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Reading & Studying – Struggling To Understand Something

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself this….. how can someone next to you understand something while you DONT understand that thing ??

Well, the problem might be caused by 4 reasons

Reason number 1.
Maybe you are imagining that thing INCORRECTLY. Maybe you’re OVER-IMAGINING it or maybe you are UNDER-IMAGINING it. When you over-imagine something you are mistakenly thinking that it can do MUCH MORE, but in fact that thing might be meant to do ONLY A LITTLE BIT, on the other hand when you under-imagine something you are mistakenly assuming it can do VERY LITTLE, but in fact that thing might be able to do MUCH MORE. Sometimes you might find that you are imagining that thing in an UP-SIDE-DOWN manner !! Try other ways of imagining it. Sometimes you have to turn your mind around and think about something in a Wrong way deliberately !! Sometimes when you think of something in up-side-down style you might discover that it works much better for you when it is up-side-down… yes, that’s True !!! If you were thinking about something in an up-side-down style, when you turn it up-side-down again it will now become upright and it would therefore be fixed and work perfectly again.

Reason number 2.
Maybe you are NOT positively INTERESTED in discovering that thing. If you are positively interested in discovering something, you will keep turning it around and checking it in many different styles and in many different ways, you will use heuristics to try all the possible choices until you discover how it is working. But if you are NOT positively interested in that thing, you will only try it for 3 times and you will give up quickly before you even try it in the other ways. Try to be more interested, if it gets difficult then put MORE ENERGY…. increase your amount of interest in it and FIGHT HARDER with it until YOU WIN. Sooner or later you will win ……. yes YOU WILL WIN if you put more and more energy !!

Reason number 3.
Maybe you are FORGETTING a lot of information about that thing… this problem is related to the previous problem above (number .2) because if you forget a lot of information about something then it might be that you were NOT really positively interested in discovering that thing. Try to remember as much information as possible by head, try to read once and then committ what you’ve just heard into your memory, cram it into your memory as soon as you hear it first time and then see if you can clearly remember, repeat over and over for a couple of times and practice to READ ONCE FIRST-TIME and to REMEMBER what you’ve just read in your head.

Reason number 4.
Maybe the teacher does NOT know how to explain that thing to you, but if the teacher has tried many times using different styles and different words then maybe you are Not asking him any questions or maybe you’re Not asking enough questions… so the teacher ends up having to guess all the time where your mind is or he is guessing all the time what your mind is imagining… and he might be wrong in his guessing about where your imagination is going, so express your imagination to the teacher openly, even if it’s a wrong imagination, ask the teacher lots of questions immediately even in the beginning so that he can follow your mind perfectly and so that he can see your understanding clearly even if you had the wrong understanding in the beginning, at least in that way he will correct your imagination early if it was a wrong imagination.

Another very powerful thing you can do is to ASK THE SIX FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS … and try to answer each question with a reasonable answer

1. WHAT is this thing called ?
2. WHEN do I need to use this thing ?
3. HOW do I use this thing ?

4. WHERE do I use this thing ?
Sometimes it is ONLY ONE place where you can USE this thing and the mistake you’re committing is that you’re thinking that it can be used in MANY OTHER places ! Other times the thing can be used/applied in MANY PLACES and you’re committing the mistake of thinking that it applies to ONLY ONE PLACE

5. WHY do I use this thing ?
6. WHO uses this thing ?


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