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Are your FRIENDS people who CLICK with you ?

if you’re involved in the dangerous and self-defeating practice of PICKING PEOPLE who ACT, BEHAVE, LIVE and LOOK LIKE YOU, you are going to become a sorry-ass LOSER. your ENTIRE future depends on how strong the CONTRAST is between YOUR PERSONALITY and the PERSONALITIES of those you associate with. have you ever heard this saying “show me a man’s 3 best friends and i will tell you what his future looks like” ?? . . it is SO TRUE ! the BIGGEST set back in your life is going to be brought on by people closest to you . . your closest friends ! these people, while they are the easiest thing for you to put your shoulder on in times of grief, they can ironically also become your GREATEST weakness and in 9 out of 10 cases they determine YOUR DESTINY ! but it is NOT so much the FRIENDS, but rather the TYPE of people they are and how LENIENT and ACCOMMODATING they are with you when you fuck up ! the MORE lenient and accommodating they are with your fuck ups the MORE likely they are going to lead you astray or rather let me say they are going to let you SINK into a shit-hole without warning you ! if you associate with people who CLICK with you, you’re NOT going to GROW . . you’re going to STAGNATE inside a COMFORT ZONE with DAILY EXCUSES, PROCRASTINATION, smoking weed, etc . . and becuz the people you’ve picked are just LIKE YOU, they’re going to DO NOTHING to prevent you from falling into a state of imminent self-destruction ! imagine if your piano teacher at school was someone who AGREED with YOU on your FALSE and USELESS BELIEF that YOU HAVE NO TALENT THEREFORE YOU CANNOT PLAY A PIANO because unlike other people **YOU** JUST DON’T HAVE IT (the talent or whatever!!) WITHIN YOU . . then NO ONE in the whole world would EVER KNOW how to PLAY A PIANO ever ! it is when you start to HIT THE WRONG keys and notes on the piano keyboard that you **BEGIN to DEVELOP** THE TALENT ! There is **NO ONE** who came into this planet WITH A TALENT to play a piano or a TALENT to do ANYTHING whatsoever !! im **NOT** going to say this again in the future . . therefore, when you hang out with people who ACT, BEHAVE, LIVE and LOOK LIKE YOU, they are going to give you ALL THE REASON and JUSTIFICATION to support your SORRY-ASS EXCUSES, PROCRASTINATION and all the long-term chronic diseases that eventually trouble everyone for decades, you’ll be in a constant state of self-doubt . . “im NOT ready for a relationship”, “im NOT ready for marriage”, “im NOT ready to have children”, “im NOT ready to make a presentation”, “i DONT have the skill, wara-wara”, “i DONT wonna read a long book”, “im NOT good with Maths/Physics”, every friggen idea in your life is going to circle around the notion of “i DONT..i DONT..i DONT..i DONT”  . . and the ONLY comfort you will find will come from the WRONG type of friends ! because you’ve picked these broke-ass losers BASED on how well they match **YOUR CHARACTER** (“i DONT..i DONT..i DONT”), as if they are some fucking mirrors or shadows of you . . and PRECISELY becuz they’re JUST LIKE YOU . . they’re FUCKING AFRAID of what YOU’RE AFRAID of doing . . so they’re gonna serve the purpose of HOGGING you DOWN like an albatross and keeping you from GETTING YOUR ASS up and taking the ROAD to SUCCESS . . . so says Tebogo Motlhale !

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