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The MOST Important Skill in Life

So WHAT is it ?? What is the MOST CRITICAL skill in Life ?

You must be able to maintain balance in most of your daily activities and in almost anything you do. Balancing is a NON-NEGOTIABLE skill in life. Everything in the world is balanced. Anything that’s NOT balanced will end in destruction. The universe is balanced. The human body requires perfect balance of all the chemicals in it, in order for it to survive. Too much blood in the body is bad, too little blood is also bad, too much fat or sugar in the body is bad, too little fat/sugar is also just as bad. The engine of a car and all it’s components must be balanced, otherwise something on the car will be put under severe stress/pressure and it will break sooner or later. All the electrical components that make up a Radio, TV, Computer, CD Player and so on must be balanced amongst each other in order for the device to function and work together properly. If there is too much power going into one component that is going to cause the component to overheat and it would soon blow apart ; too little power is also just as bad, the device will Not function as expected, it will tend to cut off periodically and irritate its owner. All the appliances in your house (Stove, Toaster, Oven, etc) must be balanced. Too much of something or too little of something will lead to an imbalance, which becomes a serious problem after a short while , and eventually leads to damage and self-destruction. If there was ONE big thing that I would advise you to learn, that would be learning to BALANCE everything in your life ! If you cannot balance things, you will NOT last very long on anything you try in your life.


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