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Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 2

would you AGREE with me if i said that this man believes that his “diabetes” problem is largely due to his OBESITY ??? in my official list of FIVE maladies of the metabolic syndrome, “OBESITY” and specifically “abdominal (central) obesity” appears as NUMBER 1.  of course you would believe me ! all this man sees is that HIS OBESITY has caused him DIABETES . . he believes that if he could ONLY GET RID of OBESITY, then his “diabetes” problem would become BETTER or be totally eradicated . . but do you realize that he might be COMPLETELY WRONG with such a belief ! he could be “LOCKED inside the OBESITY BOX” !! by LOSING ALL the weight, he may absurdly discover that HE STILL REMAINS DIABETIC even after slimming down to a stick-figure at 50 kilograms of weight !

on the other hand if he STOPPED isolating and focusing on the  “OBESITY ! OBESITY ! OBESITY !”  and he instead RE-categorized his problem into a problem of “Metabolic Syndrome” because **only** NUMBER 1 under Metabolic Syndrome is Abdominal / Central Obesity . . this may OPEN DOORS for him to now solve the problem in a much EASIER manner without having to go through the pain and torture of trying to LOSE WEIGHT ! yep . . you read that right . . without having to LOSE **ANY** WEIGHT whatsoever ! when you’re OVERWEIGHT, it is HARD to conceive your diabetic problem in ANY OTHER WAY except to BLAME THE OBESITY ALONE ! But when you OPEN your eyes to the possibility that there are UP TO FOUR OTHER maladies that might be causing your “apparent” diabetes problem, you are NOW in a position to attack THE PROBLEM from its OTHER AREAS where it is much WEAKER and EASIER to demolish !

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