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Reading & Studying – Override

Some of the things that you try to study or learn can appear to be so confusing and difficult! The reason can be something called “overriding”. For instance, a TV can have a button on it which you can use to switch it on. But you may find that there is ALSO a remote control. The remote control will also have a button which can be used to switch the TV on ! This means there is TWO PLACES where the TV can be switched on. This also means that one of the buttons can OVERRIDE the other one. For instance, the button on the remote control can OVERRIDE the button on the TV. If you were reading a book about that TV, you are probably going to be confused each time the book talks about how to switch on the TV. The book is always going to talk about switching on the TV in two ways. It is going to first tell you how to switch on the TV USING THE BUTTON ON IT, and then it is going to go back and talk about how to switch on the TV USING THE REMOTE CONTROL and if you did NOT read carefully and realize that there is TWO WAYS of switching the TV on, you are probably going to get confused because the book will appear to be repeating the same thing, but talking in different ways about the SAME THING !!

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