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Have You Found Your Winning Idea Yet Or Not ?

So, you’ve found it ! You’ve finally found that perfect idea you’ve been looking for . . . that ONE idea that sets your dreams on FIRE ! Well, good for you ! You’ve finally uncovered the hidden concept that you’ve always believed in and you have a gut feel that this is THE ONE !

But how do you know for sure that you’ve found a winning idea that will genuinely bring you success ? ?

There’s THREE key questions you have to ask yourself as an entrepreneur . . And BE FAIR and HONEST when you answer ! !

If your answer is YES to ALL of the questions below, then you’re probably sitting with a Winning Idea on your hands ! ! You’re sitting with Gold in your hands ! On the other hand, if your answer is NO to any of the questions below, then you’re probably contemplating a “Bad Idea” and you’re about to burn your fingers . . . sorry to say that, but that’s probably the case . . I can tell you by a far shot !

QUESTION 1 – Can this idea be implemented by ONE man ? ?

if your answer is YES = Then you probably have a Good Idea 🙂
if your answer is NO = Sorry, you probably have a Bad Idea !

QUESTION 2 – Can that ONE man Start TODAY ? ?

if your answer is YES = Then you probably have an idea that will WORK 🙂
if your answer is NO = Sorry, you probably have a Bad Idea !

QUESTION 3 – Do people want it BADLY ? ?

if your answer is YES = Then you probably have a Great Idea !!
if your answer is NO = Sorry, you probably have a very Bad Idea !

Now the third question is VERRRRY important ! ! ! When you are excited about an idea, there is a tendency to RUSH to conclude that the WHOLE WORLD IS ALSO EQUALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE SAME idea (your idea). There is a tendency to INCORRECTLY ASSUME that the whole world WANTS the idea as much as YOU DO and that they are ALSO GREATLY EXCITED about it :-(( This is typically the sign of a DEADLY mistake that all new entrepreneurs make ! They call it the “rookie entrepreneur fallacy” !

When you actually go out there to introduce your idea to people, you might be surprised that they are NOT all so excited and happy about what you want to offer them, you’ll find that they DON’T even care ; some of them may appear confused by what you’re trying to tell them, or they might just misunderstand you completely ! And you’ll often find that even if you try to show them what they’re Losing by Not buying into your idea they STILL DON’T CARE anyway ! ! This has crashed the dreams of many excited To-Be Entrepreneurs & Billionaires-To-Be who thought that they had discovered a brilliant idea that will change the whole world and bring them overwhelming success by the turn of the year ! Only to get a wake-up call after they spend 10 months pursuing the idea with ALL their might and power, but with NO visible results at all.

This situation has happened to a lot of people and has fooled so many entrepreneurs who thought they had Everything the world wants. Just to name a few, this has happened to : Musicians & Music Artists, Music Producers, Film & Creative Arts Producers, Craftsmen, Retail Businessmen, Ideas about Shares and Investments on the stock market, Multi-Level Marketing & Network Marketing ideas, Health & Beauty Product Marketers, Internet Business Marketers, Work-From-Home ideas, and a dozen others. Businessmen of all sizes, kinds and sorts have been through it ! The LIST goes on and on, and it covers well over 2000 ideas ! ! !

All that remains when a brilliant idea fails to materialize is Blame . . . blame the Bank Manager = he refused to give me funds for the idea ; blame the government = they refused to empower your idea ; blame the record companies = they stole the idea ; blame the thieves = they infringed me on my idea ( “it was originally thought up by me” ) , it was MY IDEA ; blame your friends and family = they did NOT support you enough ; blame your dad and your mom, your dad didNT love you enough when you were a baby, your mom always discriminated against you and she seemed to love your younger brother “more than you”, blame her for that. Blame him ; blame them ; blame it . . blame those evil fools next door too . . etc, etc, etc ! ! ! You see where this is going guys ?? Blame ! Blame ! Blame, and NOTHING else but BLAME !

You see, the problem we have here is that EVERYONE ELSE is being blamed because they did NOT do something FOR YOU ! ! But hey . . I thought it was YOUR IDEA and that you had THOUGHT IT UP yourself and that it was originally your idea ! ! . . . . Mhhh . . . this is really tough. Well let’s take a minute and review the above 3 questions again . . .

Question Number 1 Review – Can ONE person implement it ?

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT that the idea MUST be possible to be implemented by **ONE MAN** ! !

Well, you know you have a great idea when it’s an idea that ONE MAN can implement. Yes this can also be a “woman” if at all you’re a female :)) Note that I said ONE MAN ! If the idea will work only when 20 people are involved, then chances are that it will Never bring you any success, because it might Never materialize ÷(( When 20 people have to be involved to make the idea work, the chances of success are going to be SEVERELY limited. Negotiations, meetings, agreements and decision-making are going to get in the way and spoil the idea so much that it becomes extremely distracting and difficult to make progress on it. There’ll be very little FORWARD MOVEMENT and at the end of all the meetings, ups and downs and run around there will be NOBODY doing anything at all. You can only remain with your **good idea in the brain** and lots of BLAME towards others :-(( That’s the danger of an idea that CANNOT be implemented by ONE MAN :-(( If ONE man could do it, then he would probably be able to START today, and if indeed he is able to START TODAY, then this is probably a very brilliant idea you’re coming up with. If on top of that people WANT IT BADLY, then you have a truly AWESOME IDEA, and you ARE probably going to make some notable success out of it ! !

The criterion of ONE man being able to implement the idea single-handedly is very important because sometimes you’ll hear people saying they have a BIG – BIG – BIG idea that’s worth millions or even worth billions, yet you find that the idea CANNOT even generate R20 tomorrow ! I mean, what is the point of a billion dollar idea that fails to generate R20 for its owner per week ??

If an idea CANNOT work with ONLY ONE man involved, it is UNLikely for it to work with 20 people or 200 people involved.

And yes  I know there are ideas that will NEVER work if ONLY ONE person is working on it. There are ideas where OTHER PEOPLE MUST be involved in order for it to work ! There are ideas that are so multi-fold and multi-tiered that without other people, it would be impossible for it to work. I know that very well. But here’s my conclusion on this : Why do you have to mess with something that requires “DEPENDENCE” on other people ? When there are so many other great ideas out there that you can embark on SINGLE-HANDEDLY ! Why do you have to place yourself into a situation whereby if  SOMEONE ELSE does NOT do his part, then  YOU STAND TO FAIL and suffer ! Friend, DON’T place yourself into a position where “other people’s performance” determines your success, failure, and destiny !  I can tell you now . . it’s a very fundamental flaw you’re committing by doing something like that !

Question Number 2 Review – Can you start TODAY ?

If an idea can be implemented TODAY, then its likelihood of success is about 40 times that of an idea that requires preparation over many months, planning that lasts several weeks or some other extensive preparatory work that may last several months.

And what about the “business plan”, “marketing plan”, “SWOT analysis”, “financial projections”, “competition analysis”, “mission, vision, and victim of objectives” ??

Well, please . . Don’t waste my or your valuable time with all this ! I have a business management diploma from Damelin College too. Do you really think I would say the things I say above boldly without any fundamental knowledge or consideration of the fundamental principles of business management and economics ? If you do NOT get the core 3 questions above addressed effectively and honestly, you will waste your time with “financial projections”, “swot analysis” and “marketing plans”, etc . . only to come out powerless and discouraged by the simple reality that the idea was NOT viable at all due to a wrong “mindset” when you originally contemplated it. 98% of that stuff is pure academics and theory. In the real world, however, you will be eaten alive if you apply those principles literally and you come with a fundamentally flawed “mindset” in your approach . . . DISAGREE if you will ! !

Question Number 3 Review – Do people want it BADLY enough ?

If the world really likes your idea because it’s a brilliant idea . . how come they did NOT bother to support you on it ? ? Surely if an idea is a good one then THOSE who do NOT support you . . it’s THEIR LOSS, right ? ? It’s NOT your Loss ! ! You are bringing a wonderful idea into their lives but they DON’T care about it. In fact you’re doing them a favour by sharing the idea with them, so if they Don’t like it then they DON’T see what they are Losing, right ?? Shame on them, right ? ? Isn’t that HOW you should think of them ? Shame On THEM . . that’s the way you are supposed to handle them, you should simply say to yourself “quitely” . . SHAME on these poor people, they have NO idea what they’re missing. That’s the attitude you must have towards them, . . . you should NOT end up trying to put blame on them, alright ? They will regret when it’s too late to participate and they will wish they had taken you seriously when you originally shared the idea with them. Since they did NOT believe you in the beginning, it can only bring them remorse ! !

So, if you really think you have a great idea hidden in your bag, you should NOT be blaming anyone if the idea FAILS, you should ONLY blame yourself because it was YOU who was actually excited about it, but perhaps you made a fatal mistake of ASSUMING that YOUR Excitement means that The WORLD is Also Equally Excited about YOUR idea ! ! ! And if that’s you . . then you may have just become another victim of = “the rookie entrepreneur fallacy” :))

If the world or the people really want your idea BADLY (question number 3 above), then they would come to you like a swarm of bees as soon as they hear about the idea :-)) You wouldNT even know how some of those people managed to discover about you. You would just find that people are flooding your door begging to use your idea ! ! That’s how a great idea unfolds ! People must WANT it badly, it must be something that people WANT badly :-)) . . and this is the subject of question 3 above.

And how do you know that your winning idea is truly successful (as opposed to OTHER WINNING ideas) ?? . . . . Don’t laugh at this one . . . You will know it when people suddenly come to you to BORROW MONEY without you having advertised anything about the fact that you have money, let alone “money to lend out”. That’s when you know it’s really working ! !

So guys, it’s basically THREE SIMPLE questions all the time:

1. Can ONE man do it ? ?
2. Can he start TODAY ? ?
3. Do people want it BADLY enough ? ?

Anything more than this really, you’d be spoiling the fun out of it . . .

Ok, that’s all, I’m done, thanks.

NB: Please understand that the word “man” as I use it in this article, applies equally to “women” and “females”. I am Not sexist in any manner whatsoever.