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Problem Solving Technique – Divide & Conquer

do u often find that when you try to SOLVE PROBLEMS in your life, be it at WORK, at HOME, at SCHOOL, or at PLAY . . do you often find yourself STUCK and OUT OF IDEAS, Not knowing what further step you should take to tackle the problem ???

Well . . ONE of the most powerful approaches you can take is to DIVIDE and CONQUER the problem. Decompose the PROBLEM down to its individual constituent parts (in simpler English, divide the problem into its SMALLEST BASIC parts) . . after that, you should then examine each of these smallest-basic parts individually and try to determine WHICH ONE is faulty or which one looks ABNORMAL, DAMAGED or somewhat IRREGULAR

i have discovered however that this is NOT ALWAYS an elegant approach, when you DIVIDE something (a problem), you often end up looking TOO DEEP and FOCUSING on the SPECIFIC fine-grain details once you are examining the individual basic (decomposed) parts of the problem. this leads to a syndrome that i call “the Box-mentality syndrome”. it is a serious mental syndrome that has kept people STUCK FOR DAYS and MONTHS in the end trying to overcome COMPLEXITIES in certain types of ADVANCED problems, therefore this technique of Divide of Conquer can lead to troubles when applied on problems that are weird and Not clearly-structured or on problems that CANNOT be divided or broken down into their basic small parts

the other shortcoming of this technique is because some of you assholes when i tell you to decompose (break-apart) something . . OUT OF IMPATIENCE and FRUSTRATION, you assholes end up RUSHING to pull the thing apart, and due to your IMPATIENCE, many of you end up either breaking-the-thing badly or you forget to WRITE DOWN or MARK where the various pieces originally CAME FROM, so you are NOT ABLE to put the BLOODY THING BACK TOGETHER to return it back to its ORIGINAL form once you’re finished solving the underlying problem ! you mess it up so much when you try to REASSEMBLE it . . that it ends up NOT properly packed back to its original look, the result of this is that some part of it is either skewed or unbalanced and after a while it FALLS APART dramatically leaving you with a bigger disaster !

if you assholes could learn to FIRST OBSERVE and then carefully MARK or LABEL or NUMBER every piece so that you KNOW WHERE you pulled it from and how it was ORIGINALLY positioned **before** you DISASSEMBLE the whole composite, you would be in a better position when you later REBUILD and REPACK the ENTIRE COMPOSITE back to its original form. you would repack it with 100% CONFIDENCE because with MARKINGS and NUMBERING . . NOT ONLY will you know and remember WHICH PART was the FIRST/LAST ONE you REMOVED (Numbering!!) . . . you would also know with absolute confidence WHERE THAT PART WAS ORIGINALLY located/positioned BEFORE YOU REMOVED IT. Even small things such as SCREWS when you disassemble your FLAT SCREEN PLASMA TV . . if u learn to NUMBER THEM and LABEL themĀ  **BEFORE YOU REMOVE THEM**, you can use the divide and conquer strategy to TAKE the WHOLE TV apart, take a look inside it, replace that blown/burnt fuse, and then PUT the TV BACK TOGETHER with 100% confidence that it is BACK in its original packed form, and even if some of the screws LOOK identical, you would be able to put EACH INDIVIDUAL SCREW back into the EXACT place from which you PULLED it out EARLIER !! that’s it for today . . . tomorrow i will share with you my OTHER problem-solving technique that does NOT involve the use of the DIVIDE and CONQUER method. this other technique of mine is a KILLER TECHNIQUE based on a method that is **OUT OF THIS WORLD** and that is only ever discovered and applied by a FEW people who know what it REALLY means to think OUTSIDE THE BOX

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