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Reading & Studying Help Advise – Component-Based Learning

Have you ever tried to learn something that’s made up of many components, such as electronics, processes, project management or another discipline? I know it, believe me, it’s terrible sometimes!! The problem normally comes because “you” can’t put it all together. Sometimes the book is arranged in a way that is very confusing and you just can’t get to see how it all fits together, because the author started with something that should come right at the end of the book ! You see, you’ve got to be able to live with it, unfortunately it’s like that. The best way to deal with component based learning is to try and find out what is the BASIC thing that is at the center of the whole story. You must find out what is the PRIMARY thing or MAIN thing that is being talked about. Once you know it, you can then try to see how the other “smaller” things help to make the primary thing work. Normally, you’ll find that there is only ONE main thing about the whole idea, and then there are many small components that work together with the main thing in order to complete the idea. You must try to avoid concentrating too much on the smaller things alone, because many times you’ll find that they Don’t work well on their own. They only work well when you attach them to the basic/main thing. That’s the way you must play this game, believe me, it works!

But I need to make one small clarification regarding this technique. Some things Don’t need to be combined with others in order for them to work. Sometimes you’ll come across something that works perfectly on its own but then when you combine it with others, it fails or it does Not work so well ! So you need to be very careful about this technique, sometimes it can be troublesome if you try to apply Old Knowledge onto new things ! So how do you solve this issue? . . . . Well, I think you have to ask yourself whether this thing can work perfectly without being connected or combined with anything else. If it can, then it’s best to carefully Note down that “this thing can work perfectly on its own” and keep this note in the back of your mind. If it CANNOT, then obviously it means that you MUST combine it or connect it with something else in order to make it work. Sometimes you could even find out later that even if something works perfectly on its own, it might also still work perfectly when it’s combined with other things 🙂

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