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Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 3

in closing . . for my friends who suffer from Diabetes i would like to recommend something revolutionary that some of you may NOT EVEN have ever conceived . . a STEM CELL medical procedure offered at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre which costs R35 000 . . ouch ! while this treatment is certainly expensive, it WORKS hands down !!

the doctors at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre will extract stem cells from your OWN fat tissue (from YOUR OWN body – No transplant, No operations, No theatre, No general anaesthetic, No hospital admission or sleep-over in a ward, it’s a DAY procedure with No scars and No stitching and No pain killers or Recovery process . . just an injection) . . these stem cells that they harvest from your body are known as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), they offer you a multitude of potential and emerging applications in regenerative medicine; and they can be used for a multitude of intractable afflictions. after harvesting your stem cells, these smart doctors will then RE-inject the stem cells they harvested from your body BACK INTO YOUR BODY, but this time around they will target these stem cells to your pancreas . . and walla . . your pancreas will begin to FULLY REGENERATE itself (yep . . recreate your pancrease AFRESH) thereby fully reversing your pancreas BACK to the time WHEN YOU WERE NOT YET DIABETIC . . amazing, isn’t it ? go check it out . . Stem Cell Treatment from the Melrose Aesthetic Centre

. . and hell yeah, you bet these are the same doctors who perform the controversial PLASTIC SURGERY and Anti-Aging facial and body transformations . . hahaha . . the absurdity of Life is that sometimes the solution to HEALTH problems is NOT in the hands of Doctors who care about HEALTH matters ! the solution is sometimes in the hands of a doctor who does NOT even care about UNHEALTHY people at all . . a doctor who treats RICH people that come to him NOT because they are sick, but because they are obsessed with spending money on Aesthetics, Beauty, Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging. LOL . . and God ironically hands the solution for diabetes to THESE underserving doctors, while Endoctrinologists (who sadly do NOT possess any plastic surgery or stem-cell skills) continue to battle their way in laboratories to develop a more conventional and mainstream cure for diabetes and THEY CANNOT succeed at it ! i bet MANY people do NOT even know that a controversial BEAUTY treatment known as Glutathione (yep . . the one used for turning your skin complexion WHITE . . think “Khanyi Mbau”) is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE for HIV treatment . . the reason HIV people DONT EVEN consider it is simply because it is usually administered by PLASTIC SURGEONS in AESTHETIC beauty clinics rather than in a HOSPITAL or HEALTH-oriented facility. did you even THINK that plastic surgeons (NOT Endoctrinologists) are the ones who hold the innovative KEY to solving Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes problems ?? . . LOL . . i bet you DIDN’T . . As we close the World Diabetes Month (November) I am wishing a LONG Life to all Diabetics and Sufferers of the MORE-LIKELY-cause of their “apparent” diabetes syndrome . . the sufferers of the understated and mysterious “Metabolic Syndrome” . . LONG LIVE !! Now it is time for the HIV Month (December)

Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 2

would you AGREE with me if i said that this man believes that his “diabetes” problem is largely due to his OBESITY ??? in my official list of FIVE maladies of the metabolic syndrome, “OBESITY” and specifically “abdominal (central) obesity” appears as NUMBER 1.  of course you would believe me ! all this man sees is that HIS OBESITY has caused him DIABETES . . he believes that if he could ONLY GET RID of OBESITY, then his “diabetes” problem would become BETTER or be totally eradicated . . but do you realize that he might be COMPLETELY WRONG with such a belief ! he could be “LOCKED inside the OBESITY BOX” !! by LOSING ALL the weight, he may absurdly discover that HE STILL REMAINS DIABETIC even after slimming down to a stick-figure at 50 kilograms of weight !

on the other hand if he STOPPED isolating and focusing on the  “OBESITY ! OBESITY ! OBESITY !”  and he instead RE-categorized his problem into a problem of “Metabolic Syndrome” because **only** NUMBER 1 under Metabolic Syndrome is Abdominal / Central Obesity . . this may OPEN DOORS for him to now solve the problem in a much EASIER manner without having to go through the pain and torture of trying to LOSE WEIGHT ! yep . . you read that right . . without having to LOSE **ANY** WEIGHT whatsoever ! when you’re OVERWEIGHT, it is HARD to conceive your diabetic problem in ANY OTHER WAY except to BLAME THE OBESITY ALONE ! But when you OPEN your eyes to the possibility that there are UP TO FOUR OTHER maladies that might be causing your “apparent” diabetes problem, you are NOW in a position to attack THE PROBLEM from its OTHER AREAS where it is much WEAKER and EASIER to demolish !

Problem Solving Advanced Techniques – Using Diabetes as Example – PART 1

As a continuation on my Advanced Problem Solving Technique, wherein I originally elucidated in my post that to JUMP out of the BOX, you have to find ways to look at the problem OUTSIDE its SPECIFIC CATEGORY and rather try to treat the problem as if it is IN A MORE GENERAL  or  OUTER CATEGORY, I also used the problem of the Diabetes disease as an example. To elaborate more on this, when people go to the doctor and they are diagnosed with Diabetes, they start to OVERLY-FOCUS too deep on the SPECIFIC diagnosis (Diabetes ! Diabetes ! Diabetes ! Diabetes!) . . this “diabetes” word hangs over their head for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS and soon they find themselves LOCKED inside the DIABETES BOX ! they NEVER find the solution to **DIABETES** because THERE IS NO CURE **FOR DIABETES** . . yeah right . . this could very well be true

If however, these people would learn to find the MORE GENERAL or OUTER CATEGORY into which the DIABETES problem falls, this would UNLOCK HIDDEN DOORS for them to ultimately FIND OTHER WORTHWHILE SOLUTIONS, because if you now stop looking at  **diabetes** in ISOLATION and you consider the problem as a “Metabolic Syndrome” . . which  **it is**  because Diabetes is but ONE of the FIVE DISEASES that fall squarely inside the GENERAL CATEGORY of “Metabolic Syndrome” . . and while the following statement may certainly be true => THERE IS NO CURE  **FOR DIABETES** . . that does NOT NOW MEAN that there is also NO CURE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME too !

it is when you start to look for a  CURE FOR METABOLIC SYNDROME  that you NOW UNLOCK TOTALLY HIDDEN DOORS, because you are removing the veil of  “DIABETES”  that has been hanging over your head for YEARS and you are now dealing with it (DIABETES) as a problem of “Metabolic Syndrome” . . because it (Diabetes) falls perfectly into this MORE GENERAL or OUTER CATEGORY of  “Metabolic Syndrome” disease. Friends . what i just explained . . that is  ***HOW*** you CREATIVELY solve complicated problems by RE-CATEGORIZING the problem and RE-DEFINING it into a MORE GENERAL problem and STEP OUT OF THE BOX where you’ve been focusing on the SPECIFIC aspects of the problem ! That is exactly what i mean when i talk about JUMPING OUT of the BOX !!!!!

Metabolic Syndrome, sometimes known by other names, is a clustering (grouping) of at least THREE or FOUR of the FIVE following medical conditions (giving a total of 9 to 16 possible combinations that may produce the syndrome – metabolic syndrome) :

  1. abdominal (central) obesity
  2. high blood pressure
  3. high blood sugar
  4. high serum triglycerides
  5. low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels

look at NUMBER THREE above . . people with DIABETES tend to OVERLY-FOCUS on this aspect of the Metabolic Syndrome !! by doing so, they therefore COMPLETELY DISREGARD the fact that their HIGH BLOOD SUGAR may be  **an element**  or a RESULT of them suffering from **Metabolic Syndrome** !! they are blinded by the veil of ISOLATING the specific-word “DIABETES”, therefore they CANNOT EVER see or conceive their problem in its OUTER CATEGORY as a “Metabolic Syndrome” disease (outside the box of HIGH blood sugar) ! they want to look at their HIGH SUGAR  **alone**  and conceive their High Sugar **ALONE** as THE ENTIRE DISEASE they are suffering !! this causes them to TRY many DIRECT and SPECIFIC INTERVENTIONS that are invented specifically  **for the HIGH SUGAR alone**. the fact that usually ONLY the SUGAR LEVEL alone is easy and convenient to measure-at-home with a glucometer fuels their sugar-BOX mentality even further ! most of the SUGAR-reduction interventions people apply they absurdly do NOT WORK effectively for diabetics . . and sometimes you wonder WHY the medications some diabetics take are prescribed to be taken FOR LIFE (chronic) !! it is because the patient is focusing on treating  **ONLY ONE ASPECT** (blood sugar) of what might be A MUCH MORE GENERAL PROBLEM in **HIS/HER BODY** that may be caused by  **UP TO FOUR OTHER** maladies in his/her body !!! mark my words carefully . . im NOT saying your personal diabetes problem is  **ALWAYS** CAUSED BY FOUR OTHER maladies . . nope . . it does NOT have to ALWAYS be **FOUR OTHER** things that cause YOUR DIABETES symptom . . it is  **UP TO FOUR** other things that may be involved in any given person’s PERSONAL MANIFESTATION of the diabetes symptom, therefore your personal trouble with diabetes might possibily be TWO or THREE of these OTHER elements we see above on the list of **Metabolic-Syndrome** maladies . . when TWO or THREE or even FOUR of these OTHER elements-of-the-metabolic-syndrome are combined TOGETHER with your APPARENT high blood sugar . . that could be THE RRRRREEEEEEAL GENERAL PROBLEM that is TROUBLING you and that may be THE PROBLEM YOU SHOULD REALLLLLY SOLVE, NOT the high sugar **ALONE** !! have you ever wondered why SUGAR ALONE (eating sugar) does NOT cause diabetes ?? have you ever wondered again why OBESITY ALONE (being fat) does NOT cause Diabetes ?? EXACTLY !! so WHY do you take ONE aspect (high sugar) of the Metabolic Syndrome and OVERLY-FOCUS on it (high-sugar! high-sugar! high-sugar!) and ACCEPT it as THE DISEASE you’re suffering from ??  . . isn’t it TIME you STOP isolating DIABETES (high sugar alone) by trying to overly-focus on TREATING IT ALONE ?? . . do NOT commit the blunder of always trying to DECOMPOSE the PROBLEM and applying the ISOLATION strategy to fix a SMALL area of what might be a MUCH MORE GENERAL/BIGGER PROBLEM !!!!! sometimes you must GENERALIZE the PROBLEM . . and RIGHT there and then . . that’s when you UNCOVER UNBELIEVABLE HIDDEN SOLUTIONS for it !!

Diabetes !! Diabetes !! Diabetes !!

i am expanding my health research beyond the HIV disease. i am now going to look deeper and more seriously at the RISING pandemic of this “diabetes” disease in South Africa, particularly Type 2 Diabetes

it has come to my attention that there is an ENORMOUSLY HIGH number of young people under the age of 30 –some as young as 23– who are RAPIDLY becoming diabetic and the absurd part of it is that they DONT even know it !

many of these young people start to learn about how seriously-endangered their health is 7 years down the line after years of unexplained illnesses and mysterious recurrent health troubles that manifest in their blood test over the years of their UNDIAGNOSED exposure to diabetes

i have come to learn that this can be a SERIOUS and debilitating disease with extreme life threatening complications if it goes untreated or if the treatment used for it is NOT adequate enough to completely-supress the sugar-spikes or reverse the underlying cellular insulin-resistance mechanism

as usual, my approach to this will be exactly the SAME as my approach to just about ANYTHING else in life. the approach i will use in my research into this disease is one where i will apply a LOT of lateral and OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking in an effort to reveal what is usually taken for granted as well as to reveal POSSIBILITIES where EVERYONE ONLY SEES and ACCEPTS the GIVEN LIMITATIONS ! you can tell from the way i live my life that i HARDLY EVER accept or succumb to LIMITATIONS . . if you say it CANNOT be done, i SAY “it can” !! i live my life to REVEAL POSSIBILITIES where EVERYONE only sees LIMITATIONS and my determination is to UNCOVER the silver-lining in a place where EVERYONE declares “the Impossible” and “Can’t be done’s” #stayTuned and check the Research Page on my Blog =

HIV Research Part 7 – Welcoming Tshego

It is with great pleasure that I welcome my new partner in innovation, Mr. Tshego Lesejane !

tshego lesejane

Tshego Lesejane is a talented innovator with a flare for creativity and hardcore problem-solving techniques. Tshego possesses an acute passion for technology, innovation, lateral, creative and critical thinking. I believe that his voluntary decision to participate in this revolutionary initiative is going to accelerate the recruitment of viable volunteers in large enough numbers and enable us to fast-track the penetration of our incredible treatment regime while at the same time paving the way for a country-wide open adoption of our treatment regime as well as providing us with that much-desired “objective proof” of the efficacy of our incredible treatment regime ! Friends and associates, your affirmative support of Tshego’s voluntary participation, backed by his undisputed strong work ethic as well as his determination to accelerate the penetration of our incredible treatment regime will be highly-appreciated. Please give him ALL THE SUPPORT he needs (both morally and professionally) in order to make this initiative a success NOT only for us, but most importantly for the SUFFERERS out there and those who live to endure the troubles of lifelong anti-retrovial therapy ! I thank you all in the name of Tshego Lesejane !

HIV Research Part 6 – Great News TODAY

** ! Bouncing Back like a Lightening Bolt ! **
Following the DISAPPROVAL of my Section 21 MCC application at the Department of Health seven weeks ago, I decided to go back to my original blueprint, a compound that I had initially dismissed as “ineffective” citing reasons that it was Not as good as it seemed to be. I conducted more deeper research on it, retracing my steps backwards in reverse, going all the way back to the drawing board. And like a Lightening Bolt, I have now found BRAND NEW evidence that my original compound –which does NOT require MCC approval and is NOT subject to interference from the Department of Health, the FDA, or any such authorities– WILL in fact WORK just fine for the purposes of what I originally researched it for ! This is such an amazing Bounce-Back after this near “Show-Stopper” disapproval from the MCC at the Department of Health. I couldn’t be more excited to discover that the compound I originally researched is in FACT THE RIGHT THING that i should continue with !! now i am sitting here asking myself . . . why the HELL did i DOUBT this compound and prematurely dismiss it in the first place ??

HIV Research Part 5 – Horrible NEWS Today

It is with great sadness that I again hit a major setback today Thursday, February 09, 2017  18:10:57. After following up with the Department of Health, today I finally received a feedback from them regarding my MCC Section 21 Application that I lodged with them back in November 2016. Their formal written response back to me today was unfortunately a LETTER OF DISAPPROVAL. The Medicines Control Council of South Africa (MCC) disapproved my application on the basis that the evidence I presented to them regarding my Herbal Compound was “weak”.  They mentioned that the evidence I submitted regarding the use of Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDA) as a strong immune bossing agent is “WEAK”. That is basically ALL they said in the written description of their DISAPPROVAL LETTER to me. Obviously this is a serious setback both for Me as well as for ALL of you my friends !  Having spent over R 13 000 of my own cash back in November to lodge this application at the Department of Health, it is a serious blow for my efforts ! In any case, NOT all is LOST. I obviously have to now sit back and soak up this information and reality until it fully settles in my mind. I have decided that I am NOT going to respond to them immediately or react in any premature fashion. Anyway, WITH or WITHOUT the department of health, the battle goes on. There is going to be ANOTHER WAY OUT OF THIS, very soon . . I can assure ALL my friends. Let us stay hopeful and know that SOMEONE is working HARD and SPENDING reasonable amounts of time and money to pursue this matter come RAIN or SUNSHINE ! Be blessed.

HIV Research Part 4 – Submission to the MCC

Today 21 November 2016 I finally submitted my section 21 application form to the Medicines Control Council of South Africa at the Department of Health in Pretoria. This is a milestone submission that took months and a LOT of hardwork on my part to put together. It required so many signatures and authorization and I am happy that it is now submitted. I ensured that the paperwork was meticulous and clinical in my submission, every single page ! Now we have to keep our fingers crossed awaiting authorization from the Medicines Control Council. This is an application I submitted to obtain legal authorization for the use of the herbal compound in South Africa.

HIV Research Part 3 – Interference from DoH

It is with great sadness that I announce this

Following recent intervention from the Department of Health , I have to put my treatment on hold until further notice. I never thought my treatment could reach so deep within the political structures of the country, but as you all know . . good things fade fast, good people also perish swiftly. I am in talks with the powers that be in order to formalize a few of the things they have pointed out to me. But this also goes to show that when YOU DO what others are NOT willing to do, you DON’T even have to advertise yourself, you **WILL BE** noticed, period !

But on the side of good news, as I am **ALWAYS** looking for new innovative ways to advance my life and yours, my research into Traditional Chinese Medicine is going very well. I have spoken to a PhD medical doctor in Kenya who has given me the heads up on some of the most hidden secrets and principles behind why Chinese Traditional Medicine is so potent and worthwhile. In about 2 weeks I am hoping to share with you the SEVEN CONSEQUENCES of natural medicine, and you will love it.

At least with this new approach I am NOT expecting a LOT of misunderstandings and interference from the powers that be, but nonetheless I am MOVING FORWARD with it, No matter what ! Because I want HEALING FOR YOU ( NOT lifetime treatment ! ) . . as much you want it FOR YOURSELF.

HIV Research Part 2 – Prevention vs Cure

When it to comes to HIV research, my stance is that we need to FORGET about PREVENTING HIV. The idea of prevention is a LOST BATTLE ! Utterly disappointing. We have to remember that HIV is now running towards 40 years of being in existence amongst us, rampantly infecting people by the hundredths of thousands PER DAY. Older people who were infected a long time ago continue to infect the YOUNGER generation, so it is a vicious cycle. Notwithstanding the fact that the younger generation itself, once infected, carries on to infect their peers. That is why I believe that when it comes to prevention strategies, the battle is LOST ! We need to forget about prevention and now spend all our resources to find a CURE for this thing !!  A cure is the ONLY thing that will bring HIV to its knees and rapidly turn the situation around. A prevention strategy on the other hand is based on the notion (or fallacy) that people will suddenly STOP spreading the virus or infecting each other. Unfortunately with over 44 million people infected worldwide, the approach of prevention could take us over 150 years to ever do anything noticeable about the HIV pandemic. If you want to prevent something, you have to REACT quickly during the early stages of discovering it. If you let it become a 40 year pandemic, well . . you can expect to spend 80 to 90 years on coming up with an effective prevention strategy, because you have to wait for an entire generation (or Two generations) to pass by and it is only towards the end of the second generation that you might in fact make a noticeable impact on preventing the disease, the reason being again that the OLDER generation WILL continue to infect the younger generation in a very resilient manner !

I am now venturing my research into Chinese Traditional Medicine or Chinese Herbal Medicine as others call it. My initial peek into this area has led me to believe that the true hidden secret of cure may be harboured in Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is an area that holds true potential for discovering and isolating natural substances that can eradicate the HIV virus from a person’s body. And once again, this is Natural Medicine and NOT synthetic chemicals and substances that I will be diving into. I am hoping that after a few months I will come out triumphant and I will be holding (in my hands) something VERY worthwhile for you my friends ? ?  It won’t be long, I promise . . .  just a FEW months ? :).  Today it is Friday, August 07, 2015  11:40