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Assuming your choices are always the best

Yes, this is another interesting one. You know when you think something is cool, don’t quickly assume that your close friends see it in the same way. Just because someone is your close friend, it doesn’t mean that what you think is cool and nice will be “cool & nice” to him too. Keep in mind that he’s a different human being. He is NOT in your heart or in your body. He does NOT feel things the same way that you do. Be moderate about your feelings. Don’t criticize something openly when you are with him (or her).You might hurt him quietly if you do that! Always make sure that he is also thinking the same way about that thing before you quickly dismiss it or talk badly about it. Ask him what he feels about the thing first, then you will know how to express yourself accordingly. Don’t think that your friends are inside of you, Even if they are your very close friends. A very hot and exciting topic can quickly turn into a sour debate if you Don’t check carefully how you throw your words around. Remember: Your friends are NOT YOU !! They are SEPARATE Human Being and they are THEMSELVES !

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