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Problem Solving Technique 2 – Advanced

yesterday i shared and explained in detailed one of my favourite and effective problem solving technique, called the Divide and Conquer strategy. i also highlighted the serious shortfall that this technique suffers

as opposed to the DIVIDE and CONQUER method that i shared yesterday, today’s problem resolution technique involves the use of a novel approach that i discovered over my years and years of suffering as i tried to deal with COMPLEX problems that are Not clearly-structured and that cannot be easily decomposed (broken down) into their basic individual parts

some problems are so COMPLEX and so iLLusive that you can try to divide the problem down to its basic simple parts and you would STILL NOT be able to solve it. in this case, i usually teach my mentees to tackle the problem by examining and questioning its CATEGORY.ย  examine and question THE CATEGORY in which the PROBLEM falls ! inn what CATEGORY of PROBLEMS does this problem belong ?? the trouble for most people is that they are viewing or conceiving the problem in CATEGORY that is TOO SPECIFIC !!!!

sometimes you are looking at a problem from a perspective that is TOO NARROW or TOO SPECIFIC !! you have zoomed in TOO DEEP and you’ve gone TOO SPECIFIC deep inside the problem as you try to find its root cause, and due to your DEEP ZOOMING or your tendency to be TOO SPECIFIC when you examine the problem, you have now inadvertently LOCKED YOURSELF inside the [proverbial] box !!! this is a BIG problem and a serious MENTAL BLOCK for most people because once you are looking TOO CLOSE and you have gone TOO DEEP and TOO SPECIFIC in your examination of the problem, it becomes literally IMPOSSIBLE for you to look for a SOLUTION **OUTSIDE** that DEEP and SPECIFIC perspective you are in !

you must STEP OUT OF THE BOX and try to look for the solution OUTSIDE of the BOX. but what do i mean when i say you must STEP OUT of the BOX ???? many people NEVER REALLY explain this concept of the “BOX-mentality syndrome” . . they just mention it casually in passing or proverbially as a cheap regurgitated motivation-line, as a result, it often remains POORLY UNDERSTOOD ! TODAY i will explain the “BOX-mentality syndrome” to you FROM MY PERSONAL APPLICATION of it

when i say you must JUMP OUT OF THE BOX, what i mean is that instead of working with the problem or treating it as a problem that exists inside itsย  **SPECIFIC**ย  CATEGORY, you must now TREAT the problem as a problem that exists in an OUTER or MORE GENERAL CATEGORY to which it applies. LOL . . i know some of you people now got TOTALLY-LOST by that preceding statement ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ what i mean in Layman’s terms is that for example, if you have problem such as the Diabetes disease and you’ve been looking for a solution to cure it, you will often diveย  **TOO DEEP**ย  into the analysis of what causes diabetes and what its symptoms are. once you’ve learned about these SPECIFIC CAUSES of it, you then ACCIDENTALLY LOCK YOURSELF inside these SPECIFIC DETAILS ! you lock yourself SO DEEP INSIDE your analysis of specific that you eventually remain PARALYZED and PERPLEXED by the SHEER AMOUNT of DETAILS that you are going through, and this only serves to LOCK YOU INSIDE THE BOX. becuz you’re now STUCK INSIDE THE BOX, it NEVER occurs to you that you should take these SPECIFIC DETAILS that you know about the causes and symptoms of diabetes and rather than examining them at their MOST SPECIFIC LEVEL, you should try to REVERSE SLOWLY and STEP BACKWARDS . . . . . look at the OUTER or GENERAL CATEGORY into which these specific problems BELONG !!!!! when you now look at these PROBLEMS as PROBLEMS of a MORE GENERAL NATURE, and you treat them at the OUTER LEVEL or GENERAL CATEGORY into which they belong . . . it is THEN that you are SUDDENLY able to UNLOCK DOZENS of OTHER POSSIBILITIES to overcome the diabetes problem ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ when you NO LONGER try to solve the problem as a purely Diabetes-specific problem, but you look at Diabetes as a diseases that falls within a BROADER category of OTHER RELATED diseases, you will often find that when you apply solutions that are meant for the GENERAL OUTER category or solutions that are known for the BROADER category of OTHER diabetes-RELATED diseases, THESE BROADER SOLUTIONS are the GOLDEN KEY that finally OPENS UP HIDDEN POSSIBILITIES FOR YOU that reveal how you can easily tackle and SOLVE the bloody problem ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

it is AMAZING when you discover things that have always been there UNDER YOUR NOSE but because you were looking TOO DEEP at the specifics of the problem, you NEVER noticed these BROADER SOLUTIONS that surround you and you WONT believe it when you later also realize that you NEVER conceived the problem as a MORE GENERAL PROBLEM due to you tendency to overly-focus on its DEEP & DETAILED SPECIFICS ๐Ÿ™ย  ๐Ÿ™ย  !!! . . therefore you could NEVER UNCOVER these seemingly-iLLusive solutions that sit around u cause you were just TOO DEEP and too SPECIFIC in your conception of the problem !

in closing, a testimonial might serve to illustrate my point : i have seen German car mechanics with 30 years of engineering experience recommending that i replace an alternator in my car at a cost of R8500 when the problem in my car was in fact an issue involving a R250 roller-pulley !! but because these arrogantly-experienced engineers could NEVER BE TOLD anything about CARS, they would simply listen to the noise in the engine and from a distance . . they would conceive and diagnose the problem at its MOST-SPECIFIC LEVEL, they would say the noise is an ALTERNATOR NOISE becuz an alternator makes the EXACT SAME noise as a roller-pulley when it is faulty . . but these highly-experienced engineers would be TOTALLY WRONG in their diagnosis . . becuz sometimes it is just a roller-pulley that is faulty (making the exact same alternator-like-noise) and this INCORRECT DIAGNOSIS they give . . results in an EXTREMELY WASTEFUL expenditure of the customerโ€™s cash !! needless to say, AFTER spending the R8500 on a brand new alternator, the carย  CONTINUED to have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM, leaving the problem UNSOLVED and the noise in the engine continued EXACTLY as before ! another engineer 5 months later replaced the roller-pulley for R250 and SUDDENLY the noise disappeared completely . . the PROBLEM GOT SOLVED at a measly cost of R250 ! i’ve got DOZENS of OTHER personal real-life testimonials !

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