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Reading & Studying Help Advise – Use your OWN mind

If you are trying to learn something and it gets too difficult somewhere along the way, then you must start USING YOUR OWN MIND to break it apart. You must try to break it apart in your own mind. In this manner you ask yourself why the person who wrote it is saying what he wrote, or why he is putting the story in the manner that he is. At first it will be HARD to conceive it in your mind, but sooner or later as you keep flipping it in your mind you will slowly start to see how the writer of the book was thinking when he/she was trying to explain his/her story to you in writing (in the book). You will also get to see just how much sense it makes in real life. The writer can’t sit and write a long story about something that has No purpose or No reason ! There can only be something that you’re carelessly missing in his story or he is just talking in a way that you are Not familiar with. Just stop for a while and start thinking deeply about what he is trying to say to you in each paragraph that he has written. Sooner or later you will quickly start to figure out what’s actually happening. Some things are harder to explain on a paper (in writing) than when you actually see them. Some things are much easier when you actually think about them than when you listen to someone trying to explain them to you in a book or on paper.

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