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Emotional Control and Refusal to Acknowledge GREED

if i give you THREE things to do and i tell you to do
Number 1 – Check the News
Number 2 – Check the Trends , and
Number 3 – Set the Indicators
DONT go and do  1 , 3 , 2  and try to tell me that it’s the SAME thing  as 1 , 2 , 3 !!
. . it is  **NOT** the same thing !!!  1 , 3, and 2  is  **NOT**  the SAME thing as  1 , 2 , 3  ok !!!
DONT go and do  2 , 3 , 1  and try to tell me that it’s still the SAME thing as 1, 2, 3 !! . . it is NOT the same thing !
DONT go and do  3 , 2 , 1  and try to tell me that it’s still the SAME thing as 1, 2, 3 !! . . it is NOT the same thing !
DONT go and do  3 , 1 , 2  and try to tell me that it’s still the SAME thing as 1, 2, 3 !! . . it is NOT the same thing !
you MUST FUCKIN DO EXACTLY  1 , 2 and 3 as i gave it to you, Not 3, 1, and 2 . . ok !

if i tell you to place a trade when the CURRENT CANDLE CLOSES or when the NEXT CANDLE OPENS . . do NOT FUCKIN place the trade unless the CURRENT CANDLE **HAS** CLOSED or unless the NEXT CANDLE **HAS** OPENED  as i told you !

if i tell you to WAIT for a certain pattern or to wait for a certain signal to appear on the chart BEFORE you place a trade, do NOT place any FUCKING TRADES ***UNTIL*** the signal is CLEARLY VISIBLE in front of your eyes on the chart ! i DONT fucking CARE HOW LONG it takes for the signal to show up, or whether it takes 30 minutes or 3 hours for the signal to show up, if you DO NOT CLEARLY SEE the signal that i instructed you to look out for, then do NOT place any FUCKING anxious TRADES driven by your IMPULSE !

the OPPOSITE of EMOTIONAL control and IMPULSE control is a trait known as GREED . . which ironically is the VERY trait that MOST TRADERS  are **IN DENIAL**  about ! every fucking asshole trader believes that “he is NOT greedy”, especially the desperate ones !! as soon as they hear the word “greed” they start to imagine some rich guy with a cohiban ciggar in his hand who makes one million dollars per month and who WANTS to make a FURTHER 2 million dollars per month ! they see this situation as GREED becuz they relatively compare this rich guy to their personal broke-ass personal situation. so they then immediately associate GREED with WEALTH, and this is so friggen WRONG ! GREEED has NOTHING to do with WEALTH, it’s also got fuck all to do with RICH people! just because someone is RICH and he is trying to make MORE MONEY it does **NOT** mean that he is GREEEEDY !!! GREED has everything to do with DESPERATION ! a RICH person, even if he wants to make MORE MONEY, he does NOT do it out of DESPERATION, therefore he is unlikely to be GREEDY. it is in fact the DESPERATE broke-ass people who are GREEDY, these DESPERATE broke-ass people have a HIGH propensity to be GREEDY. the MORE desperate you are to MAKE MONEY, the LESS emotional control you have, and the MORE IMPULSIVE you are in your actions, and it is TIME to ADMIT this trait ONCE and for ALL . . i’m talking to ALL of you fucking greedy asshole traders ! the MORE IMPULSIVE you are => the more ****GREEDY**** you are !! the foundation of GREED stems out of DESPERATION (to make money) and results in a lack of emotional control !

SIT your ass back on that chair and KEEP LOOKING at the fucking CHART ! that’s what they mean when they say you must be PATIENT . . they mean that you must SIT on your chair and KEEP LOOKING at that fucking CHART  **until** the signal / pattern you’re looking for is VIVIDLY VISIBLE to you on the chart, be it a STRIKE RATE or an INDICATOR or whatever other signal or pattern you are waiting for !! you are NOT GOING to make ANY FUCKING MONEY by acting anxious or by being IMPULSIVE on placing trades . . you’re ONLY going to LOSE YOUR FUCKING MONEY, period ! that is WHY the broker NEVER worries about the possibility of TOO MANY people/traders WINNING because he (the broker) knows that ALL OF YOU fucking asshole traders are SUFFERING from the IMPULSE disease (greed) and NONE of you are willing to RECOGNIZE this disease and ACKNOWLEDGE it !

i am happy to place 3 trades PER DAY and WIN on all three of them. but i know that some other greedy asshole trader out there is busy the WHOLE FUCKING DAY placing 25 to 30 trades per day (telling himself that he is a “full-time trader”) and he loses 13 trades out of 25, ending his day with a 47% success, meaning that he did NOT make ANY PROGRESS . . he did NOT MAKE ANY MONEY and he in fact RISKED more than HALF of his money (he risked 53% of his money on his 25 trades) and he ended his day with a NETT LOSS ! out of my 3 trades, when i win 2 trades and lose ONE trade i still achieve a 66% WIN RATE for that day and i end my day with a PROFIT, but the anxious/impulsive asshole trader out there BUSY ALL DAY LONG placing 25 – 30 trades per day . . his end of day situation is still FAR WORSE than mine with his 47% nett loss becuz he ends his day with a LOSS despite being SO BUSY the whole fucking day placing dozens of trades !

Traits of an ASSHOLE LOSER trader
1. He thinks trading is a DAILY activity where u wake up in the morning and you START trading the WHOLE day placing as MANY trades as you can **SO THAT YOU MAKE MONEY AT THE END OF THE DAY**

2. In other words he thinks that trading is like working in a factory where you are supposed to load 100 boxes per day into a truck and finish the day with a CERTAIN predefined target !!

3. He sets DAILY targets such as “i want to make $200 today” or “i want to make $200 PER DAY”

4. He wants to trade EVERY FUCKING DAY like a robot or like a machine because he thinks that he will make MORE MONEY by trading MORE REGULARLY in a mechanical/robotic style, basically the same shit-thinking as on number 1 above. he thinks that trading is like a DAILY factory job to make a certain predefined DAILY income so he goes around saying that his goal is to make **an average of $250 per day**. He totally fails to conceive that he can make/reach the SAME AMOUNT OF MONTHLY INCOME without trading EVERY FUCKIN DAY ! and WITHOUT making AN AVERAGE of $250 or an average of ANYTHING PER DAYYYY !!! there is NO need for you to make an AVERAGE AMOUNT OF MONEY PER DAY becuz as a trader you’re NOT a fucking Chinese factory worker hired to load 100 boxes into the back of a fucking truck PER DAY, therefore you have NO business worrying about AVERAGE INCOME PER DAY or setting a DAILY TARGET !!

5. If the chart he is looking at does NOT show the pattern/signal he is waiting for, he LOSES PATIENCE after ONE hour, gets bored and starts to become anxious/impulsive and asks himself  “WHEN am i going to place a trade??” . . . . ONCE AGAIN becuz he is in an anxious/impulsive mood to PLACE TRADES and MAKE SOME predefined amount of money/profit **per day**, he falls into the EXACT same shit-thinking trap again as per number 1 above ! He starts placing MYSTERIOUS and unreasonable trades being pushed by his eagerness/impulse to MAKE SOME MONEY FOR TODAY, whereas he is in fact about to LOSE ALL his fuckin little money that he started the day with !

6. He thinks that PLACING TRADES is the way to make money . . he does NOT AT ALL believe that PLACING CONFIRMED/WELL-SELECTED TRADES is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than just PLACING TRADES

7. He thinks that he is WASTING TIME by looking at charts for an HOUR without taking ANY ACTION . . especially when 45 minutes of HIS PRECIOUS TIME goes by without him being able to SPOT the EXACT PATTERN or signal he is waiting to see

8. He thinks that if he did NOT PLACE a SINGLE trade for the ENTIRE DAY then he has WASTED HIS PRECIOUS TIME for that DAY . . becuz he is  **STILL** locked inside the BOX of thinking that the PLACING OF TRADES during a certain TIME PERIOD of the DAY is the KEY to profit, while the truth of the matter is that PROFIT only comes from WELL-SELECTED WINNING TRADES, even if you are placing ONLY THREE TRADES **PER DAY** at stupidly ODD TIMES of the day

9. He will think that i am WRONG or that i am MIS-CALCULATING when i NOW tell him that ONE FUCKING TRADE PER DAY, which is a GUARANTEED WINNING TRADE, even if it takes you 4 hours to get the CONFIRMATION/ASSURANCE for TAKING that trade, starting with only $10, can generate a whooping $338 820 for him in the NEXT 30 days . . yep, starting with only a measly $10 and adding NO FURTHER MONEY ALONG THE WAY . . all you would have put in from your pocket is the INITIAL TEN dollars alone . . executing ONLY ONE confirmed/assured trade (ONE WINNING TRADE PER DAY). Due to the TIME and PATIENCE you PUT INTO THAT ONE FUCKING TRADE PER DAY . . you eventually manage to do 30 WINS in a row taking the whole month to reach these 30 wins in a row (ONE WIN **PER DAY**, 100% win rate but ONLY ONE well-selected trade **PER DAY**) . . i guarantee you that $10 grows to $330 000+ in just 30 days with only ONE FUCKING TRADE PER DAY . . as long as that trade is a WINNING TRADE !! friends . . you can take your own fucking calculator and do the arithmetic yourself to confirm this ! start with $10 and see for yourself what that $10 would become if you BET that WHOLE $10 on an assured/guaranteed winning trade PER DAY, and the next day you again bet your ENTIRE balance without putting A DOLLAR, a RAND, a DIME or a CENT **EXTRA** on your initial $10 . . that FUCKING TIME and PATIENCE you put into mastering a way to hit just that SINGLE WINNING (**and ONLY**) TRADE PER DAY takes  $10  and turns it into  $388 000 in 30 dayyyyys !!!! heck you could STOP on the 20th day with 20 wins in a row and you’d be walking away with a whooping $8 300 when ALL you  **EVER** put in out of your own pocket was STILL that initial $10 nineteen days ago !!! why people DONT see this ?? . . i DONT know ! heck you can afford to START THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN from the beginning (TRY AGAIN) when you fail . . you can TRY TEN MORE times and still your total spend would still be $100 (R1400) . . you can even try TWENTY TIMES to achieve your 20 to 30 wins in a row and STILL your total spend would be a measly R2800 !! ALL you want to do is to get those FUCKING TWENTY WINS in a ROW (nothings else) ! with 20 wins in a row that’s when a measly $10 (R140) turns into $8 300 = R107 000 on the 20th DAY –or to say it more STRICTLY “on the 20th trade R140 turns into R107 000” becuz u DONT even **have** to place a trade **EVERY** FUCKIN DAY) !!! u cud SKIP some days and have your 20 wins in a row spread over a 34-day or a 37-day period. and if it is 30 WINS in a ROW (TEN further wins above 20 wins) then that same fucking initial $10 (R140) now turns into FIVE MILLION RAND ($388 000), you’re a FUCKING MULTI-Millionnaire in 30 days (in THIRTY trades), period !! with 30 wins in a row . . you’re an absolute Millionnaire! why people DONT get this???.. i really DONT know ! i mean who CARES about LOSING TIME or LOSING 30 days once you’ve perfected a way to hit ONE (ONLY ONE!!) GUARANTEED WINNING TRADE PER DAY ?? and **ALL** you’ve ever risked/spent out of your own pocket in that ENTIRE 30 days (or 20 days) was your measly initial  $10 (R140) lunch box money !



friends, in closing, i would like to invite you to take a FULL 2 MINUTES out of your fucking precious time and just stare/look at the FIVE pictures below and then i want you try to place yourself into ONE of these FIVE pictures (from an HONEST perspective) . . do you see YOURSELF in one of these FIVE pictures below ??? from looking at these pictures below . . do you see what is happening to you RIGHT NOW at this moment and what “that thing / that ghost / that phantom” that’s elusively controlling your mind could become of YOU tomorrow ??? get OFF that roller-coaster “gold-rush” impulse; say goodbye to irrational impatience, say No to GREED and SPEED . . . and make the CALL right now to take the ROAD less-traveled by the masses. friend . . the binary options BROKER **knew** your mental-disease the moment you walked-in at the door and you’re in DENIAL to acknowledge that you are SUFFERING from this disease . . No wonder the broker is smiling all the way to the bank EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH with your money in his pocket . . while you end your day/week/month TRAGICALLY NO MATTER HOW HARD you try 🙁  you will NOT acknowledge your GREED, and it is the foundation for your IMPULSIVE behaviour!!! since you are NOT willing to acknowledge this greed, you are therefore NOT going to break out of its chains ! you are going to sink DEEPER and DEEPER into it 🙁 🙁

wishing all of you Good Luck on your new journey to Success 🙂 🙂  yours in Love ❤️❤️ –Tebogo Motlhale–


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