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HIV Research Part 6 – Great News TODAY

** ! Bouncing Back like a Lightening Bolt ! **
Following the DISAPPROVAL of my Section 21 MCC application at the Department of Health seven weeks ago, I decided to go back to my original blueprint, a compound that I had initially dismissed as “ineffective” citing reasons that it was Not as good as it seemed to be. I conducted more deeper research on it, retracing my steps backwards in reverse, going all the way back to the drawing board. And like a Lightening Bolt, I have now found BRAND NEW evidence that my original compound –which does NOT require MCC approval and is NOT subject to interference from the Department of Health, the FDA, or any such authorities– WILL in fact WORK just fine for the purposes of what I originally researched it for ! This is such an amazing Bounce-Back after this near “Show-Stopper” disapproval from the MCC at the Department of Health. I couldn’t be more excited to discover that the compound I originally researched is in FACT THE RIGHT THING that i should continue with !! now i am sitting here asking myself . . . why the HELL did i DOUBT this compound and prematurely dismiss it in the first place ??

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