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Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 1

As a continuation on my Advanced Problem Solving Technique, wherein I originally elucidated in my post that to JUMP out of the BOX, you have to find ways to look at the problem OUTSIDE its SPECIFIC CATEGORY and rather try to treat the problem as if it is IN A MORE GENERAL  or  OUTER CATEGORY, I also used the problem of the Diabetes disease as an example. To elaborate more on this, when people go to the doctor and they are diagnosed with Diabetes, they start to OVERLY-FOCUS too deep on the SPECIFIC diagnosis (Diabetes ! Diabetes ! Diabetes ! Diabetes!) . . this “diabetes” word hangs over their head for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS and soon they find themselves LOCKED inside the DIABETES BOX ! they NEVER find the solution to **DIABETES** because THERE IS NO CURE **FOR DIABETES** . . yeah right . . this could very well be true

If however, these people would learn to find the MORE GENERAL or OUTER CATEGORY into which the DIABETES problem falls, this would UNLOCK HIDDEN DOORS for them to ultimately FIND OTHER WORTHWHILE SOLUTIONS, because if you now stop looking at  **diabetes** in ISOLATION and you consider the problem as a “Metabolic Syndrome” . . which  **it is**  because Diabetes is but ONE of the FIVE DISEASES that fall squarely inside the GENERAL CATEGORY of “Metabolic Syndrome” . . and while the following statement may certainly be true => THERE IS NO CURE  **FOR DIABETES** . . that does NOT NOW MEAN that there is also NO CURE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME too !

it is when you start to look for a  CURE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME  that you NOW UNLOCK TOTALLY HIDDEN DOORS, because you are removing the veil of  “DIABETES”  that has been hanging over your head for YEARS and you are now dealing with it (DIABETES) as a problem of “Metabolic Syndrome” . . because it (Diabetes) falls perfectly into this MORE GENERAL or OUTER CATEGORY of  “Metabolic Syndrome” disease. Friends . what i just explained . . that is  ***HOW*** you CREATIVELY solve complicated problems by RE-CATEGORIZING the problem and RE-DEFINING it into a MORE GENERAL problem and STEP OUT OF THE BOX where you’ve been focusing on the SPECIFIC aspects of the problem ! That is exactly what i mean when i talk about JUMPING OUT of the BOX !!!!!

Metabolic Syndrome, sometimes known by other names, is a clustering (grouping) of at least THREE or FOUR of the FIVE following medical conditions (giving a total of 9 to 16 possible combinations that may produce the syndrome – metabolic syndrome) :

  1. abdominal (central) obesity
  2. high blood pressure
  3. high blood sugar
  4. high serum triglycerides
  5. low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels

look at NUMBER THREE above . . people with DIABETES tend to OVERLY-FOCUS on this aspect of the Metabolic Syndrome !! by doing so, they therefore COMPLETELY DISREGARD the fact that their HIGH BLOOD SUGAR may be  **an element**  or a RESULT of them suffering from **Metabolic Syndrome** !! they are blinded by the veil of ISOLATING the specific-word “DIABETES”, therefore they CANNOT EVER see or conceive their problem in its OUTER CATEGORY as a “Metabolic Syndrome” disease (outside the box of HIGH blood sugar) ! they want to look at their HIGH SUGAR  **alone**  and conceive their High Sugar **ALONE** as THE ENTIRE DISEASE they are suffering !! this causes them to TRY many DIRECT and SPECIFIC INTERVENTIONS that are invented specifically  **for the HIGH SUGAR alone**. the fact that usually ONLY the SUGAR LEVEL alone is easy and convenient to measure-at-home with a glucometer fuels their sugar-BOX mentality even further ! most of the SUGAR-reduction interventions people apply they absurdly do NOT WORK effectively for diabetics . . and sometimes you wonder WHY the medications some diabetics take are prescribed to be taken FOR LIFE (chronic) !! it is because the patient is focusing on treating  **ONLY ONE ASPECT** (blood sugar) of what might be A MUCH MORE GENERAL PROBLEM in **HIS/HER BODY** that may be caused by  **UP TO FOUR OTHER** maladies in his/her body !!! mark my words carefully . . im NOT saying your personal diabetes problem is  **ALWAYS** CAUSED BY FOUR OTHER maladies . . nope . . it does NOT have to ALWAYS be **FOUR OTHER** things that cause YOUR DIABETES symptom . . it is  **UP TO FOUR** other things that may be involved in any given person’s PERSONAL MANIFESTATION of the diabetes symptom, therefore your personal trouble with diabetes might possibily be TWO or THREE of these OTHER elements we see above on the list of **Metabolic-Syndrome** maladies . . when TWO or THREE or even FOUR of these OTHER elements-of-the-metabolic-syndrome are combined TOGETHER with your APPARENT high blood sugar . . that could be THE RRRRREEEEEEAL GENERAL PROBLEM that is TROUBLING you and that may be THE PROBLEM YOU SHOULD REALLLLLY SOLVE, NOT the high sugar **ALONE** !! have you ever wondered why SUGAR ALONE (eating sugar) does NOT cause diabetes ?? have you ever wondered again why OBESITY ALONE (being fat) does NOT cause Diabetes ?? EXACTLY !! so WHY do you take ONE aspect (high sugar) of the Metabolic Syndrome and OVERLY-FOCUS on it (high-sugar! high-sugar! high-sugar!) and ACCEPT it as THE DISEASE you’re suffering from ??  . . isn’t it TIME you STOP isolating DIABETES (high sugar alone) by trying to overly-focus on TREATING IT ALONE ?? . . do NOT commit the blunder of always trying to DECOMPOSE the PROBLEM and applying the ISOLATION strategy to fix a SMALL area of what might be a MUCH MORE GENERAL/BIGGER PROBLEM !!!!! sometimes you must GENERALIZE the PROBLEM . . and RIGHT there and then . . that’s when you UNCOVER UNBELIEVABLE HIDDEN SOLUTIONS for it !!

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