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Virtualization is a POWERFUL CONCEPT

Virtualization opens up a whole new world of possibilities to people who have extremely LIMITED options in their lives ; people who do NOT have convenient access to basic things which are critical for daily survival. If you can virtualize something, and package or re-package it in a way that people can SHARE SMALLER pieces/chunks of it through ONE channel which was previously exclusive to ONLY a select few or something that was originally designed to be UN-shareable (ONE full piece for each customer), you will make a KILLING with your virtualized offer or solution !

Try Virtualization through Proportionate Adjustment and UN-Bundling
You can apply the concept of virtualization by taking something that is currently only available to BIG bulk buyers or to BIG wholesale buyers or BIG companies or BIG players only . . and then UNBUNDLE it through a virtualization platform or a virtualized channel to make it now available to the MASSES in proportionately smaller units that serve the needs of the masses. A LOT of people have NO access to cutting-edge resources, solutions and information. This is largely due to INEQUITY as well as the high MINIMUM ENTRY requirements imposed for MANY worthwhile solutions, thereby creating an unfair THICK BARRIER of EXCLUSION for the MASSES ! As a result a lot of great products, services and solutions that would have penetrated the market very deep end up barely penetrating the market because the creators of these products target an exclusive market that is TOO NARROW and too small by setting HIGH MINIMUM ENTRY requirements or a HIGH entry criteria


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