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My question to Microbiologists

If I were to ask the current leading scientists about reaching the HIV reservoirs, my question to them would be as follows :

Why can’t we use HIV itself as a transport mechanism to reach all places where HIV hides and DESTROY it completely from EVERYWHERE it is hiding in an infected person’s blood. For example, why Don’t we make a dormant version (non-infectious form) of the virus, which is something fairly easy that we have done thousands of times with the so-called VACCINES that we have all over the show. Once we have this non-infectious or dormant HIV, we simply load it with bombs and all sorts of self-destruction and sabotage chemicals and then we inject [let’s say about 60 billion or more of these armed dormant HIV virons] into the infected person’s blood. Since the virus will do what it is genetically meant to do, it will quickly reach ALL the places where it wants to reach, thinking that it is infecting these places (blood cells in your body) while in fact upon arrival the guns of sabotage and self-destruction that are attached to the dormant HIV viron(s) would immediately FIRE UP, causing an explosion and destruction of the entire infected cell. In other words, why Don’t we use HIV itself to hunt out HIV in a person’s blood, to reach wherever it is hiding and to ultimately CURE and ERADICATE it completely from the person’s body in all its hiding places ???? Anyway it is just an idea I thought up one day as I was busy thinking deep about HIV and its mystery of being an incurable disease.

HIV Research Part 1 – the Anthology


One of my currently-active areas of research is the disease of HIV and AIDS. There are over 34 Million people worldwide that are infected with the HIV virus. Six million of them are from South Africa alone ! With SIX million, South Africa is the number ONE country in the world with the HIGHEST number of infected people.


My method for dealing with HIV appears at the END of this article at the very bottom. If you HATE long stories or you are illiterate and you just hate reading,  or you’re the type of person who just wants to jump STRAIGHT into the solution without taking time to understand THE PROBLEM, you can skip over to my method for dealing with HIV, you can simply Click Here to go there. But I would encourage you to STILL come back here to read my full story about HIV below. Don’t EVERRRR try to solve a PROBLEM that you do NOT fully understand ! As Albert Einstein once said… “if I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only the last five minutes finding the solution”  . . now that was a GENIUS speaking those words!! He had obviously learned a BIG lesson from his previous stupid mistakes that he had committed.


Just to give you an idea of how bad South Africa’s infection situation is, the number TWO country in the world is Nigeria. Nigeria has 120 Million people living in their country, but South Africa has less than HALF of Nigeria’s population. In South Africa we only have 50 Million people in the country, and out of 50 Million people, over SIX million are infected with HIV !!! In Nigeria, like I said they have a population of 120 million people, but only 3 million people are infected with HIV. So Nigeria is the number TWO country in the world with the highest number of people infected. If you can do a little bit of Mathematics with me, you will now understand the next statement I am going to make. With a population of 120 million people, Nigeria (number 2) has only 3 million people infected, but South Africa (number 1) with only 50 million people (half of Nigeria’s population), has over SIX Million infections (twice the number of infections) !!! This means South Africa (number 1) is 4 times WORSE than number 2 (Nigeria) !!! I Don’t even want to compare South Africa to number 3 and 4 or the other countries in the world because clearly South Africa’s situation on HIV is just bad – bad – bad !!! If number one is 400% worse than number 2, that says a mouthful !


Many of the HIV-infected people are on the path of suffering from a horrible life-threatening syndrome known as AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome).


While I would like to openly acknowledge the fact that the doctors in America and in other parts of the world are working hard to find a cure for this disease, I am NOT convinced about their progress as well as their overall approach and methods that they are using to find the cure. I am **NOT** happy !! I repeat . . I am NOT happy at all with the progress they are making on their research as well as the methods they use.


With the current ARV medicines, anyone who is taking ARV treatment can put the HIV disease under control for a LONG time, and I am happy about this, but my worry is that we have known about this disease for almost 40 years now, and we STILL do NOT want to come up with a CURE for it !!! This is very absurd.


At the current bleeding edge of research, doctors in first world countries are pursuing the use of synthetic medicines and chemicals in an effort to come up with a cure. They take for EVERRRRRRRRR and EVER working in laboratories testing various kinds of synthetic materials and chemicals. Yes, they could ultimately come up with a way to totally cure this HIV thing in a person’s body using their synthetic materials, chemicals and methods, but I am really NOT convinced guys ! Something is NOT right. I will explain my observations to you vividly in FULL DETAIL later below, and I will make you SEE vividly with your Eyes and Mind what I see happening, but I will tell you now that . . we are NOT doing it right !!


When I looked into the current 4-phase drugs (the latest ARV HAART drugs in use today) which are used to treat HIV, I came to learn that these drugs interfere with the HIV virus at various stages of its lifecycle. I’m talking about


a) Fusion Inhibitors

b) Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI)

c) Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTI) , and

d) Protease Inhibitors


Fusion Inhibitors are drugs designed to STOP the virus from ENTERING (“fusing”) into your blood cell to infect it. It blocks the virus from entering on the OUTSIDE of your cell, so the virus NEVER even manages to enter into your cell from the outside of your cell. Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI) are drugs designed to STOP a virus that has ALREADY entered your blood cell..they STOP the virus from attaching itself to the DNA in your blood cell and becoming part of the cell’s DNA. The word “Nucleoside” in this drug means that the drug blocks the attachment-point (Nucleoside) that HIV needs to attach itself perfectly to the DNA inside your blood cell. The NRTI drug interferes with the virus by deliberately sitting on one of the attachment-points, thereby blocking the virus from being able to use that attachment-point, so the virus will NOT be able to perfectly attach itself on all the attachment-points it needs in order to be able to ENTER your blood cell, if only ONE of the TWO required attachment-points is MISSING on your blood cell, the HIV virus will NOT be able to enter your blood cell, it needs BOTH of these attachment-points (CD4 and CCR5) on the outside of your cell in order to successfully ENTER into your blood cell. When ANY of the required attachment-points is MISSING, this leaves the virus in a badly “crippled” and “confused” state whereby it will NOT be able to find a way into your blood cell. Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTI) are similar to the NRTI’s, so they are also drugs designed to STOP a virus that has ALREADY entered your blood cell..they STOP the virus from attaching itself to the DNA in your blood cell, but UNLIKE the NRTI, the NNRTI drug blocks an ENZYME which is part of the virus and is used by the virus to re-shape the virus RNA into a well-fitting-shape that will FIT perfectly when it attaches itself onto the DNA in your blood cell, so the NNRTI drug blocks that ENZYME from doing its RNA re-shaping job. This again leaves the virus in a very “crippled” and “confused” state whereby it will NEVER manage to complete its evil work. Protease Inhibitors on the other hand are drugs designed to STOP the virus that has ALREADY entered the cell and it has also already managed to attach itself to the DNA in your blood cell, the protease inhibitor drug will STOP that virus from MAKING BABIES / CHILDREN and sending those baby-viruses OUT of the cell to go out into your blood to infect your OTHER clean uninfected cells in your blood. It will STOP the virus from SPREADING by locking the virus inside the already infected cell.  That’s it ! I am NOT going to confuse you with any more detail on this ! You either understand what I just said , or else just leave it alone because then it’s NOT for you , so let us move on now ? ?


I must say these drugs do a fairly decent job of fighting HIV. They are very innovative and they use a very noble idea. These drugs can lower the viral load in a person’s blood to less than 50 copies per milliliter of blood, rendering the virus “undetectable” and that is pretty good. But guys, listen here . .




I hate the idea of keeping the viral load undetectable FOR LIFE inside a person’s body ! What kind of idea is this ????? It is frustrating to know that you are controlling the virus and keeping it so low that it is practically UNDETECTABLE, but you are told that you have to KEEP taking the drugs for the REST of your LIFE because if you STOP taking the drugs the virus [which is UNDETECTABLE] will wake up from some other secret place where it is hiding in your body and come back into your blood to kill you !!! With a situation like that, you are obviously NOT cured and you’re NEVER going to be well !! You have to depend on the drugs and take them every day of your LIFE till you DIE !!


This approach of keeping the virus under control serves to keep people worrying about the virus for the rest of their life and to keep them taking treatment every friggen day of their LIFE !!


Apparently the doctors claim that there is a reservoir in your body where the virus hides. This reservoir is made up of memory T-Cells which do get INFECTED together with your other normal CD4+ T-Cells. Apparently the memory T-Cells have a very long lifespan. They can live up to 5 years and some of them can live even much longer, such as 50 years ! So apparently the problem is that as soon as you STOP taking the ARV medicine then these long-life memory T-Cells will start to slowly RELEASE virons of HIV back into your blood to re-infect millions of your normal CD4+ T-Cells over a couple of months thereby making you heavily infected with HIV all over again !


While I acknowledge that this could be true from a scientific point of view, I find it very absurd ! It tells me that the ARV medicines are NOT created to COMPLETELY ERADICATE the virus from your body. They are created to temporarily nurse the virus and play-around with the virus without FULLY REMOVING it from your BODY !!!! They treat only your normal CD4+ T-Cells, leaving the other memory T-Cells untreated.


My question to the doctors is this ?? . . . How can HIV manage to **reach** into a memory T-Cell to infect the memory T-Cell and we come up with a treatment regime that focuses on removing the virus only from CD4+ T-Cells ??? Can’t we also make our ARVs to **reach** into the SAME memory T-Cells where HIV is reaching and continue to INTERFERE with the virus in the memory T-Cells in the same way as we stop it in the normal CD4+ T-Cells ? This way we can COMPLETELY REMOVE the virus also from the memory T-Cells. Why CANT we do that ????


Well, the answer I often get is that memory T-Cells are “sleeping” and they are NOT awake or active. They are in a passive state. If one can activate these memory T-Cells then your immune system will recognize that they ARE INFECTED and therefore your immune system will attack them thereby eradicating the virus completely from your body, by killing these latently-infected memory T-Cells. Once again, I acknowledge this explanation as it makes sense from a scientific point of view. But again . . I am NOT happy with it as I find it still very absurd !


Anyway, as we speak now in January 2015 the current leading-edge research for COMPLETELY REMOVING the HIV virus from a person’s body, including from these so-called memory T-Cells, is focused on TWO main ideas. One idea is from a group of researchers that call themselves the AIDS Research Alliance. The other group is Sangamo BioSciences.


The second group (the Sangamo BioSciences group) is working on Gene Therapy called ZFN (Zinc Finger Nucleases), code name for the drug is SB-728-T. This ZFN thing basically modifies a cell’s DNA at an exact location thereby making HIV unable to find the binding hole (the door-handle) that it needs to bind (to open the door) into your CD4+ T-Cell in order to infect the cell. Very nice and very noble, but as usual, this will be a PROPRIETARY solution, PATENTED and a fully synthetic drug, and they will take a very LOOOOOOOOOONG time to get this thing finished and ready for being used as a treatment (it’s over 10 years that they’ve been working on it) !! LOL, I’ve recently learned that they’re talking about “Market Opportunity” and stuff like that on their website. Hehehehehe, “market” opportunity !! This ZFN research by the Sangamo group is led by some notable and reputable people, such as John A. Zaia, M.D., Professor & Chairman of the Department of Virology, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope. Well, that is Gene Therapy for the cure of HIV by the Sangamo group. You will hear MORE and MORE about it in the coming years, and eventually ONE day it will hit the TV news and make headlines around the world.


The other group (the FIRST one) is a group led by professor Paul Wender of Stanford University. This group call themselves the AIDS Research Alliance. The scientists in this group are working on a substance called Prostratin. This substance is derived from a plant found in the country of Western Samoa. The plant is actually a tree known as the Mamala tree. This tree naturally produces the Prostratin substance in its bark. I am going to talk a LOT more about this group because I have a LOT of remarks about their approach as well as their general methods.


Prostratin is a substance that can ACTIVATE the sleeping/passive memory T-Cells, waking them up to make them ACTIVE, thereby exposing them to the immune system as ACTIVE infected CD4+ T-Cells. This obviously makes these cells vulnerable to be attacked by your immune system. So Prostratin is just the right kind of substance for solving the problem of HOW we can attack the HIV that is hiding in the sleeping/passive memory T-Cells.


But now guess what ???? The leading professor in the research from this group (Paul Wender of Stanford University) apparently decided to go and create a SYNTHETIC ANALOG of the Prostratin substance !! In other words he created in a laboratory a FAKE Chemical-Based UN-Natural look-alike of the prostratin substance !! He created his own thing that LOOKS exactly like prostratin but it is NOT the natural prostratin from the mamala tree anymore. He claims that his “analog” (his prostratin look-alike chemical product that he created in his lab) is 100 times more powerful than the natural prostratin from the mamala tree. Can you believe this ???


LOL , you may ask WHY ??? I mean WHY do you choose to take the route of synthesizing a natural substance that God has provided to us on a Tree ??? Well, the professor will obviously give his various explanations and reasons to defend his **synthetic approach** for this whole prostratin thing ! He will obviously give some valid reasons such as to say there is a fear that there are NOT enough Mamala trees in Western Samoa to harvest prostratin and that there will certainly be a shortage of supply of prostratin if we suddenly start to harvest prostratin from the Mamala trees in Western Samoa.


Ok, well that’s reasonable, but guys . . I mean . . why NOT simply plant MORE Mamala trees throughout the world ??? Why Not take the seed of the mamala tree and simply plant millions of these Mamala trees throughout the world and grow them all over the place ??? The tree clearly holds a valuable substance for the healing of more than 35 million people worldwide ! Why must we RUSH into the laboratory to take a naturally-occurring plant and turn it into a SYNTHETIC SUBSTANCE or SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL that is No longer natural ??? Why must we COPY God’s creation (a natural plant which produces a naturally healing substance) and create our own look-a-like of God’s creation using a synthetic method in a laboratory and make our non-natural fake copy that is 100 times more POWERFUL than the natural substance from the tree ?? Why do we NEED a substance that is 100 times more powerful than the original natural one from the tree ?? What is this all about ??? Anyway . . just relax and I will give you my answer later below to explain WHY I think things like this are happening in this world.


So, how did professor Paul Wender discover prostratin ? Was he just walking randomly around the whole world looking at millions of trees and maybe he sat under a tree to take a rest [like Isaac Newton] and the tree accidentally fell on him and he started to research that particular tree only to find that it contains a healing substance ?? LOL , of course that is NOT what happened ! LOL.


Professor Paul Wender did NOT discover prostratin in a magical fashion. In fact he did NOT even discover prostratin AT ALL ! Someone else brought it to his attention. A friend of professor Paul Wender known as Paul Cox (read carefully from now on, we have two Pauls!) is the person who brought prostratin to the attention of professor Paul Wender. Paul Cox himself is an ethnobotanist and he is also the director of the Institute of Ethnomedicine in Wyoming. As an ethnobotanist, Paul Cox learned of the mamala tree’s healing abilities, he learned of the fact that the bark of this tree (mamala tree) is used as medicine **from a Samoan traditional healer** in 1987 !!


I must repeat this sentence . . . THE BARK OF THE MAMALA TREE WAS USED AS MEDICINE by a Samoan Traditional Healer in 1987 !!!!! If you read that sentence slowly and carefully ONE MORE TIME, you will realize that it says a MOUTHFUL !!!!!!


So we now know HOW and WHY prostratin (a naturally healing substance that is found in the bark of the Samoan mamala tree) ended up being researched in a western medical laboratory ! Aha ! That is how the substance ended up as a laboratory product.


Professor Paul Wender obviously decided to take the sample of the bark of the tree (from Paul Cox) and examine it inside-out. He then obviously discovered that the bark has the prostratin substance as the active ingredient in it (the important healing ingredient). He then decided to start cloning or copying this natural healing ingredient from the bark of the tree to create his own synthetic look-a-like of it in his laboratory, and on his look-a-like creation he decided to change its original composure extensively to make it 100 times more potent than the original/natural prostratin from the tree.


With the original discovery dating back to 1987, I can tell you right off the bat that it took this guy YEARS and YEARS to get this right ! It has been 25 years since he started working on prostratin to create his fake look-a-like of it in his laboratory and to get other things done on it !!!


Now I want you to roll backwards with me a little bit again . . we said a little earlier above that Samoan Traditional Healers are USING the bark of this tree AS MEDICINE, and you bet if it is used traditionally as medicine in Samoa then its use will go back Hundreds or Thousands of years into the past ! Paul Cox (the botanist) did NOT and possibly could NOT have discovered anything special about this tree himself. As a botanist, he would have just seen this tree and treated it as a tree just like many other trees. What made him really curious about this tree was the question of why Samoan Traditional Healers were using this tree as MEDICINE !! That’s why he sent a sample of the tree’s bark to professor Paul Wender’s laboratory for further research.


So this plant/tree is ALREADY USED AS MEDICINE by Samoan traditional healers for hundreds or even thousands of years. But when it gets into the hands of our western medicine scientists, guess what happens to it . . . our scientists in the modern world feel that they should ignore the fact that the plant is ALREADY used as medicine in its NATURAL form and they feel that they should instead take the plant into a laboratory to make an ANALOG (fake replica!) of it which takes them 25 years to get it right and they end up with an unnatural synthetic chemical which is similar to the natural prostratin BUT it is now something that is apparently 100 TIMES more potent than the natural / original prostratin from the tree . . . hhhhmmmmmm ?? Now I am beginning to smell something here . . .


Just **what** exactly did they do in this 25 years to make their synthetic prostratin 100 TIMES more powerful than the natural prostratin from the mamala tree ???? . . . what do you think they did ??? LOL . . it can only be that they ADDED SOMETHING TO IT , right !!!! It is probably now some beastly chemical compound that is heavily-loaded with STEROIDS !!!! It is probably NOT even similar to the original natural prostratin anymore. It is No longer the same as the prostratin that is found in the bark of the Samoan mamala tree and USED AS MEDICINE by Samoan traditional healers for hundreds/thousands of years.


Do you see what we are busy doing in our western medicine world ?? We steal ideas from TRADITIONAL medicine and modify them into unnatural beastly substances in our laboratories, spending huge amounts of time to end up with massively steroid-loaded chemicals that we are going to put into people’s blood as **our medicine** ? ? ? That my friend . . is what we do in our western world when we make OUR medicine !!


You may now ask, **WHY** are we sitting in a lab for 25 years to take a plant that is ALREADY used as medicine and try to change it into a steroidal chemical by COPYING from God’s original blueprint to morph our own potentially dangerous substance ?? Why are we going to great lengths to do ALL THIS ???


Well, the answer my friend is . . . PATENTS and MONEY !!!!


If salt could cure HIV, do you think a medical scientist would sit in a laboratory working long hours to produce a **scientific proof** that shows us that indeed salt cures HIV ???? Of course No !! There is No doctor or scientist who would conduct such a research in his lab to PROVE THAT IT IS TRUE ! The reason NO doctor would be interested to do such a research is that you CANNOT PATENT SALT because salt is a naturally-occurring substance that was created by God and NO PERSON can claim that he has CREATED SALT here on earth, therefore NOBODY can register a PATENT under his name for Salt even if salt can truly cure HIV !! So if salt indeed could cure HIV nobody stands to MAKE ANY MONEY out of it because people are going to simply use the salt they have at home to cure themselves of HIV. This means that even if salt can do wonderful things and it could TRULY cure HIV, there is NO scientist who would PAY MUCH ATTENTION to doing more research about SALT whatsoever !! The problem is that there would be NO reward (No Market) for such research ! If the scientist gets into the lab and he manages to indeed prove scientifically that salt does in fact cure HIV, there is No pharmaceutical company that will be able to start manufacturing salt pills and sell them to people FOR A PROFIT because people are NOT stupid, people are NOT going to buy salt pills ! People will simply take the natural salt that is lying around all over in their house/kitchen and eat it up or drink it with water as medicine to cure the disease. No one is going to buy a pill from a chemist/pharmacy that simply contains salt in it ! You would have to take the salt and turn it into some complicated product by mixing it with other chemicals and change its look and structure significantly until it No longer looks like salt. Obviously you can then claim that this is a product that is MUCH more superior than salt because you have mixed it up with a lot of other chemicals, who knows . . maybe you’ve loaded it up with STEROIDS. And guess what ?? You can NOW register a PATENT for the product and claim it as your OWN CREATION and in this case many pharmaceutical companies will be ready to help you manufacture high volumes of your product and package it into Pills / Drugs so that the product [which is still primarily SALT] can now be sold for billions of dollars under an exclusive PATENT !


And this is the ABSURD state of things in our western medicine approach. We want to completely ignore natural powerful plants and we instead want to create drugs that are SYNTHETIC (Non-natural) in a laboratory so that we can be able to claim/show that the drug we’ve created is our OWN CREATION and therefore we are able to PATENT the drug and make billions of dollars once we have managed to get the drug approved by the regulatory authorities and ready for sale. Also because the drug is patented, we are able to produce the drug in our secret manufacturing facilities that are protected where no one can see what we are mixing so nobody can copy our process or our recipe. Sometimes we love this idea so much that we will go to the extent of taking God’s creation and trying to COPY it by creating fake ANALOGs of God’s creation in our laboratories spending decades in an effort to come up with something that is SYNTHETIC ENOUGH and UN-natural enough for us to be able to claim it as our OWN brand new creation so that we can now PATENT it and sell it exclusively as our own protected/patented/copyrighted product for billions of dollars to enrich ourselves. And this is the ABSURD state of things we are facing in our western medicine approach.



I would like to quote some information that I got from another source


<<==== Begin Quote ###

On November 4th, 2014, the New York Times quoted the leader of World Health Organization (WHO) saying that “A profit-driven industry does not invest in products for markets that cannot pay.” The New York Times reported that Chan said her organization (WHO) “had long warned of the consequences of greed in drug development and of neglect in public health.” According to the WHO latest figures, 13,567 people have been infected with the Ebola virus and 4,951 have died. These numbers change by the day and continue to increase.


The Big Drug companies and their marketing allies in the U.S. government including FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, Anthony Fauci of the NIAID and Thomas Frieden of the CDC are Not doing studies with the low-cost generic drug Lamivudine that Dr. Logan found reduced the death rate from Ebola in his patients by 93% ! The reason they are Not doing research into this low-cost generic antiviral drug is because a cheap generic drug such as Lamivudine WILL NOT make them Billions of Dollars that they can make with a new PATENTED drug !! Hence, a conspiracy of silence and neglect exists about low-cost treatments for all diseases from Ebola, to Cancer, to HIV & AIDS, as well as Heart Disease and everything else in between. It is a failure of leadership in our own governments. All three branches of government share some blame for incompetence, corruption, and a lack of moral courage.


The CDC recommends the use of ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapors on its website ( to disinfect medical laboratories that may be infected with biohazards including Ebola but they WON’T lift a finger to study how to use ozone or hydrogen peroxide directly to treat patients infected with this same biohazard (Ebola) and other biohazards. The FDA or Fauci’s NIAID will NOT lead any effort to find low-cost treatments for Ebola or any other disease. Turning human tragedy into profit is NOT only Bad Government Policy, it is actually a form of genocide.

<<===== End Quote ###



There are potent and powerful plants that God has ALREADY placed for us here on earth. Our traditional healers have been using these plants for CENTURIES and THOUSANDS of years to heal a myriad of diseases LONG before western medicine was even known !!


Traditional medicine is the REASON why we are STILL here on earth today. A thousand years ago in the year 1346 when a disease known as the black plaque, which was the most devastating pandemic in human history killing over 200 million people and continuing to kill more people for an extended period of 400 years. It was a simple bacteria that was easily spread from person to person, the disease did Not manage to wipe out all people from earth because God’s given medicine from natural plants was used by traditional healers to FIGHT and cure this disease. Obviously there was NO such thing as western medicine at that time. There was No microscope or a laboratory or any such things at that time ! There was No knowledge of a bacteria or a microbe. There was No injections. There was No antibiotics or ANY such things. And yes there was also No such thing as clinical trials. It was either Life or Death. You either wanted to Live by accepting to be treated with the available plants that were known-to-be-healing or you would face definite Death from the black plaque ! If TRADITIONAL MEDICINE was NOT used to combat this disease, some of us, or even ALL of us today would NOT be alive because the entire human race could have gone extinct –just like the Dinosaurs and other unlucky historical species. If a huge part of your ancestry was destroyed or became extinct 600 years ago, you would NOT be here today to read this article. Someone ELSE from another race that survived would have been living in your place. Therefore TRADITIONAL MEDICINE (natural medicine) has played a very important role in the preservation, sustainability, civilization and advancement of the human race.


But we are now living in the 21st Century, so you might ask . . why do we still need Natural Medicine ?? Well, I want you to think about this slowly and carefully. Without the Samoan Traditional Healers using the bark of the mamala tree as MEDICINE, I Don’t think that even Paul Cox himself (the ethnobotanist) would have discovered that the mamala tree contains the prostratin substance ! Being a learned and very educated ethnobotanist, he would have been totally oblivious [unaware] to the power of this tree, yet traditional healers of Samoa **knew it** from THOUSANDS of years ago that this tree has SOMETHING powerful in it that can cure diseases. And they gave him a sample of the bark of the tree, which enabled him to go and do his research on prostratin in a modern-day western medical laboratory ! Now that is the POWER of Natural Medicine coming to us right here into the 21st Century !


Anyway, I had mentioned earlier that as we speak now in January 2015 the current leading-edge research for COMPLETELY REMOVING the HIV virus from a person’s body, including the problem of cleaning the virus from the so-called memory T-Cells, is focused on TWO main research areas. One of these research areas is Prostratin, which I have covered in detail above, and I believe you can see that while it is a very promising research, it has a very absurd story behind it, because our scientists are trying to chemicalize or synthesize the natural healing substance from the tree to make a fully-synthetic (UN-natural) drug that they will be able to sell under protected PATENT laws exclusively under their control for billions of dollars when they are FINISHED with their synthetic creation ? Absurd, isn’t it ??


And just to remind you again, the other area of research on HIV cure is of course the subject of Gene Therapy, which I have also covered in detail earlier above. Gene Therapy is possibly a very notorious topic these days. What is happening with Gene Therapy is that this research is all about changing your genes and engineering your genes to remove something from them so that HIV cannot find the entry door that it usually uses to enter your blood cell when it infects you. So it is basically all about changing the shape of your blood cells to remove or cut-off one of the genes that HIV uses as a door-handle to open your blood cell and infect it. Once again, just like with Prostratin, I acknowledge that this research is based on a very noble idea from a scientific point of view. Of course the virus will be beaten hands out when one day it finds that its known-entry-door has totally disappeared in the blood cells of an infected person. The virus will float around in your blood looking for CD4 cells to infect and it will NOT be able to attach itself to ANY of the CD4 cells in your blood so the game will be over for it, simple as that. The virus will simply NOT be able to spread in your blood and your immune system will rapidly clear it out of your blood as a foreign unknown microbe, game over for HIV !


But again, the ultimate problem I have with both of these research methods is the question of HOW LONG will people have to wait for the cure, be it Gene Therapy or Prostratin ?????? Could it be another twenty years or more !!! The research behind this is going VERRRRRY slowly, and the process to finally get the drugs approved seems like it will also be just as Looooooooooong on its own ! So right now, I am NOT happy with both of these research approaches, period !!


Alright, that is the STORY about the current best efforts that are being made by the scientific world in our western medicine field. Clearly nothing appears to be working right now or in the near future for all the 35 million people out there suffering from HIV, many of which are dying of AIDS all over the world.

Now, let us get into MY METHOD of curing HIV and AIDS.


My research reveals that HIV can be cured. I repeat . . the research I have personally conducted so far reveals that HIV is a disease that CAN BE FULLY CURED !! I Don’t want to take a position of controversy here because I know the statement I just made can lead to a LOT of controversy !! So let me say frankly that I Don’t care what you BELIEVE or what you have been TOLD, or what you KNOW about HIV or whatever FACTS you have learned about HIV so far in your life. What I am saying to you is that my research indicates that HIV can be fully cured, NOT treated for life, fully cured, period !


My method involves the use of completely NATURAL plants TO CURE HIV . . . NOT to **treat** HIV, I said to CURE it , full stop !!! To cure it in such a manner that you will NOT be drinking my medicine for the rest of your life every day like people who are on ARVs. The medicine I will share with you, you will simply drink it for some months and then you will STOP. To lay it out for you in key points, this is what my method actually involves :


  1. When I start to treat you, I will insist that you first go for an HIV test (ELISA and Western Blot) to CONFIRM for Me and for Yourself so that we can BOTH see in the beginning that you are TRULY HIV-positive. You test at ANY hospital or clinic of your choice ! You will NOT be forced to test at some clinic that is controlled by me such as what some churches are doing who claim to cure people of HIV . . . they force people to test for HIV in their church clinic (that is very fishy!!), they Don’t allow you to go and test OUTSIDE at a public clinic or at any other hospital of your choice ! You will NEVER know if they CHANGE the results to deceive you by showing you FAKE hiv-negative results . . . this is a VERY VERY bad and evil thing to do !!!! You know someone is HIV-positive and you test them in your church-clinic and then you print fake negative results to show him that he is HIV-negative and you tell him that he is HEALED by your church while you know the truth he is NOT really healed !!!! becuz you print WRONG HIV-negative results for him there in your dubious church-clinic !!! Sooooooo Evil !!!
  2. Once both of us (myself and you) we have confirmed that you are truly HIV-positive from looking at your results, I will start to counsel you. Telling you more about the treatment you will embark on considering your HIV test results.
  3. Once you have been counselled, I may proceed to give you ONE of my TWO medicines that you will take for some months.
  4. You will NOT be taking my medicine FOR EVER ! It is NOT like ARVs or some treatment that you take FOR LIFE !!! You will take my medicine for some MONTHS only, NOT even one year ! And then you will have to STOP !
  5. But during the treatment, Every 30 Days (every month) you should go to TEST for HIV again. You test to see whether you are STILL HIV-positive. You can test at ANY clinic, use a different clinic/hospital if you want, and bring back the new results
  6. You continue with the treatment I am giving you UNTIL the full number of months for your treatment is complete, and once again EVERY 30 days you keep going for the TEST for HIV again to see whether you are STILL HIV-positive every month !
  7. Myself and you, we both keep RECORDS of your current HIV status as well as ALL your new test results
  8. Once your treatment is finished, and many times even BEFORE your treatment is finished, you can then tell me how you feel about the whole experience, from the RESULTS you are seeing with your eyes on your last few HIV tests ?
  9. Myself and You, we both mutually sit down and agree to now STOP the treatment COMPLETELY so that I can set you FREE from the treatment and you can go home back to your old life since you should NEVER again need me [or my medicine] in your life.
  10. After saying goodbye to me, you may continue to go for several more HIV tests at your own discretion (this is HIGHLY recommended) to FULLY confirm for your OWN sake to be 100% sure that you are STILL cured, and you may share your post-treatment results with me for up to TWO years after you leave.


Now, these points above summarize my approach and my solution to the HIV and AIDS problem. If you have HIV, I want to use my completely NATURAL plants and methods TO CURE YOUR HIV . . . NOT to **treat** your HIV and keep you living on my daily treatment for life. I said to CURE it and STOP it , and completely get it out of your BODY. There will be NO MORE further ongoing daily treatments once we both **SEE** that you are indeed fully CURED !


In conclusion, here are some FACTS I am willing to disclose about my method :

  • My method is pretty safe, effective, and very low in cost
  • My method does NOT involve the use of ANY synthetic or chemical materials. We will use Completely Natural products.
  • My method involves No Patents, No Market Monopolies, and No Regulation
  • Under normal circumstances, your HIV-related symptoms should disappear within 30 days
  • Your CD4 counts may first DECREASE noticeably, and then later on your CD4 count will RISE , and RISE , and RISE and RISE very high !!! Especially when you have STOPPED using / needing my treatment, that’s the time when your CD4 count will really go up the MOST !
  • Your viral load will CERTAINLY drop and it will go all the way down to UNDETECTABLE levels during treatment, but my goal is NOT really to take you to UNDETECTABLE level becuz normal ARVs can also do that. My goal is to CURE You and set you FREE from treatment !!!! My goal is to make you BETTER than UNDETECTABLE !!
  • My method may NOT work for everybody, but I would be EXTREMELY surprised if it does NOT work for you !!! I would be shocked !!!
  • My method does NOT use the bark of the mamala tree or that “prostratin” thing/substance that I mentioned earlier above. Prostratin is used by Samoan traditional healers and it is also being researched by western (US) medical scientists. It is NOT available in South Africa and I Don’t even think it is being used by anyone with HIV. So forget about Prostratin !
  • My method does NOT use Gene Therapy which I mentioned earlier when I talked about the Sangamo Research Group, so you can forget about Gene Therapy also.
  • My method does NOT involve the use of health diets or being told to start eating specific kinds of food. No eating vegetables every day or fasting or living on green juices. No health rituals of any sort ! No stories about body PH levels or stories about Alkaline vs Acidic diets. You can continue to drink Coke and eat your burgers and fries, ice cream, simba chips, sweets, cakes, meat and all other fried foods that you eat all the time, etc. Perhaps the only thing you might need to cut back on is alcohol, but even that is Not really a requirement. In fact, my method might be more suitable for people who CANNOT take ARVs or those who CAN’T strictly adhere to the ARV daily dose because they DRINK too much alcohol daily so they Can’t fully comply with ARV treatment advise.
  • My method involves No Drama, No Laying of Hands, No Screaming, No Shouting, No Sangomas, No Mystery, No Scary Scenes, No Candles, No Confessions, No Ancestors, No Huge Amounts of Money or Thousands of Rands will be requested from You, No Premature Healing Claims or Proclamations, No Declarations of Spontaneous Healing, etc. No Gimmicks . . Just Results.


That is my approach to HIV ? ?


Wishing you Abundant Health in your Life and Beyond. I believe God has already blessed you by bringing you into contact with someone like me ?