleep-over in a ward, it’s a DAY procedure with No scars and No stitching and No pain killers or Recovery process . . just an injection) . . these stem cells that they harvest from your body are known as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), they offer you a multitude of potential and emerging applications in regenerative medicine; and they can be used for a multitude of intractable afflictions. after harvesting your stem cells, these smart doctors will then RE-inject the stem cells they harvested from your body BACK INTO YOUR BODY, but this time around they will target these stem cells to your pancreas . . and walla . . your pancreas will begin to FULLY REGENERATE itself (yep . . recreate your pancrease AFRESH) thereby fully reversing your pancreas BACK to the time WHEN YOU WERE NOT YET DIABETIC . . amazing, isn’t it ? go check it out . . Stem Cell Treatment from the Melrose Aesthetic Centre

. . and hell yeah, you bet these are the same doctors who perform the controversial PLASTIC SURGERY and Anti-Aging facial and body transformations . . hahaha . . the absurdity of Life is that sometimes the solution to HEALTH problems is NOT in the hands of Doctors who care about HEALTH matters ! the solution is sometimes in the hands of a doctor who does NOT even care about UNHEALTHY people at all . . a doctor who treats RICH people that come to him NOT because they are sick, but because they are obsessed with spending money on Aesthetics, Beauty, Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging. LOL . . and God ironically hands the solution for diabetes to THESE underserving doctors, while Endoctrinologists (who sadly do NOT possess any plastic surgery or stem-cell skills) continue to battle their way in laboratories to develop a more conventional and mainstream cure for diabetes and THEY CANNOT succeed at it ! i bet MANY people do NOT even know that a controversial BEAUTY treatment known as Glutathione (yep . . the one used for turning your skin complexion WHITE . . think “Khanyi Mbau”) is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE for HIV treatment . . the reason HIV people DONT EVEN consider it is simply because it is usually administered by PLASTIC SURGEONS in AESTHETIC beauty clinics rather than in a HOSPITAL or HEALTH-oriented facility. did you even THINK that plastic surgeons (NOT Endoctrinologists) are the ones who hold the innovative KEY to solving Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes problems ?? . . LOL . . i bet you DIDN’T . . As we close the World Diabetes Month (November) I am wishing a LONG Life to all Diabetics and Sufferers of the MORE-LIKELY-cause of their “apparent” diabetes syndrome . . the sufferers of the understated and mysterious “Metabolic Syndrome” . . LONG LIVE !! Now it is time for the HIV Month (December)

Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 2

would you AGREE with me if i said that this man believes that his “diabetes” problem is largely due to his OBESITY ??? in my official list of FIVE maladies of the metabolic syndrome, “OBESITY” and specifically “abdominal (central) obesity” appears as NUMBER 1.  of course you would believe me ! all this man sees is that HIS OBESITY has caused him DIABETES . . he believes that if he could ONLY GET RID of OBESITY, then his “diabetes” problem would become BETTER or be totally eradicated . . but do you realize that he might be COMPLETELY WRONG with such a belief ! he could be “LOCKED inside the OBESITY BOX” !! by LOSING ALL the weight, he may absurdly discover that HE STILL REMAINS DIABETIC even after slimming down to a stick-figure at 50 kilograms of weight !

on the other hand if he STOPPED isolating and focusing on the  “OBESITY ! OBESITY ! OBESITY !”  and he instead RE-categorized his problem into a problem of “Metabolic Syndrome” because **only** NUMBER 1 under Metabolic Syndrome is Abdominal / Central Obesity . . this may OPEN DOORS for him to now solve the problem in a much EASIER manner without having to go through the pain and torture of trying to LOSE WEIGHT ! yep . . you read that right . . without having to LOSE **ANY** WEIGHT whatsoever ! when you’re OVERWEIGHT, it is HARD to conceive your diabetic problem in ANY OTHER WAY except to BLAME THE OBESITY ALONE ! But when you OPEN your eyes to the possibility that there are UP TO FOUR OTHER maladies that might be causing your “apparent” diabetes problem, you are NOW in a position to attack THE PROBLEM from its OTHER AREAS where it is much WEAKER and EASIER to demolish !

Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 1

As a continuation on my Advanced Problem Solving Technique, wherein I originally elucidated in my post that to JUMP out of the BOX, you have to find ways to look at the problem OUTSIDE its SPECIFIC CATEGORY and rather try to treat the problem as if it is IN A MORE GENERAL  or  OUTER CATEGORY, I also used the problem of the Diabetes disease as an example. To elaborate more on this, when people go to the doctor and they are diagnosed with Diabetes, they start to OVERLY-FOCUS too deep on the SPECIFIC diagnosis (Diabetes ! Diabetes ! Diabetes ! Diabetes!) . . this “diabetes” word hangs over their head for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS and soon they find themselves LOCKED inside the DIABETES BOX ! they NEVER find the solution to **DIABETES** because THERE IS NO CURE **FOR DIABETES** . . yeah right . . this could very well be true

If however, these people would learn to find the MORE GENERAL or OUTER CATEGORY into which the DIABETES problem falls, this would UNLOCK HIDDEN DOORS for them to ultimately FIND OTHER WORTHWHILE SOLUTIONS, because if you now stop looking at  **diabetes** in ISOLATION and you consider the problem as a “Metabolic Syndrome” . . which  **it is**  because Diabetes is but ONE of the FIVE DISEASES that fall squarely inside the GENERAL CATEGORY of “Metabolic Syndrome” . . and while the following statement may certainly be true => THERE IS NO CURE  **FOR DIABETES** . . that does NOT NOW MEAN that there is also NO CURE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME too !

it is when you start to look for a  CURE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME  that you NOW UNLOCK TOTALLY HIDDEN DOORS, because you are removing the veil of  “DIABETES”  that has been hanging over your head for YEARS and you are now dealing with it (DIABETES) as a problem of “Metabolic Syndrome” . . because it (Diabetes) falls perfectly into this MORE GENERAL or OUTER CATEGORY of  “Metabolic Syndrome” disease. Friends . what i just explained . . that is  ***HOW*** you CREATIVELY solve complicated problems by RE-CATEGORIZING the problem and RE-DEFINING it into a MORE GENERAL problem and STEP OUT OF THE BOX where you’ve been focusing on the SPECIFIC aspects of the problem ! That is exactly what i mean when i talk about JUMPING OUT of the BOX !!!!!

Metabolic Syndrome, sometimes known by other names, is a clustering (grouping) of at least THREE or FOUR of the FIVE following medical conditions (giving a total of 9 to 16 possible combinations that may produce the syndrome – metabolic syndrome) :

  1. abdominal (central) obesity
  2. high blood pressure
  3. high blood sugar
  4. high serum triglycerides
  5. low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels

look at NUMBER THREE above . . people with DIABETES tend to OVERLY-FOCUS on this aspect of the Metabolic Syndrome !! by doing so, they therefore COMPLETELY DISREGARD the fact that their HIGH BLOOD SUGAR may be  **an element**  or a RESULT of them suffering from **Metabolic Syndrome** !! they are blinded by the veil of ISOLATING the specific-word “DIABETES”, therefore they CANNOT EVER see or conceive their problem in its OUTER CATEGORY as a “Metabolic Syndrome” disease (outside the box of HIGH blood sugar) ! they want to look at their HIGH SUGAR  **alone**  and conceive their High Sugar **ALONE** as THE ENTIRE DISEASE they are suffering !! this causes them to TRY many DIRECT and SPECIFIC INTERVENTIONS that are invented specifically  **for the HIGH SUGAR alone**. the fact that usually ONLY the SUGAR LEVEL alone is easy and convenient to measure-at-home with a glucometer fuels their sugar-BOX mentality even further ! most of the SUGAR-reduction interventions people apply they absurdly do NOT WORK effectively for diabetics . . and sometimes you wonder WHY the medications some diabetics take are prescribed to be taken FOR LIFE (chronic) !! it is because the patient is focusing on treating  **ONLY ONE ASPECT** (blood sugar) of what might be A MUCH MORE GENERAL PROBLEM in **HIS/HER BODY** that may be caused by  **UP TO FOUR OTHER** maladies in his/her body !!! mark my words carefully . . im NOT saying your personal diabetes problem is  **ALWAYS** CAUSED BY FOUR OTHER maladies . . nope . . it does NOT have to ALWAYS be **FOUR OTHER** things that cause YOUR DIABETES symptom . . it is  **UP TO FOUR** other things that may be involved in any given person’s PERSONAL MANIFESTATION of the diabetes symptom, therefore your personal trouble with diabetes might possibily be TWO or THREE of these OTHER elements we see above on the list of **Metabolic-Syndrome** maladies . . when TWO or THREE or even FOUR of these OTHER elements-of-the-metabolic-syndrome are combined TOGETHER with your APPARENT high blood sugar . . that could be THE RRRRREEEEEEAL GENERAL PROBLEM that is TROUBLING you and that may be THE PROBLEM YOU SHOULD REALLLLLY SOLVE, NOT the high sugar **ALONE** !! have you ever wondered why SUGAR ALONE (eating sugar) does NOT cause diabetes ?? have you ever wondered again why OBESITY ALONE (being fat) does NOT cause Diabetes ?? EXACTLY !! so WHY do you take ONE aspect (high sugar) of the Metabolic Syndrome and OVERLY-FOCUS on it (high-sugar! high-sugar! high-sugar!) and ACCEPT it as THE DISEASE you’re suffering from ??  . . isn’t it TIME you STOP isolating DIABETES (high sugar alone) by trying to overly-focus on TREATING IT ALONE ?? . . do NOT commit the blunder of always trying to DECOMPOSE the PROBLEM and applying the ISOLATION strategy to fix a SMALL area of what might be a MUCH MORE GENERAL/BIGGER PROBLEM !!!!! sometimes you must GENERALIZE the PROBLEM . . and RIGHT there and then . . that’s when you UNCOVER UNBELIEVABLE HIDDEN SOLUTIONS for it !!

Diabetes !! Diabetes !! Diabetes !!

i am expanding my health research beyond the HIV disease. i am now going to look deeper and more seriously at the RISING pandemic of this “diabetes” disease in South Africa, particularly Type 2 Diabetes

it has come to my attention that there is an ENORMOUSLY HIGH number of young people under the age of 30 –some as young as 23– who are RAPIDLY becoming diabetic and the absurd part of it is that they DONT even know it !

many of these young people start to learn about how seriously-endangered their health is 7 years down the line after years of unexplained illnesses and mysterious recurrent health troubles that manifest in their blood test over the years of their UNDIAGNOSED exposure to diabetes

i have come to learn that this can be a SERIOUS and debilitating disease with extreme life threatening complications if it goes untreated or if the treatment used for it is NOT adequate enough to completely-supress the sugar-spikes or reverse the underlying cellular insulin-resistance mechanism

as usual, my approach to this will be exactly the SAME as my approach to just about ANYTHING else in life. the approach i will use in my research into this disease is one where i will apply a LOT of lateral and OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking in an effort to reveal what is usually taken for granted as well as to reveal POSSIBILITIES where EVERYONE ONLY SEES and ACCEPTS the GIVEN LIMITATIONS ! you can tell from the way i live my life that i HARDLY EVER accept or succumb to LIMITATIONS . . if you say it CANNOT be done, i SAY “it can” !! i live my life to REVEAL POSSIBILITIES where EVERYONE only sees LIMITATIONS and my determination is to UNCOVER the silver-lining in a place where EVERYONE declares “the Impossible” and “Can’t be done’s” #stayTuned and check the Research Page on my Blog =

Bitcoin Trading Tutorial – Update 6


This is a Bitcoin Trading Tutorial by Tebogo Motlhale
Date of Last Update : Thursday, December 28, 2017 10:24 AM

TODAY i can buy ONE cent of Bitcoin ( 0.01 ) on for
R 1 921
the cheapest seller of Bitcoin on (cheapest seller in South Africa) is asking
R 2 375
for the same ONE cent of Bitcoin ( 0.01 )
he is therefore adding a commission of R454 to sell you ONE cent of Bitcoin ( 0.01 )
this means he is adding a 24% markup if he is stocking/buying his Bitcoin from !
this seller, he currently has about R 60 000 worth of Bitcoin to sell
i will refer to this seller as “Grinderman” just to give him a Name so that we can later refer to him by name rather than calling him a CHEAP seller..LOL!

if he sells all his R 60 000 worth of Bitcoin in the next 3-4 days
he will make a R 14 400 profit on his current R 60 000 stock of Bitcoin

with his R 60 000 stock of Bitcoin SOLD OUT and a profit of R 14 400 on top
he can now go back to and buy R 74 000 worth of new Bitcoin stock

once he sells all his R 74 000 worth of Bitcoin
he will now make a R 17 800 profit (he adds 24% commission/markup when he sells ANY amount/unit of his Bitcoin, NO matter how SMALL or how BIG the unit/quantity he sells)
he can now go back to and buy R 92 000 worth of new Bitcoin stock

once he sells all his R 92 000 worth of Bitcoin
he will now make a R 22 000 profit
he can now go back to and buy R 114 400 worth of new Bitcoin stock

once he sells all his R 114 000 worth of Bitcoin
he will now make a R 27 400 profit
he can now go back to and buy R 142 000 worth of new Bitcoin stock

once he sells all his R 142 000 worth of Bitcoin
he will make a R 34 000 profit

his cumulative profit so far would be R 115 600 (nett profit ALONE . . Not including his stock-money / capital)


questions and answers

question 1:
will my Bitcoin REALLY sell ?? what if my Bitcoin does NOT sell ?

answer A for question 1:
there is ENOUGH volume and turnover on on a daily basis. the demand NEVER STOPS and people NEVER SLEEP in that market ! i have bought Bitcoin at 22:46 PM on Sunday Night and i would get it within minutes from the seller and i have also SOLD Bitcoin on Sunday Evenings . . the highest i’ve sold was R40 000 and the buyer sent me the cash into my Capitec bank account within minutes of me posting my sell offer and it was SUNDAY NIGHT at around 20:00 PM !! you DONT even wait that long for buyers. the market on does NOT CLOSE, it runs 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week Sunday-to-Sunday . . because it is a peer-to-peer market !

answer B for question 1:
the example i make above involves the CHEAPEST seller (Grinderman), meaning that you want to always be listed among the TOP FIVE cheapest sellers . . therefore MOST buyers are ALWAYS going to buy from the cheapest seller ! AND you will be selling as one of the CHEAPEST sellers ! however if you only have R3000 worth of Bitcoin to sell, then obviously you’ll RUN OUT of stock pretty quickly and buyers will still be LEFT to buy from MORE EXPENSIVE sellers because you’re SOLD OUT !

answer C for question 1:
various Bitcoin traders bank accounts especially at Capitec bank have been frozen due to the large amount of money (deposits) they were receiving from selling Bitcoin (large number of deposits). Obviously the bank would NOT even freeze your account if you’re a poor man with a R25 000 in your bank account ! if the BANK goes so far as to freeze your account, it means YOU’RE MAKING MONEY, period !! however since this is NOT stolen money or any such thing . . the bank will quickly assist you to UNFREEZE your account after you provide them some basic documentation and set yourself clear on the source of the funds. there is NO WAY the bank will just indefinitely FREEZE your account or freeze your money because that would constitute THEFT on their part ! it’s NOT their money, it is YOUR money, no matter how you made/earned it . . it is STILL your money, especially that you made it without committing any crime, and as long as you later declare your earnings to the tax authorities/SARS then you’re very much in the GREEN. as a citizen of South Africa the constitution affords you the RIGHT to make a LIVING in whatever way or means you’re able to, as long as it does NOT involve crime/theft or infringing on the RIGHTS of your other fellow-citizens, so there is NOTHING wrong with the bank freezing your account if the money coming into your account is from LEGAL non-criminal activities, they will usually UNFREEZE it within days of you getting into contact with them. you could literally sell dirty blessed-stones from Jerusalem and charge people R500 per stone and if people BUY your “blessed” stones then so be it . . you’re making a LIVING from selling dirty stones, LOL !

question 2:
what if i DONT want to involve banks ?

answer for question 2:
well, if u DON’T want to involve banks you can EVEN sell Bitcoin for HARD CASH and meetup with the buyer at a shopping mall, allows those types of transactions, but in that case you need to have physical security or bodyguards if at all some Nigerian druglord is going to meetup with you to buy R100 000 worth of Bitcoin from you, but again if you’re in the mall then you’re just steps away from your bank branch and there is very little that the buyer can do to try and TAKE his money back from you AFTER you have just sold him Bitcoins for cash, but if u were to DRIVE out of the mall with the cash in your hands/car . . then of course in that case you’re ON YOUR OWN and the buyer could follow you only to try to rob you a few kilometers down the road in an effort to take HIS MONEY BACK from you while you have ALREADY SOLD him the Bitcoins. I must mention thou that selling Bitcoin for HARD CASH in a physical face-to-face meetup is however EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE ! the commissions go as high as 38% ! i DONT know why anybody would want to buy Bitcoin from you for cash in a face-to-face meetup . . but let’s leave that up to your IMAGINATION and POSSIBILITIES ! LOL !!!

question 3:
what about COMPETITION from other sellers on ?

answer for question 3:
the cheapest seller (Grinderman) he has so far made over 3000+ sales (transactions) on by simply listing himself as a Bitcoin seller, he is NOT even dominating the Bitcoin seller market at all on, every 10 or 12 minutes someone else NEW always shows up with a price that is R5 or R10 CHEAPER than Grinderman and many times during the day and during the week he is NOT even in the TOP five cheapest sellers of Bitcoins in South Africa. However these other people who surpass him with lower prices, they are NOT necessarily competing with him at all because they are barely R5 or R10 cheaper than him so there is NO CLEAR competition or a CLEAR outright winner between ALL of these CHEAP sellers. they are simply private people who each hold about R60 000 worth of Bitcoin and they are ALL selling it at almost 99% the SAME price !

question 4:
what about Regulations and Compliance?

answer for question 4:
there is No license required to SELL Bitcoins, there is No need to register a business, No need to register as a company or to become a legal entity or any such. there is No need to register as a MONEY Transfer agent or a FOREX agent or to satisfy any regulatory compliance in terms of FSB or FAIS laws because Bitcoin is NOT LEGALLY recognized as a currency or even as medium of exchange in South Africa. there is NO Act of LAW (Not even the Banks Act) that regulates Bitcoin in South Africa because Bitcoin is NOT regarded as legal tender (it’s NOT regarded as MONEY or a security or an investment product or a currency or even as an asset at all), currently the exchange of Bitcoin is purely an UNREGULATED peer-to-peer (person to person) process where one person (the seller = you) is selling Bitcoin and the other person is offering rands to buy that Bitcoin from you

because Bitcoin is an UNKNOWN, an UNREGULATED and also an UNRECOGNIZED “thing” in terms of South African law, the exchange of Bitcoin is similar to you telling people that you are selling dirty blessed-stones from Jerusalem and telling them that each stone is worth R500 (similar to how some churches sell Blessed water / oil / etc) . . if the people believe in your stones being worth R500-each then that’s it . . you sell these stones to your buyers for R500-each and u keep whatever profit/markup you’re making on your R500 price !

so you just buy (stock) this Bitcoin thing at a cheap price from and then list yourself as a local South African seller on (or list yourself as a local Indian seller if you’re in India) . . there is NO NEED WHATSOEVER for you to COMPETE with other sellers . . just SELL at the SAME BLOODY PRICE as the other cheap sellers who are already selling there on and just be BE HONEST and OPEN in your dealings with buyers and verify yourself as an HONEST seller on and people will start BUYING your Bitcoin from you . . that’s it

Ask the buyers to pay you via EFT transfer (almost FREE / zero-fees to receive EFT transfers & hassle-free) or you can also accept cash deposit into your bank account (a little costly . . most SA Banks charge R25 per R1000 deposit . . ouch!) and then when u see the money clearing in your bank account just RELEASE the Bitcoins RIGHT AWAY to the buyer and keep SELLING more . . SELL all of your Bitcoin away . . keeping the 24% markup as your profit ! when you run out of stock go back to and just buy MORE stock of Bitcoin and SELL some more !

question 5:
Mr. Tebogo . . so do i have to buy a minimum of R60 000 worth of Bitcoin from ? i DONT have R60 000 capital right now . . i am broke as fuck !

answer for question 5:
Noooooooo . . that is JUST AN EXAMPLE hey !! there is NO need for you to buy R60 000 of Bitcoin stock from my friend . . duh ! you can buy a tiny small amount of R 3 000 worth of Bitcoin from and start from there. start selling your little R 3 000 worth of Bitcoin on, and collect 24% profit on it . . that’s it ! you will rapidly build up to R100k of stock and make a decent living out of it !

question 6:
people are NOT going to buy Bitcoin from me on because they are going to know that i got it for R454 cheaper on, they are going to BYPASS me and go and buy it directly from, they are going to think that i’m ripping them off

answer for question 6:
Ughhhh Noooooooo my friend !! Noooooooooooo man!!! people who BUY Bitcoin on they either do NOT know about or they do somewhat know about and OTHER online marketplaces but they have NO convenient means to buy Bitcoin from at the substantially LOWER price there on, however it is NOT because they are “dumb” . . these people are usually extremely AFRAID and VERY SCARED to buy Bitcoin from an International company / supplier who does NOT allow them to pay with a simple and clear method that involves a local bank deposit or EFT transfer using Rands ! therefore these people they eventually end up deciding to buy their Bitcoin on at an unfairly HIGHER price (24%+ commission). and think about it, would have gone OUT of BUSINESS a loooooooong time ago if their model of doing business and their HIGH prices were UNSUSTAINABLE due to the fact they their Bitcoin price is clearly overpriced. you pay R454 MORE than the price for buying ONE cent of Bitcoin if you buy it on that means if you buy a full ONE Bitcoin then you pay R4500 MORE if you buy it locally on while someone else would save R4500 if he bought it internationally from at the same moment ! i have seen people in the city of Johannesburg stocking a universal TV remote control for R8 at the corner of Troy street and Jeppe street . . and then these people would walk 3 blocks away to sit on the pavement in Eloff street and they would SELL that same universal TV remote control for R45 !!!! yep . . after they stocked it for a measly R8 three blocks down the street they would MULTIPLY its price FIVE times and sell it for R45 just a few blocks away . . and the BUYERS of this remote control would NOT KNOW better ! the buyers would be TOTALLY CLUELESS about the ACTUAL ORIGINAL VALUE of this universal remote control, they would buy it for R45 thinking that it’s still a BARAGAIN or reasonable price, but the seller would have stocked it for a measly R8 just a few blocks away . . i have the SAME universal TV remote control in my house (two of them) and they are WORKING 2 years now with NO-QUALITY problems whatsoever !

question 7:
Mr. Tebogo . . i am so scared . . what happens if after i’ve sold all my Bitcoin the price of Bitcoin RISES SHARPLY and the money as well as profits i have made are now of a LOWER value than i anticipated (my money is WORTH LESS)?

answer for question 7:
Nooooooo my friend . . ughhh Noooooooooo man !!! NOT this agaaaaaain !! come on friend . . come on now . . you’ve bought something for R3000 and made 24% profit (R720) after selling all of it away . . the R3720 is now sitting in YOUR BANK account as MONEY in your pocket duh ! what has the RISING or FALLING VALUE of Bitcoin out there in the world GOT TO DO WITH MONEY that’s in YOUR POCKET ??? . . what has that got to DO WITH YOUR money and your profits ?? it’s got Nothing ! Zilch ! Nada to do with your money and your profits ! just take this R3720 and go BACk to buy/stock NEW Bitcoin from at its HIGHER price and even if you will stock LESS Bitcoin this time around becuz its value/price is HIGHER that’s OK . . the moment you come back to list yourself as a seller on the current LOWEST prices will now be HIGHER duh ! so you will NOT be selling it at your previous LOW price anymore . . and you will still make your 24% markup because you (and ALL your other fellow-sellers) will now ALL be selling at a much HIGHER price on LocalBitcoins because THE PRICE has surged . . you being the seller on you’re IN COMMAND of the PRICE because you’re on the SELLER’s side when you’re selling on ! so if other sellers are now selling at a higher price of R 2 500 per 0.01 cent of Bitcoin (instead of R 1 921 – previously) you’re going to also sell yours at R 2 500 or R 2 495 per unit duh !

question 8:
what if NO ONE buys my Bitcoin at all?

answer for question 8:
Ughh no man . . same question again !! Impossible ! you will be listed among the CHEAPEST sellers whenever you sell on NO ONE is going to buy the SAME product from an expensive seller if there are 5 other cheap sellers who are selling the EXACT SAME THING in the EXACT SAME PLACE, unless the cheap sellers have too LITTLE stock and the buyer wants BIG stock/quantity of Bitcoin and even in that case the buyer will FIRST buy out your smaller stock at your cheaper price and then he will go on to buy the REST of his Bitcoin from the bigger sellers who have the HIGHER quantity that he needs, but obviously those bigger sellers are going to charge him a higher commission than you . . but yours will be SOLD first !

question 9:
what do i do if after stocking my Bitcoin from the price goes up before I sell it ?

answer for question 9:
well . . RAISE your price on and CASH in, if other CHEAP sellers are raising their prices then DO THE SAME !!! . . make MORE profit and DONT feel guilty about it !! DONT give yours away for a LOWER price because the buyers are going to quickly TAKE IT all from you when they see your carelessly LOW BARGAIN price and you’ll be SOLD out pretty quickly !


question X:

answer for question X:
if you have ANY OTHER questions, feel free to ask

** Wishing you Prosperity in the year 2018 and Beyond **

kind regards
Tebogo Motlhale


Problem Solving Technique – Divide & Conquer

do u often find that when you try to SOLVE PROBLEMS in your life, be it at WORK, at HOME, at SCHOOL, or at PLAY . . do you often find yourself STUCK and OUT OF IDEAS, Not knowing what further step you should take to tackle the problem ???

Well . . ONE of the most powerful approaches you can take is to DIVIDE and CONQUER the problem. Decompose the PROBLEM down to its individual constituent parts (in simpler English, divide the problem into its SMALLEST BASIC parts) . . after that, you should then examine each of these smallest-basic parts individually and try to determine WHICH ONE is faulty or which one looks ABNORMAL, DAMAGED or somewhat IRREGULAR

i have discovered however that this is NOT ALWAYS an elegant approach, when you DIVIDE something (a problem), you often end up looking TOO DEEP and FOCUSING on the SPECIFIC fine-grain details once you are examining the individual basic (decomposed) parts of the problem. this leads to a syndrome that i call “the Box-mentality syndrome”. it is a serious mental syndrome that has kept people STUCK FOR DAYS and MONTHS in the end trying to overcome COMPLEXITIES in certain types of ADVANCED problems, therefore this technique of Divide of Conquer can lead to troubles when applied on problems that are weird and Not clearly-structured or on problems that CANNOT be divided or broken down into their basic small parts

the other shortcoming of this technique is because some of you assholes when i tell you to decompose (break-apart) something . . OUT OF IMPATIENCE and FRUSTRATION, you assholes end up RUSHING to pull the thing apart, and due to your IMPATIENCE, many of you end up either breaking-the-thing badly or you forget to WRITE DOWN or MARK where the various pieces originally CAME FROM, so you are NOT ABLE to put the BLOODY THING BACK TOGETHER to return it back to its ORIGINAL form once you’re finished solving the underlying problem ! you mess it up so much when you try to REASSEMBLE it . . that it ends up NOT properly packed back to its original look, the result of this is that some part of it is either skewed or unbalanced and after a while it FALLS APART dramatically leaving you with a bigger disaster !

if you assholes could learn to FIRST OBSERVE and then carefully MARK or LABEL or NUMBER every piece so that you KNOW WHERE you pulled it from and how it was ORIGINALLY positioned **before** you DISASSEMBLE the whole composite, you would be in a better position when you later REBUILD and REPACK the ENTIRE COMPOSITE back to its original form. you would repack it with 100% CONFIDENCE because with MARKINGS and NUMBERING . . NOT ONLY will you know and remember WHICH PART was the FIRST/LAST ONE you REMOVED (Numbering!!) . . . you would also know with absolute confidence WHERE THAT PART WAS ORIGINALLY located/positioned BEFORE YOU REMOVED IT. Even small things such as SCREWS when you disassemble your FLAT SCREEN PLASMA TV . . if u learn to NUMBER THEM and LABEL them  **BEFORE YOU REMOVE THEM**, you can use the divide and conquer strategy to TAKE the WHOLE TV apart, take a look inside it, replace that blown/burnt fuse, and then PUT the TV BACK TOGETHER with 100% confidence that it is BACK in its original packed form, and even if some of the screws LOOK identical, you would be able to put EACH INDIVIDUAL SCREW back into the EXACT place from which you PULLED it out EARLIER !! that’s it for today . . . tomorrow i will share with you my OTHER problem-solving technique that does NOT involve the use of the DIVIDE and CONQUER method. this other technique of mine is a KILLER TECHNIQUE based on a method that is **OUT OF THIS WORLD** and that is only ever discovered and applied by a FEW people who know what it REALLY means to think OUTSIDE THE BOX