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HIV Research Part 7 – Welcoming Tshego

It is with great pleasure that I welcome my new partner in innovation, Mr. Tshego Lesejane !

tshego lesejane

Tshego Lesejane is a talented innovator with a flare for creativity and hardcore problem-solving techniques. Tshego possesses an acute passion for technology, innovation, lateral, creative and critical thinking. I believe that his voluntary decision to participate in this revolutionary initiative is going to accelerate the recruitment of viable volunteers in large enough numbers and enable us to fast-track the penetration of our incredible treatment regime while at the same time paving the way for a country-wide open adoption of our treatment regime as well as providing us with that much-desired “objective proof” of the efficacy of our incredible treatment regime ! Friends and associates, your affirmative support of Tshego’s voluntary participation, backed by his undisputed strong work ethic as well as his determination to accelerate the penetration of our incredible treatment regime will be highly-appreciated. Please give him ALL THE SUPPORT he needs (both morally and professionally) in order to make this initiative a success NOT only for us, but most importantly for the SUFFERERS out there and those who live to endure the troubles of lifelong anti-retrovial therapy ! I thank you all in the name of Tshego Lesejane !

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