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HIV Research Part 3 – Interference from DoH

It is with great sadness that I announce this

Following recent intervention from the Department of Health , I have to put my treatment on hold until further notice. I never thought my treatment could reach so deep within the political structures of the country, but as you all know . . good things fade fast, good people also perish swiftly. I am in talks with the powers that be in order to formalize a few of the things they have pointed out to me. But this also goes to show that when YOU DO what others are NOT willing to do, you DON’T even have to advertise yourself, you **WILL BE** noticed, period !

But on the side of good news, as I am **ALWAYS** looking for new innovative ways to advance my life and yours, my research into Traditional Chinese Medicine is going very well. I have spoken to a PhD medical doctor in Kenya who has given me the heads up on some of the most hidden secrets and principles behind why Chinese Traditional Medicine is so potent and worthwhile. In about 2 weeks I am hoping to share with you the SEVEN CONSEQUENCES of natural medicine, and you will love it.

At least with this new approach I am NOT expecting a LOT of misunderstandings and interference from the powers that be, but nonetheless I am MOVING FORWARD with it, No matter what ! Because I want HEALING FOR YOU ( NOT lifetime treatment ! ) . . as much you want it FOR YOURSELF.

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