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Relationship Problems and Personal Strongholds

These two things are very closely related. I’ve discovered that where there is a BIG problem in a relationship, the cause of the problem is always Personal Strongholds. A personal stronghold is something BAD in your life that you have been hiding since you were born. It is normally NOT easy to realize that you have a personal stronghold because since you were born, you have grown and seen the world in a certain way. The place where you grew up and the people that were around you normally help you to build up this bad stronghold. When you are matured and old enough, you then judge things based on what you’ve known to be right and wrong when you grew up. This means you are judging things based on your Personal Stronghold. A relationship is a friendship. You can have a relationship between mother and child or between mother and father or between father and child or you can even see another example of a relationship between a child and another child. Another example of a relationship is a friendship between a girl and a boy. There are many other kinds of relationships. I want to talk about the relationship between a boy and a girl, but what I will say will apply to ALL the other relationships. When a relationship is about to break or fail, normally there will be a grudge or an argument. In the argument, both partners are NOT aware of the fact that they are judging each other. They are NOT even aware of the fact that they are judging each other based on their Personal Strongholds. For example, the girl thinks that the boy is wrong but she does NOT realize that the boy is only “wrong according to her strongholds”. The boy then fights back and argues harshly about how “right” he is. But he also does NOT realize that he is only “right according to his personal stronghold”. Love is a very tricky and unpredictable thing. Some people say love is the strongest feeling they’ve ever felt. They don’t realize that “strongholds” are a stronger feeling than love, because love CANNOT break strongholds, but strongholds CAN break love. It is very difficult to let go of your strongholds. To many people, it is actually impossible. But how does one let go of his strongholds? That’s a very important question. If you want to let go of your strongholds, you MUST take interest your partner’s strongholds. I know it sounds crazy but that’s true!! You MUST take interest in your partner’s strongholds. If you have a boyfriend and his stronghold is soccer and rugby, then you must start watching soccer and take interest in rugby too. If you DON’T want to watch soccer or if it irritates you, then ONE day this stronghold will tear both of you apart, because when the day comes, you will tell him how “useless” soccer is to you, but it is very “useful and enjoyable” to him, so you CAN’T say that !!! And that’s the time when you will see your strongholds coming out, but you are NOT aware of the fact that you are releasing your strongholds, and both of you are gonna fight & argue until you separate. If you take interest in your partner’s strongholds, then he MUST take interest in your strongholds too, and that’s fair. In this way both of you are gonna be able to hide your strongholds so that they don’t get released badly. In fact, when you take interest in your partner’s strongholds, you will ultimately find that there is NO STRONGHOLDS between the two of you because each one MUST take full interest in the other’s strongholds. This way NONE of you can be selfish or jealous or have a bad attitude towards the other. If you are a man, when your wife cooks, stand up and learn from her how to cook. Help her to cook. When she’s washing clothes, stand up and walk to her. Watch her closely when she’s washing clothes. Be with her. Talk to her while she’s doing it. Walk with her when she goes outside to hang the clothes. Spend as much time CLOSE to her as possible while she’s doing something. Try to help her to do that thing, even if it is a woman’s job! By the way, there is NO more “women jobs” and “men jobs”. Every piece of work that a woman can do is also possible to be done by a man. If you are a woman, stand close to your man when he is fixing the car. Ask him questions about everything you see in the engine. Ask him anything. Stand close and watch with interest. Hand him the tools that he uses. Help him to fix the car. Don’t worry about the oils on his clothes or the grease on his body. Don’t go away quickly and don’t lose interest in what he is doing. I can guarantee you that ON THAT SAME DAY, he will quickly realize how “loving” and “adorable” you are. When it comes back to you, it will be pure love. All you do is to take full interest in what he’s doing and what you will receive back is PURE LOVE. Don’t try to give love to your partner if you want him to love you back. Keep away from “trying to love someone”. Just take full interest in him or her, whatever she’s doing or he’s doing, and you will be surprised by what comes back to you. Each time you take interest in your partner’s things, you will get love in return and it will happen instantly on the same day. You CAN easily avoid losing your partner if you use these tricks!!

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