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Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 3

in closing . . for my friends who suffer from Diabetes i would like to recommend something revolutionary that some of you may NOT EVEN have ever conceived . . a STEM CELL medical procedure offered at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre which costs R35 000 . . ouch ! while this treatment is certainly expensive, it WORKS hands down !!

the doctors at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre will extract stem cells from your OWN fat tissue (from YOUR OWN body – No transplant, No operations, No theatre, No general anaesthetic, No hospital admission or sleep-over in a ward, it’s a DAY procedure with No scars and No stitching and No pain killers or Recovery process . . just an injection) . . these stem cells that they harvest from your body are known as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), they offer you a multitude of potential and emerging applications in regenerative medicine; and they can be used for a multitude of intractable afflictions. after harvesting your stem cells, these smart doctors will then RE-inject the stem cells they harvested from your body BACK INTO YOUR BODY, but this time around they will target these stem cells to your pancreas . . and walla . . your pancreas will begin to FULLY REGENERATE itself (yep . . recreate your pancrease AFRESH) thereby fully reversing your pancreas BACK to the time WHEN YOU WERE NOT YET DIABETIC . . amazing, isn’t it ? go check it out . . Stem Cell Treatment from the Melrose Aesthetic Centre

. . and hell yeah, you bet these are the same doctors who perform the controversial PLASTIC SURGERY and Anti-Aging facial and body transformations . . hahaha . . the absurdity of Life is that sometimes the solution to HEALTH problems is NOT in the hands of Doctors who care about HEALTH matters ! the solution is sometimes in the hands of a doctor who does NOT even care about UNHEALTHY people at all . . a doctor who treats RICH people that come to him NOT because they are sick, but because they are obsessed with spending money on Aesthetics, Beauty, Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging. LOL . . and God ironically hands the solution for diabetes to THESE underserving doctors, while Endoctrinologists (who sadly do NOT possess any plastic surgery or stem-cell skills) continue to battle their way in laboratories to develop a more conventional and mainstream cure for diabetes and THEY CANNOT succeed at it ! i bet MANY people do NOT even know that a controversial BEAUTY treatment known as Glutathione (yep . . the one used for turning your skin complexion WHITE . . think “Khanyi Mbau”) is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE for HIV treatment . . the reason HIV people DONT EVEN consider it is simply because it is usually administered by PLASTIC SURGEONS in AESTHETIC beauty clinics rather than in a HOSPITAL or HEALTH-oriented facility. did you even THINK that plastic surgeons (NOT Endoctrinologists) are the ones who hold the innovative KEY to solving Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes problems ?? . . LOL . . i bet you DIDN’T . . As we close the World Diabetes Month (November) I am wishing a LONG Life to all Diabetics and Sufferers of the MORE-LIKELY-cause of their “apparent” diabetes syndrome . . the sufferers of the understated and mysterious “Metabolic Syndrome” . . LONG LIVE !! Now it is time for the HIV Month (December)

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