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Reading & Studying – Zooming in and Out

Have you ever tried to study something new and then find TOO MANY BOOKS which ALL talk very differently about the subject? The answer is zooming. Every writer has his OWN FEELINGS about what he thinks is NECESSARY TO KNOW. Other writers may NOT think the same way. Some writers feel that talking about 7 things will be ENOUGH, while other writers will go and talk about 12 things that they can think of concerning the same subject. So next time when you DON’T quite understand why books talk differently about the same thing, just remember that it is because each writer has his own feelings about the subject. What must you do then? Whose book must you follow? Which book is right and which book is wrong? Well, YOU ALSO HAVE YOUR OWN FEELINGS, just go through ALL of the books quickly and then DECIDE for yourself what YOU think is NECESSARY FOR YOU TO KNOW and write your own personal notes about the subject. This will save you a lot of time and frustration. You will also feel more satisfied at the end of the day. Sometimes a thing can be difficult and frustrating because you just Never get to understand what the writer is saying. This can happen because of a problem which I call “Zooming”. Don’t Zoom in too much inside the book! You have to keep in mind that a book is always organized in a certain way, especially if it’s a long and technical book. A book will normally have a Cover Title on the outside, then Chapters, then Sections/Headings, then Paragraphs.

You know, I’ve seen some people who can finish a 200 page book but you find that they Don’t even remember the Name of the outer cover of the Book!! Sometimes people rush to read the paragraphs in a page before they even check carefully what SECTION of the book they are in! This can be a very frustrating mistake! DON’T rush to complete a paragraph if you Don’t even know/remember what section of the book you’re currently in. You have to know and remember Where You Are in the book. This will allow you to see the difference between two paragraphs that both seem to be saying the SAME thing and frustrating/confusing a lot of people because they Can’t figure out what’s so different between the two paragraphs. Sometimes the hidden difference between two paragraphs is the headings or section titles at the top of each paragraph!!


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