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HIV Research Part 2 – Prevention vs Cure

When it to comes to HIV research, my stance is that we need to FORGET about PREVENTING HIV. The idea of prevention is a LOST BATTLE ! Utterly disappointing. We have to remember that HIV is now running towards 40 years of being in existence amongst us, rampantly infecting people by the hundredths of thousands PER DAY. Older people who were infected a long time ago continue to infect the YOUNGER generation, so it is a vicious cycle. Notwithstanding the fact that the younger generation itself, once infected, carries on to infect their peers. That is why I believe that when it comes to prevention strategies, the battle is LOST ! We need to forget about prevention and now spend all our resources to find a CURE for this thing !!  A cure is the ONLY thing that will bring HIV to its knees and rapidly turn the situation around. A prevention strategy on the other hand is based on the notion (or fallacy) that people will suddenly STOP spreading the virus or infecting each other. Unfortunately with over 44 million people infected worldwide, the approach of prevention could take us over 150 years to ever do anything noticeable about the HIV pandemic. If you want to prevent something, you have to REACT quickly during the early stages of discovering it. If you let it become a 40 year pandemic, well . . you can expect to spend 80 to 90 years on coming up with an effective prevention strategy, because you have to wait for an entire generation (or Two generations) to pass by and it is only towards the end of the second generation that you might in fact make a noticeable impact on preventing the disease, the reason being again that the OLDER generation WILL continue to infect the younger generation in a very resilient manner !

I am now venturing my research into Chinese Traditional Medicine or Chinese Herbal Medicine as others call it. My initial peek into this area has led me to believe that the true hidden secret of cure may be harboured in Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is an area that holds true potential for discovering and isolating natural substances that can eradicate the HIV virus from a person’s body. And once again, this is Natural Medicine and NOT synthetic chemicals and substances that I will be diving into. I am hoping that after a few months I will come out triumphant and I will be holding (in my hands) something VERY worthwhile for you my friends ? ?  It won’t be long, I promise . . .  just a FEW months ? :).  Today it is Friday, August 07, 2015  11:40

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