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Clean Up

When you prepare an automated process, such as a computer program or a machine that you invented yourself, always remember that once it starts to perform its automated operations, it will probably repeat/loop a certain part of its operation over and over. If the repeated part is something that adds-up or accumulates as time goes on, then you need to ensure that the machine/program is able to detect when it is full and therefore it must be able to clean-up after itself, so that it can continue working over a long period of time. If the machine or program CANNOT clean-up, then you might really hit a problem when something fills up inside it and causes the machine/program to hang ; to be UNstable or even to mess itself up. NB: Look for all areas in the machine/program that do some kind of Adding-up or Accumulation or Looping/Repeating/Repetitive operations that have a potential to Leave things behind lying around. Ensure that those areas will actually throw away or delete the things that are No Longer Needed as the machine/program continues to do its work in a cyclic pattern.

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