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Four Paradigms God Indicator Strategy – FPGIS

greetings to you Traders ?

before i forget . . as i promised yesterday . . i this share i reveal my NEW Guide that i wrote recently. it is based on the God Indicator Strategy but i added my own twist to it. i added a unique candlestick analysis method which involves the use of FOUR Mental Paradigms to analyse candlesticks in Real Time AFTER getting the signal from the God Indicator

this is a fairly intricate guide that is meant for matured traders who can interpret and assimilate complex details and instructions while making sense of the story as a whole. it is meant to help you to SEE THE LIGHT once you understand WHY the instructions are based on the FOUR Mental Paradigms that i present and explain in detail within my guide

with the addition of my own candlestick analysis technique, this is a unique method of trading on the iQ Option broker that takes into account the usually UNPREDICTABLE and UNEXPECTED REACTION from the market PARTICULARLY once the trader has placed his/her trade ? !

for most traders, this is the MOST COMMON situation that happens during their trading session => just before you place your trade . . all the details you see on the screen and your analysis usually indicates that the market is STABLE and it is going in a certain predictable direction that you can CLEARLY see and easily ANTICIPATE

but AS SOON as you OPEN YOUR TRADE, for most traders . . that’s when ALL hell breaks loose ? !! the market suddenly starts to MOVE in a weird manner or it starts to go wild on its behaviour and its direction becomes EXACTLY OPPOSITE to what you saw JUST BEFORE you took your trade ? ! it leaves you feeling as if was just WAITING for you to make that FATEFUL MOVE so that it can DEVOUR you and EAT you alive as soon as you OPEN your trade ? ? ! this includes the painful last-kick-of-a-dying-horse that strikes most traders whereby the market lets your trade to run IN THE GREEN to tease you up and keep you smiling and self-confident that you’re gonna win . . . UNTIL the last 3 seconds towards the EXPIRY of your trade and then SUDDENLY the price jumps into the opposite direction very quickly . . . making your trade to close OUT OF THE MONEY !! and THENNNNN the very next 2 seconds the market RETURNS to where it was and it ACTUALLY CONTINUES running in the ACTUAL direction that you had PREDICTED . . leaving you Dumbfounded and Shocked with an trade that ran for 4 minutes full LOOKING GREEN and NICE . . but it ended Out-of-the-Money in its LAST 3 seconds !! the broker then laughs to DEATH ALL the way to the bank with your money in his pocket knowing that the market smacked you Hard and PAINFULLY with a last-kick-of-a-dying-horse ONLY for it (the market) to ACTUALLY CONTINUE in YOUR CHOSEN DIRECTION JUST AFTER YOUR TRADE expires Out-of-the-Money ? !!! That kick is painful hey ? !

you guys need to help me to TEST this strategy and PUT it to the Ultimate TEST in order to figure out HOW reliable and profitable it is

as you know i do NOT like sharing Copy-Pasted things . . i prefer to write ORIGINAL guides that contain CLEAN, FRESH, and EXCLUSIVE content that is UNAVAILABLE anywhere else on the internet

if your TEST of my strategy turns out to be profitable, i may end up selling it . . LOL ? , but for the members of this group who would have helped me to TEST it . . of course it would already be in your hands at NO charge

the name of my strategy is = FPGIS by Tebogo Motlhale

download it , set it up . . and enjoy TESTING it guys ? ? !

if you think i Talk too Much . . you haveNT seen NOTHING yet . . you must see me explaining in Detail my Four Mental Paradigms of Candlestick Analysis ! Fortunately the guide is only 11 pages long . . thank God ?

It’s ALL here guys¬† . . you can download it from right here on my website . . .

OR alternatively from my Google Drive link

Enjoy !

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