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My question to Microbiologists

If I were to ask the current leading scientists about reaching the HIV reservoirs, my question to them would be as follows :

Why can’t we use HIV itself as a transport mechanism to reach all places where HIV hides and DESTROY it completely from EVERYWHERE it is hiding in an infected person’s blood. For example, why Don’t we make a dormant version (non-infectious form) of the virus, which is something fairly easy that we have done thousands of times with the so-called VACCINES that we have all over the show. Once we have this non-infectious or dormant HIV, we simply load it with bombs and all sorts of self-destruction and sabotage chemicals and then we inject [let’s say about 60 billion or more of these armed dormant HIV virons] into the infected person’s blood. Since the virus will do what it is genetically meant to do, it will quickly reach ALL the places where it wants to reach, thinking that it is infecting these places (blood cells in your body) while in fact upon arrival the guns of sabotage and self-destruction that are attached to the dormant HIV viron(s) would immediately FIRE UP, causing an explosion and destruction of the entire infected cell. In other words, why Don’t we use HIV itself to hunt out HIV in a person’s blood, to reach wherever it is hiding and to ultimately CURE and ERADICATE it completely from the person’s body in all its hiding places ???? Anyway it is just an idea I thought up one day as I was busy thinking deep about HIV and its mystery of being an incurable disease.


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