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HIV Research Part 5 – Horrible NEWS Today

It is with great sadness that I again hit a major setback today Thursday, February 09, 2017  18:10:57. After following up with the Department of Health, today I finally received a feedback from them regarding my MCC Section 21 Application that I lodged with them back in November 2016. Their formal written response back to me today was unfortunately a LETTER OF DISAPPROVAL. The Medicines Control Council of South Africa (MCC) disapproved my application on the basis that the evidence I presented to them regarding my Herbal Compound was “weak”.  They mentioned that the evidence I submitted regarding the use of Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDA) as a strong immune bossing agent is “WEAK”. That is basically ALL they said in the written description of their DISAPPROVAL LETTER to me. Obviously this is a serious setback both for Me as well as for ALL of you my friends !  Having spent over R 13 000 of my own cash back in November to lodge this application at the Department of Health, it is a serious blow for my efforts ! In any case, NOT all is LOST. I obviously have to now sit back and soak up this information and reality until it fully settles in my mind. I have decided that I am NOT going to respond to them immediately or react in any premature fashion. Anyway, WITH or WITHOUT the department of health, the battle goes on. There is going to be ANOTHER WAY OUT OF THIS, very soon . . I can assure ALL my friends. Let us stay hopeful and know that SOMEONE is working HARD and SPENDING reasonable amounts of time and money to pursue this matter come RAIN or SUNSHINE ! Be blessed.

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