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WHAT should i SELL ?

Question Number 1 – First and Foremost , ask yourself this question:

Is this the ONLY place/source where this thing can be found ?? Is this the only place where it exists ?? … or are THERE OTHER ALTERNATIVE PLACES where it can be found or where it exists ??


Question Number 2 – Ask yourself this OTHER question:

Is this the ONLY WAY I can do it ?? is this the only style of doing it ?? .. or are there OTHER ALTERNATIVE WAYS to do this same thing ??

Every time I was stuck with learning something new, or every time I was confused by something new as I was learning, I would always find that my problem was because I was NOT sure about one of these 2 questions above !!  I would NOT be sure whether this new thing I am learning is found ONLY in this one place or whether it can be found in other alternative places somewhere else. Sometimes my problem would be that I am NOT sure whether the way in which I am doing this thing is the ONLY way to do it  or whether there are OTHER alternative ways to do it.

I know it sounds like it’s an EASY and STUPID situation, because you think you are NOT dumb..I know..I know..I know..!!! But I can assure you that “when you’re stuck” … your problem will probably be because of these two simple questions above … you’re NOT able to answer one of them properly !  That’s why you’re stuck or confused.  You are wrongly misinterpreting the topic  you’re learning because you are mistakenly thinking that  “this is the ONLY place”  where I can get this thing; or you’re busy making a WRONG assumption thinking that “this is the ONLY area where this concept CAN BE FOUND” ! you’re TOTALLY UNAWARE that the SAME concept can ALSO BE FOUND and be EQUALLY APPLIED in OTHER AREAS . . so there are OTHER PLACES where you can USE this SAME concept or where you can also FIND it but you are sitting there stuck and confused about how it REALLY Works because you are just NOT AWARE of these other places where it can ALSO be found :))))

Let’s turn it up-side-down quickly . . .

sometimes you will find that you mistakenly think that  “there are many places to find/get this thing” ; meanwhile the truth is that  “this is the ONLY place”  where you can find it ..and you’re NOT aware of that… so that’s why u’ve been looking all over in MANY OTHER places and you couldn’t find it :))) That’s because you were NOT aware that “this is the ONLY place”  where you can find it and that this is the ONLY PLACE where it CAN be used / applied !!!

The same applies to question 2. You sit there and you’re stuck on this problem for DAYS … when you look carefully, you’ll realize that the reason is because you’ve been mistakenly thinking that this is the  “ONLY way to do this thing”  and you’re NOT aware that there are  OTHER WAYS to do the same thing :)))) … and again on the other hand you might go around all over the place checking and looking for  OTHER WAYS to do this thing; meanwhile there are  NO OTHER POSSIBLE WAYS  to do it !!! … it CAN ONLY BE DONE IN THIS ONE STYLE or IN THIS ONE PARTICULAR MANNER ONLY… it only works when you do it in this ONE specific manner … and you my friend you were NOT aware of that :))) So that’s why you’ve been lost with it all this time trying many ways to do it = you were just wasting your time.. cuz there’s only  ONE way to do it .. and if you want it to work, you must do it in that ONE way only :)))


Should I use BLUEPRINTS or ORIENTATION Coaching ?

Orientation coaching is where you learn or orientate yourself with the “big picture”. It is boring with looooooong hours of coaching on “theoretical” type of learning where you sit there and you listen to this guy talk-and-talk for the whole hour or sometimes 2 hours ! He gives you advice about many different things and it’s a loooooong story. You have to concentrate and NOT fall asleep :))  That’s Orientation Coaching or Orientation Training as they call it. You learn about the basic overall idea and general methods and ways to handle a problem or situation. You learn about the history and background of the idea/problem/situation you’re about to tackle and you get the all-round “big picture” about that problem/situation. In orientation coaching, you DON’T worry about HOW TO PRACTICALLY do something. You just take the general advice and tips they give you and you equip your mind with the necessary general knowledge about that problem/situation that you’re about to tackle

Now on the other hand, we have a Blueprint. Unlike Orientation Coaching, a Blueprint is a guide that tells you what you must do to implement an idea in practical terms in real life; it is nearly like a step-by-step instruction manual. But it is dangerous to use a blueprint if you’ve never done any prior orientation coaching .. because then it means you are putting your fingers into something practically without understanding the “bigger picture” behind it, maybe you DON’T even know what you are doing.. or sometimes you find that you DON’T have the background on it and therefore you DONT even know the reason WHY you’re doing some of the things you are doing !! so you’re just operating like a brainless ROBOT in a mechanical style. You just see things written in the blueprint and you DO THESE THINGS blindly without having any orientation and background on them :)) That happens when you follow a blueprint without doing any prior orientation coaching/training.  What can happen is that if you use a blueprint without prior orientation coaching, you will NOT know how to handle a problem if a problem comes up in the middle of what you’re busy doing !! You will most probably get “stuck” from time-to-time due to useless small things. In fact, the smallest and least important things will always be the reason you’re stuck all the time :)) Sometimes the SMALLEST things that are FAR away on the sidelines are going to cause you to GET STUCK ! I am NOT saying that if you follow a blueprint you ARE GUARANTEED TO GET STUCK … what I am saying is that if a problem comes up while you’re busy following a Blueprint and you DO NOT HAVE PRIOR ORIENTATION COACHING for that problem/situation, you will have NO IDEA how to handle/solve the problem, and that is what will get you stuck for DAYS ! it can even leave you TOTALLY DEFEATED !  Sometimes a blueprint is written very well and it is crystal clear to understand to and to follow the things/instructions written it, and sometimes you are lucky enough to work with a blueprint that has enough details in it such that it goes deeper to explain how you should handle PROBLEMS and HICCUPS along the way explaining EVERY PROBLEM situation to you in detail. in that case you are obviously VERY LUCKY to have a blueprint with that sort of detail that will work very well for MANY people who follow/try it :)) But unfortunately many blueprints are NOT written perfectly or crystal clear like that !!! They are written in a lazy way with many mistakes in them or rather with MANY IMPORTANT DETAILS missing or careless left-out in the blueprint ! In such a case ONLY the people who have done some ORIENTATION coaching will know how to cope with the many problems that come up while they are busy following that blueprint. People who did NOT go through the ORIENTATION coaching for that situation they will be left TOTALLY DEFEATED even after the FIRST small hiccup/problem comes up on their way !


Question – So What about the PRODUCT ??

can i just pick any product i like, create a website and start promoting the product on my website to make money ??? why Can’t i just do that ?? Why does it seem like there’s some kind of a mysterious BIG SECRET of many things that I must learn and go through before I practically get started with internet marketing… I want to make money out of this thing NOW.. Why can’t I just do that as simple as I just mentioned above ????? What’s wrong with that ???


Tebogo Answers The Question:

Well.. NO !! Hold on right there…. you have NO hope of selling a single item if that’s what you’re really going to do !!! in fact you have NO idea what you’re doing ! you say what??? ..pick any product u like ? create a website or a marketing channel ? and then start promoting the product to make money ??? You must be dreaming man!!! ..that’s NOT going to work! NO WAY !! at least NOT in that simple a manner …. everyone on earth would be a millionaire by now if it was that simple … don’t you think ?? :)))

You’re definitely skipping a LOT of critical things if that’s your approach :))) let’s be HONEST …. it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY THAT you are the first person on earth to sell the kind of product you’re going to choose !!!!!!  Even if you think you’ve found a product that NOBODY knows about, chances are that you’re wrong…!!! the market will probably ALREADY BE FULL of people selling that same product already LONG BEFORE YOU !!! that is called COMPETITION !!!!! therefore you must first analyze THE COMPETITION. you must FIRST FIND THE DEMAND and then immediately offset the demand against the COMPETITION in the market. what i mean is that . . .

a) if the demand for the product/service is HIGH but then competition is also HIGH, then it WONT be easy for you to sell a LOT of that product/service

b) on the other hand, if the demand for the product/service is LOW but then competition is also LOW, then it will be easy for you to sell that product/service (becuz the competition is LOW), but now you will NOT be able to sell a LOT of that product/service (becuz the demand is LOW)
c) if the demand for the product/service is LOW but then competition is HIGH, then you must be a MAD MAN if you are busy trying to sell such kind of a product/service !
d) if the demand for the product/service is HIGH but then competition is LOW, then you have hit GOLD ! you’re going to make BIG SUCCESS !!!

in fact…. first of all the product must be a good seller itself. it must have a solid demand !! but then the competition must be minimal for it. yes.. i know.. this sounds like an oxymoron !! because how can something that has a high demand  have  low competition ???? well.. unfortunately that’s every marketer’s nightmare !! and this is where you have to show your skill and talent in order to succeed despite these given laws of Economics !!!!

you have to find the silver lining between the product’s demand and the competition strength of shops/people who are already selling that product/service. you have to find a segment of the market where you can jump in and FILL THE GAP that other sellers are NOT aware of. you have to look for a segment in the market which only YOU can dominate !! you have to find a segment of the market where people are looking for the product, but they are either not informed enough (less educated) about where exactly to get the product. the way i would do it is to find a segment in the market where people are just in a very limited or awkward position which makes it hard for them to conveniently get access to the product :))) and that’s just ONE example of how i think outside the box !!


the product is in demand already.. that’s what we know for sure… BUT the question is . . . .  is everybody getting it as easily and conveniently as possible ???? if the answer is NO, then that’s where you come in !


there is NO PRODUCT that is available to ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO NEED IT, full stop!!! even the best selling product that’s MOST POPULAR IN THE WORLD it will NOT reach its entire market 100% as you may assume. so there is NO product that has a 100% market penetration ! for example ARV medications are given FREE of CHARGE to HIV positive people in South Africa. i said they are given absolutely FREE of CHARGE !! however out of the Seven Million people who are HIV positive in South Africa, did you know that it is ONLY LESS than TWO Million of them who can get access to these (FREE) ARV medications !!! and there you are..busy thinking that if something is FREE then probably EVERYONE WHO NEEDS IT WOULD ALREADY HAVE IT .. you may even assume that EVERYONE who needs it already has EASY ACCESS to it . . but you’re totally WRONG ! Over FIVE MILLION HIV positive people (an overwhelming MAJORITY) still do NOT have easy and convenient access to these “totally FREE” HIV medications .. even when these medications are available totally FREE of charge !!! Doctors continue to sell these EXACT SAME ARV medications in their surgeries and clinics and they charge between R350 and R500 per month selling something that can be obtained FOR FREE ! the doctors SELL these same ARV medications to people because they (the Doctors) know that NOT everyone can get EASY and CONVENIENT ACCESS to these medications… even when the medications are available FREE of CHARGE !!!


As Economists would put it, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a product to have 100% market penetration !!! even if you GAVE it away to people for FREE !


Just because you have easy access to the product and all your friends and family in your town or in your community can easily buy it, it does NOT mean that everybody ELSE on earth can also easily find and buy the same product as easily as you can :))))


so there’s ALWAYS A MARKET OUT THERE that’s NOT fully serviced !!! i’ll repeat : there’s ALWAYS A MARKET OUT THERE that’s NOT fully serviced !!! there is always a SEGMENT in the MARKET that is NOT yet fully serviced. you just have to know how to carefully identify it, FIND it and PROFIT from it !


The word for this UN-Serviced segment of the market is called a  “NICHE” !!  A niche is an under-serviced market !


If you’re a fish, DON’T come and play in the big water with SHARKS trying to compete with them for food …. you’ll destroy yourself completely !!! Rather spend more of your time trying to research and discover that HIDDEN or UNSEEN place where NOBODY (or very few people) are willing to swim in it …. you will be a KING in that place :)))  Everyone will worship you there.. because you know how to swim there and none of them even know how to stay afloat in that type of water :))) As they say.. in the kingdom of the blind, the ONE-eyed man is KING !!!!


So you’ve found Your Niche !! Spend your time and effort doing Niche Research or Keyword Research as they call it in internet marketing.  Find the “keywords” that describe “what people want” BUT MAKE SURE that thing must be  “what they can’t easily find” !


if you look at how the Chinese people expand and take control of under-serviced markets all over the world, you will understand clearer where i am coming from with this. the Chinese people will leave their country (China) and travel to another poor country (Africa) and when they get there, they will establish shops that provide the poor people in Africa with access to “electronic products” at very cheap prices because authentic/original brand-name electronic products are very expensive. Everybody wants a Hi-Fi system, a Radio or a DVD player, a Smartphone and so forth. Everybody wants a flat screen TV ! The demand for TV’s, DVD players, and Smartphones is VERY HIGH but Not everybody will be able to “buy” these things if it is ONLY original suppliers (like SONY, LG, SAMSUNG) who are selling them. Original brand-name suppliers will NOT normally

supply their products to poor markets, which means that the people living in poor countries such as Africa will be in an “awkward position” because they will be unable to get these products, even if the demand is good


This situation opens up a “niche” because the demand for the product will be good but the supply will be “low”. The chinese man sees this niche !! The Chinese man comes into the market, he brings a “SONYI” hi-fi system, and an “LC” cellular phone, a “SAM-SAM” DVD player, a “SAKYNO” camera, etc !! Even thou these are NOT original brand name products, because the demand for them is good and his price is LOW, so he will STILL SELL a LOT of his products !! A chinese man knows that even thou the big market is in America, there are too many competitors there!! You can’t sell enough if you go and compete with big sharks in America trying to sell an original SONY hi-fi system there. A Chinese man managed to discover that there is ANOTHER PART OF THE WORLD where people are just struggling and desperate to get access to these hi-tech products, a part of the world where people are in an Awkward Situation and unable to easily get access to these products….and that part of the world is the countries in Africa ! That is a big “NICHE” for the Chinese man ! The chinese man has discovered that Africa is a “NICHE MARKET” for him. Africa is a market where big-brand suppliers DONT want to bring their products. The big-brand manufacturers do NOT want to bring their products to Africa because Africa does Not have a lot of buying power as compared to America. So the chinese man has realized that Africa is an “UNDER-SERVICED” market and that the people of Africa are NOT able to get “everything they want” due to the big-brand suppliers NOT being interested in Africa. So the chinese man now travels all the way from China to Africa and he brings LOTS and LOTS of goods and products to Africa, and these products would NEVER be available to Africans if it was Not for the chinese man because big suppliers are Not very interested in bringing their products to poor Africa. Nowadays chinese people dominate Africa in a big way, from small towns to big cities all over Africa, you will find in nearly all shops that the products being sold in the shop are stocked from the warehouse of the Chinese man !!


So in this example above we can learn the following :

a) DO NOT be short-sighted

b) Don’t assume that the REASON people Can’t find something is because it is always UNavailable !! Yes, that could be the reason… but the other TWO hidden reasons could be that the people are NOT Educated/Informed enough to find the product on their own, or they are in an awkward position where it is EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT for them to get access to that product easily !!

c) Once you’ve figured that out (Your Niche!) .. you can pick up any good selling product and you can start promoting it and marketing it to that Special Golden Niche you’ve found !!


However, once again, Don’t just pick up any Hot Selling Product and then immediately FORGET that you have to sell it to your specific niche only… I see many marketers making this mistake countless times. When they get one thing right, they fumble with another part of the plan and they make a big mistake right there !!!


You have to sell your product ONLY to the people in your niche market !!!! If you go and sell that product to EVERYBODY and Anybody Anywhere All Over… then you’ve lost it right there.. you have NOT been reading carefully what I wrote above !! if you sell to EVERYBODY and Anybody Anywhere All Over it means you have now gone into dangerous territory because you’re busy trying to swim with the sharks in their DEEP waters AGAIN !!!  You can’t come and sell that product to  Everybody and Anybody Anywhere as freely as you wish like that because the BIG players in the EVERYBODY MARKET are DOMINATING there!!! You’re gonna ruin your efforts … Nothing is going to work for you !! It will baffle your mind WHY this product is NOT selling while it is such a HOT and WINNING product itself with such a HIGH DEMAND and you have spent so much effort on promoting and marketing it perfectly, but you’ll find that you  Can’t sell even a SINGLE piece of it  :)))) The problem is … = you are NOT selling to your Golden Niche.. you are selling to the WRONG NICHE !!! in fact you are NOT selling TO A NICHE AT ALL . . you’re selling to Everybody and Anybody Anywhere !


Also keep in mind that PRODUCTS themselves are MANY and VARIED …. DON’T sit there and let your mind get locked up on “physical products” only !!!! There are services and a thousand other things that can be sold which are NOT even touchable … Airtime, Vouchers, DSTV subscriptions, Satellite TV on your PC, Software, Registry Cleaners, Tools that claim to make a slow computer run faster, Games, DVDs of Movies and other RARE videos, Guides that claim to Make people Rich, Money-Making Opportunities and Guides, FOREX Classes and FOREX Training Materials, FOREX Coaching Classes, Facial Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Enhancements (Breast/Nose/Face/Bum/etc), Natural Cures (BIG Money Maker!!!), Natural Skin Treatment Products, Natural Skin Treatments/Acne-Clearing METHODS and TRICKS (Big Money!), Secret Guides for achieving PERFECT Skin-Complexion and Skin-Clearing or for achieving Radiant Skin, Teeth Whiteners, Wellness programs and Meditation Services, Lifestyle and Success Coaching and Training Materials, Hypnosis Guides, Business Improvement Services, Website Development Services, Website Improvement Services (SEO), Teaching a dog how to obey your instructions, Managing the growth of children, Improving your health, Wealth & Investments, Guides on Improving your Relationships, Guides that teach how to approach Girls, Guides that teach how to find a Man, a girlfriend, Guides that teach how to Speak in Public, etc, etc….there are THOUSANDS of things that you can sell but which are NOT really physical products…. there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of them and people are looking for these things, especially things that fall within the Health, Wealth and Relationships space :)) Those 3 are EVER-GREEN markets : Anything that is HEALTH-related, WEALTH_or_MONEY-related and ANYTHING RELATED to RELATIONSHIPS


As an example, there is a recruitment company called “e-Merge” based in Sandton, Johannesburg. This recruitment company will pay you a commission of plus minus R4000 a piece for a SINGLE successful referral. All you have to do is to send them professionals who are looking for a job and who are competent. When this recruitment company successfully places this person into a job, you get your commission in cash (four thousand rand) simple as that !! Imagine if you now start to run your own marketing campaigns and tell people that you have LOTS of jobs on offer !! When people contact you, you can then send these people only a “skimmed copy” of the job description that you copied straight from e-Merge website and you remove/skim-out the eMerge logos & remove the eMerge name from the job description. Or you can ask the person what kind of job he/she’s specifically looking for and then find a “matching” job for him at eMerge .. a job that matches his skills


Then you can tell the person to go for his interview at eMerge and tell him that he must mention that he was referred by “You” if he wants to be accepted for the interview :)) Or you could simply mention to him that the interview team is very busy at the moment and they take only few candidates, and that if he mentions to them that he was referred by you they will give him a preferential spot “this week” and put him at the front of the queue because there is a long queue currently. By the way, this is NOT about trying to “avoid anything” or to “cheat somebody” or to cheat eMerge at all or even to HIDE anything at all ! This is about making sure that your referrals are handled “properly” and that you ACCOUNT for all the referrals you send so that YOU GET ADEQUATELY REWARDED for EACH and EVERYONE of them! eMerge will NEVER really cheat you if you’ve referred people to them, because you WILL KNOW when the person has been placed successfully into a job and you will simply take the matter up directly with eMerge since that person you referred is “indeed your referral” and the commission MUST BE PAID TO YOU AS PER AGREEMENT. e-Merge will only be glad to work further with someone like you because they can get to make more money through your referrals


Yes, e-Merge makes more money than you in the recruitment/placement process, but again they do more work than you. When the person gets placed into a job, e-Merge will know that you were the referrer and you get paid your R4000 for referring that person. It’s in the agreement you sign with e-Merge and you are a referral partner. Since the people you refer are presumably “your friends” or “your people” e-Merge has NO way of trying to hide the fact that they have been placed and that you were their referrer. Your commission is due for ALL THOSE PEOPLE because you hunted for those people yourself and you talked to the people BEFORE e-Merge could even know about them. e-Merge only manages to meet these people for the interview and the placement process AFTER you have decided to REFER these people to e-Merge, so I can’t see how e-Merge would even be able to hide “anything” from you about these people or what happened to them eventually. You will know everything because you can surely STILL contact these people anytime and ask them about what happened, whether they were successfully placed, etc. These people that you refer do NOT know that you are earning a commission on them at all whatsoever, and even if they did manage to know, it is really none of their business as far as they are concerned. they do NOT pay for the interview or pay e-Merge for anything that happens in the process of them getting the job. they do NOT buy the job or pay any briberies or special/secret payments to e-Merge or to anyone for that matter. so it is immaterial to them whether you earn a commission out of referring them or Not. all that matters to them is the fact that you’ve HELPED THEM TO FIND THAT JOB and they have No idea that when they DO GET THAT JOB you would be paid a commission (so it’s a win-win!!)


this is in the SAME way that when you yourself go to a recruitment agency to look for a job you may or may NOT know that they are earning some commission out of placing you, but that’s probably one of the MOST IRRELEVANT  things for you because from YOUR SIDE you’re only interested in GETTING THE JOB duh !! So the people you refer to e-Merge as a referral partner still “need the job” and the job is still in your hands in as far as they can see in this whole process ! because these job seekers they do NOT know that you’re an agent or middleman for the e-Merge recruitment company :)) e-Merge handles all the backend work and operations (interviews, placement, etc). you do Not run any recruitment company yourself, you do Not meet or interview all these people. You do NOT incur any business-related expenses or headaches or deal with any such things. You are merely helping e-Merge to run their business by sending them relevant job-seekers and when the candidates that were referred by you get placed you earn your commission and it’s NOT a small commission, R4000 is a BIG COMMISSION guys ! You could run your show quietly from a mere cellphone and you are able to work while you’re driving on the highway. These people call you when they see your marketing campaigns (when they see your ads) and when they hit can immediately refer them to e-Merge and tell them that they must mention that they were referred by you. You can collect a couple of details about the caller so that you can later correlate your records to know who was referred during the month and who was placed. You can even call the people at month-end and find out if they got placed and since they know you, they will “thank you” for your assistance.. and your commission is due on all the candidates that are placed, R4000 for each.. simple as that! e-Merge currently has over 640 different positions open on their website and available on a monthly basis. If you really do many referrals and you were just referring 20 – 30 junior job seekers per month for the typical mundane and “easy to get jobs” you could easily collect R75 000 per month ! A referral activity where you’re paid R4000 per referral is pretty high guys… and you’re NOT referring people to go and **BUY PRODUCTS** from this eMerge company or that they must now go and PAY MEMBERSHIP FEES to e-Merge or that they must go and JOIN some INVESTMENT or PAYMENT GROUP or that they must go to PAY ANYTHING AT ALL !! You are referring people who are actually “job seekers” duh !! and these people are “desperate” to find a job themselves in the FIRST PLACE! these are people who are themselves already “looking for WHAT you are offering them” duh !!! … these people are Not a passive crowd of people who must “be invited” to come and see a certain opportunity and then they must be **sold-in on the idea** ! you are SELLING NOTHING at all to them ! The people you are referring are people who are “already in the market looking for job/employment opportunities themselves on their own !!!


When I initially shared this idea with another lady, she commented on it in a negative way by saying to me  “what if the people Don’t want the jobs”??. Well my answer to her was this . . . if you’ve ever known what it’s like to LOOK FOR A JOB yourself, you will STOP doubting whether job seekers are desperate or NOT.


So we’re NOT talking about MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING or PRODUCTS that must be paid for and you must then sell something to these people and all that crap !


And imagine a commission of R4000 for referring job seekers many of whom subsequently get placed. The market for job-seekers seems to be a never-ending one because a person can get into a job through your referral and then 5 months later he can leave that job and again through your referral go via e-Merge to get another job at another company and you just keep earning from him continuously. Direct from e-Merge themselves, this is what it says in their offer :


In an attempt to source good calibre Candidates for an ABUNDANCE of positions we currently have, e-Merge is offering between R2500 and R5000 CASH for an introduction to a Candidate we manage to secure a position for. Feel free to pass this message on as the offer is valid to anyone introducing a candidate to us.


Sweeeeeeeeet 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sooooooooooooooo as you can read it above for yourself, the offer is actually even sweeter than I’ve been pimping it to you so far. you can even negotiate with e-Merge for a higher payout if you’re sending them regular business.. you could even ask them straight out for the R5000 payout level “per referral” if you really feel that you’re bringing them good business and that they should bump up your payout :))) 6 candidates at 3 and a half (R3500) each that would be R21,000 for you right there !! Find six people who are looking for a job and refer them to eMerge so they can try some of the jobs that are available at e-Merge and when they get placed you score *thousands* out of EACH one of them… paid to you in CASH !!! Another way to put it.. if out of 20 referrals you made this month 6 of the candidates go on to get placed you hit R21 000 !


Imagine if you just sat there the whole day full time and you pushed over 100 referrals a month (with a girl/lady that handles all your incoming telephone calls on your cellphone to help the callers and do the referrals and the tracking for you!!)…. Who said you must sit there and answer calls from job seekers yourself and tell them to go for job interviews at e-Merge ??? Who said you must do all this yourself?? Who said so ???  =  Nobody ! Haha…. now that would be more like “thinking outside the box” !! With 100 referrals per month and 27 of the candidates getting placed at R3.5k each referral . . . I don’t want to write the possibilities here guyz !!! Just think and think…. Ok ! Imagine now working with “other recruiters” besides e-Merge and pushing 100’s of candidates left, right, and center amongst all your recruitment partners and doing 400 to 450 referrals a month across multiple recruitment partners, clearing 70 – 80 placements per month!! i hope you can start to see the BIG potential here ! you could soar way beyond the R100k per month threshold, and actually way beyond R200k pm ! You could negotiate an even “higher payout” for certain high-profile candidates you introduce to e-Merge (higher than R5k).. but let’s NOT talk about that right now.


Where the FUCK are you going to find these professionals who are looking for jobs ?? Well, the sky is the limit, let your imagination RUN WILD. The question you should be asking is : How does eMerge themselves get these professionals ????? Get out there an post some ads on classifieds websites (Gumtree, JunkMail, JobMail, OLX), but DON’T just stop there, go global (, PNET, CareerJunction, etc) . . and DON’T even stop there, get on LinkedIn and go premium, MAKE CONTACT with these professionals there on LinkedIn and GIVE THEM JOBS duh !!


In this opportunity, you are essentially running your OWN recruitment (job referral) company in Johannesburg without an Office, Rent, Overheads, Employees, Admin Costs, and even without interviewing these job seekers at all or meeting up with them (NO Direct Work, No Admin, just REFERRALS and you make up to Five Grand PER REFERRAL!!) . . and the people/job-seekers you refer DON’T have to BUY NOTHING FROM YOU or PAY ANYTHING TO ANYBODY when they get to eMerge . . now compare this with someone who is trying to REFER people to some gimmick FOREX trading course in Sandton where the people being referred HAVE TO PAY R3700 for a BASIC PACKAGE and then they later have to pay a further whooping R15 000 for the trading software!! You can guess that it’ll NEVER work !! Or you can also compare this with someone who is trying to convince people to join those Multi-Level Networking programs such as HERBALIFE and FOREVER LIVING with endless Levels and Reward Programs, etc . . but it all BLOWS UP when you have to BEG PEOPLE for their MONEY or when you start telling them HOW MUCH MONEY they should PUT IN to BUY SHAKES, HEALTH DRINKS, ALOE VERA Bottles, etc . . again . . it DOESN’T work hey !! Alright, I believe I’ve said more than enough on this example …. I need to finish with this article in the next 3 paragraphs.


Soooo…. continuing on the topic of “what products or services” you should sell, as you can see for yourself, there is REALLY PLENTY of PRODUCTS & SERVICES out there.  THERE IS PLENTY !!!!


Have you even taken time recently to look at the ClickBank marketplace ? For some reason thousands of marketers seem to mistakenly assume that ClickBank is an eBook shop ! Maybe because they look at the top few products on ClickBank and then they prematurely shy away from ClickBank quickly afterwards. Do you even know that you can “run your car on water” ?? Do you even know that you can  create your own electricity  to supply your entire home/house with FREE power endlessly ? Do you know that you can  create your own water supply to supply your entire home/house with FREE water endlessly ?  Do you even know that you can fit a catalytic converter on your car and run your car on the same amount of fuel yet travel for 9 times the distance !!! All these things/products/solutions/services are available there in ClickBank. And as you may guess, the MORE subversive and controversial the product is, the MORE it will sell, because people ALWAYS have this deep inner belief that there is a CONSPIRACY in the world to STOP them from discovering some HIDDEN truths ! :):):):) u should go out there and PROFIT from ALL these controversial and subversive products, services, solutions and ideas !!! 🙂 🙂


Go check the products in ClickBank again, check them carefully this time, Don’t be lazy, check them out 1 by 1… go deep!! Check at LEAST 700 of them before you give up (spend the whole day if you have to.. just sit there and look at the products/offers and relax..just look at them as if you’re shopping for something you Don’t know or something you have NEVER seen). You’ll end up coming across such a LOAD OF STRANGE PRODUCTS and offers you’ll be surprised what’s OUT THERE IN THE WORLD and ALREADY in the market that you DIDN’T even anticipate or imagine to be existent !!!


I guarantee you that you’ll be surprised at the end of the day !! You’ll be impressed about what’s in there and you’ll be truly impressed at what YOU CAN SELL !!!!   Lots of stuff !!!!!


Some of the offers as soon as you see them you’ll FEEL it right there and then and you’ll KNOW IT that this product is going to sell for me like wild fire when I market it !!! You’ll know that this product is going to make me money cuz I’ve been looking for something just like this !


Imagine selling to people something that allows them to  run their car on water !!! No more petrol/diesel costs for your car …. Do you think the whole world  “knows how to do that” ?? Do you think anybody can easily get information and knowledge on how to  “do something like that” ??? I don’t think so !!! Even if there are other people selling it already, I don’t think the POTENTIAL MARKET OUT THERE has even been scratched at all :)))


Products, services and ideas are many and varied guyz, and there’s so many which are GOOD and STRONG with a LOT OF POTENTIAL, but Nobody is really marketing these products at all !! This is in the same way that the South African government is giving away FREE ARV medications to HIV positive people, but STILL these medications (FREE as they are) . . they STILL do NOT even reach ENOUGH of the people WHO NEED THESE MEDICATIONS for their SURVIVAL to SAVE THEIR LIVES !!! People STILL die from TB due to a LACK of CONVENIENT ACCESS to FREE Life-Saving medication !!! Can you BELIEVE this ????????? So, when you look at the products, services and ideas that are listed on ClickBank, you must keep in mind that the market is yet to be fully exploited !!!!


So once again … stop locking up your mind thinking about a product as if it must always be something that you can HOLD in your Hands or Eat in your mouth !!!!! There are endless services, ideas and offers that even exceed physical products in their numbers if you were to sit down and count them all ! That’s why sometimes I prefer to use the word “offer” instead of the word product/service. There are  LOTS of offers  in all the affiliate networks, Not just in ClickBank. ClickBank is Nothing man.. when you compare it with the products/offers you can get from ALL the other affiliate networks out there… there’s LOTS of stuff out there guyz!!!


Have you looked at  ?? NO you haven’t! :)) You’ll be buried deep in the sand by the number of offers available there on !! man it’s A MAMMOTH of offers in there !!!!! Too Many.. over a hundred thousand !!! You’ll be shocked at some of the things that are on offer in there. Some vendors sell some really crazy things :))) Have you even spent some time just browsing around on eBay ( ??? I don’t even want to start talking about eBay… there’s over 1 million different kinds of products on eBay!!! That’s an unbelievable number of products!!! When i first discovered that eBay has over 1 million DIFFERENT kinds of products & services, I did NOT want to believe it.. i thought they MUST BE LYING.. becuz that’s a rather HUMONGOUS number of products in 1 place. I couldn’t even imagine what could be HIDDEN DEEP in there at the bottom of a list of 1 million products :)))


Have you been on at all ??? There’s truck loads of offers and products on Amazon.. you Can’t even count how many items are actually on their inventory!!!! It seems like a bottomless pit once you ACTUALLY start to look at the products available on Amazon and you begin to research them


Have you looked around on . . .


There’s a product to service ANY KIND of need you can conceive (the product is ALREADY somewhere out there waiting!)


Nowadays you DON’T have to re-invent the wheel or to come up with anything unique or anything new to the world at all !!! STOP thinking that way right now if your mind is leading you down that path… STOP thinking that good products can only be something hidden or something secretive that the world does Not know about.. bla-bla-bla… :))) You’re probably just deceiving yourself with that mindset. I’ve been there and I’ve once fooled myself with that very same mindset !!! If you’ve read carefully what I said above, you’ll recall that I said a good product is one that sells well and that’s got a solid demand !!! How can a product that’s unknown or secretive have a solid demand ??? How can it even sell well with No ONE really knowing anything about it ?? There is absolutely NO NEED to REINVENT the wheel or try to come up with some obscure totally new ideas or super-unique products and offers ! You’ll find genuine top selling products right under your nose by simply doing your Product Research as already advised above. You probably haven’t taken the time to do some Product/Offer research !!!!! start looking at many products & offers as if you’re a customer.. and Look Deep when u do so !!! Do your product research ! Do your offer research ! Do your research on offers ! Research offers ! Research offers ! Research offers ! AND . . Research more offers !


Research your products/offers >> Research your Niche >> Sell to the Niche !


I believe I’ve laid it on the line.. and I hope I have said enough… thank you for taking time to READ my Looooooooong and detailed boring articles !!!


Armed with my hand-written detailed piece of information above, I pray that God bless you in ALL your endeveours henceforth until the DAY you see SUCCESS right in your FACE ! Amen !!


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