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Diabetes !! Diabetes !! Diabetes !!

i am expanding my health research beyond the HIV disease. i am now going to look deeper and more seriously at the RISING pandemic of this “diabetes” disease in South Africa, particularly Type 2 Diabetes

it has come to my attention that there is an ENORMOUSLY HIGH number of young people under the age of 30 –some as young as 23– who are RAPIDLY becoming diabetic and the absurd part of it is that they DONT even know it !

many of these young people start to learn about how seriously-endangered their health is 7 years down the line after years of unexplained illnesses and mysterious recurrent health troubles that manifest in their blood test over the years of their UNDIAGNOSED exposure to diabetes

i have come to learn that this can be a SERIOUS and debilitating disease with extreme life threatening complications if it goes untreated or if the treatment used for it is NOT adequate enough to completely-supress the sugar-spikes or reverse the underlying cellular insulin-resistance mechanism

as usual, my approach to this will be exactly the SAME as my approach to just about ANYTHING else in life. the approach i will use in my research into this disease is one where i will apply a LOT of lateral and OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking in an effort to reveal what is usually taken for granted as well as to reveal POSSIBILITIES where EVERYONE ONLY SEES and ACCEPTS the GIVEN LIMITATIONS ! you can tell from the way i live my life that i HARDLY EVER accept or succumb to LIMITATIONS . . if you say it CANNOT be done, i SAY “it can” !! i live my life to REVEAL POSSIBILITIES where EVERYONE only sees LIMITATIONS and my determination is to UNCOVER the silver-lining in a place where EVERYONE declares “the Impossible” and “Can’t be done’s” #stayTuned and check the Research Page on my Blog =

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