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About Me

Hi there, my name is Tebogo Motlhale

I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa ! I enjoy the common things in life. I love airtime (yeah you heard that right, AIRTIME!!). I am discerning and choosy when it comes to my Taste, Ideals and Idiosyncrasies. I don’t like sending a messenger or going through a middleman to do my things. I guess I just hate the idea of delegating, I want to do it myself ! I believe that if you want something done right, you must DO IT YOURSELF.

My approach to life is generally one where I apply out-of-the-box thinking to deal with, and solve everyday problems that people face day-in day-out !


Nine Common Misconceptions about me


Below is a list of the Seven Common Misconceptions people have about me (im Getting Tired of PPL repeatedly hitting on me with the SAME assumptions)

  • hey there . . u must be a Model, can u plz hook me up with Modelling Agencies bla-bla-bla ?? LOL . . WTF . . . i am NOT a Model , i was Never one in the past, and i’ll probably NEVER be a Model in the future, i know nothing about Modeling. and even if i was a Model, i would NOT hook you up to NOTHING . . becuz i am Not a fisherman . . so i Don’t walk around with hooks . . ok !
  • i am Not a clothing designer or a maker of clothes, i Don’t make clothes whatsoever, and i’ve NEVER made clothes, some of my colleagues who WORK with me daily **STILL** hold this false-belief that i spend my time MAKING CLOTHES when they can CLEARLY see me coming to WORK with them EVERY SINGLE day doing the same friggen Job !!!
  • i DONT work at Vodacom , i’ve NEVER worked at Vodacom and i’LL probably NEVER work at Vodacom in my lifetime. i DONT work for MTN or Cell C, i’ve NEVER worked at MTN or Cell C and i’LL probably NEVER work at MTN or Cell C in my entire remaining lifetime
  • i DONT sell Sunglasses, i’ve NEVER sold Sunglasses and i Don’t think i will EVER sell Sunglasses or Watches or Clothes or Shoes or Bags or Belts to anyone . . or whteva saleable items in my LIFE ! i DONT sell belts, i wear belts . . that’s it
  • i DONT **Like** bright colours or ANY particular colors. i just wear ALL the colours of the rainbow that God created and i wear them ANY DAY i feel like it for ANY OCCASION . . work ; professional ; party ; whatever ! i am NOT themed or stereotyped to ANY PARTICULAR COLOUR, SEASON, LOOK, OCCASION or even the so-called “DRESS CODE”. i DONT believe that there are GOOD colours to wear and BAD ones. i mix GREEN with BLUE at the drop of a hat and i wear LOTS of GREEN and YELLOW ! ALL the colours seem just fine to me, including Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Florals, Vector Prints, Animal Prints, whatever really…i equally wear ALL the colours and i do NOT wait for a CERTAIN OCCASION or CHECK WHAT DAY IT IS in order for me to wear CERTAIN CLOTHES, No matter how BRIGHT or DARK they are
  • i am NOT an investor, a venture capitalist or a businessman. i do NOT run a business or believe in the notion that running “a business” is the way to break out of poverty and mysteriously step into prosperity, so I do Not run any businesses whatsoever ! i do NOT direct any company, hold any shares in any organization, bet it commercial or even non-profit of ANY NATURE ! I also do NOT invest in ANY assets, securities, shares, properties, insurances, promissory-notes-that-claim-to-make-millions or any of that nonsense. i do NOT run businesses and i have NO interest in investments and running businesses whatsoever . . i do evaluate business ideas (lots of them) from my so-called “ambitious” friends but i do it within my BROAD context of applying Critical Thinking to evaluate propositions and and ideas as well as from the perspective of my General Idea Feasibility Evaluation Framework (GIFEF). i do NOT do this as a “business advisor”, a “business analyst”, or as a “financial advisor”, so do NOT send me your so-called business proposals or business plans or company profiles with the objective of forming partnerships, or offering me shares, shareholding, securities, investments, or offering me ANYTHING whatsoever in your “business ideas”. i have said  “No”  to over  99.8%  of business proposals sent to me over the past 17 years ! i do assist businesses and businessmen (entrepreneurs) from time to time, but I do it out of “feeling shame” and “feeling pity” for these so-called entrepreneurs because millions of them happen to just be people who are struggling year-in year-out due to a lack of basic competencies, a lack of resources, a lack of skills, a lack of discretion, a lack of technical know-how or some other mysterious disease plaguing them in their so-called “business endeveours”. I am Not surprised when some of them claim to “hustle” or to be “hustlers”. that is why I usually do NOT charge any money and I also do NOT accept any form of monetary compensation for what I do, unless it is explicitly declared as a donation . . i do this purely in the spirit of “sharing” and “helping” on a personal person-to-person non-commercial basis
  • Lastly . . i am NOT a girl !! LOL, some people in my OWN family STILL think that I am a GIRL !! i was NOT born “a girl”, i was NOT raised “as a girl”, i was Never a girl in the past and i will NEVER be a girl in the future, period


So . . what is it that I Dooooooooo ?

Now that we’ve got the misconceptions outta the way, you probably want to know what i do ?? Hopefully you’re NOT here to try to learn anything about *What* I do 🙂

Well . . I do a LOT of things. I work professionally and I also conduct an awful lot of research across many topics, disciplines and phenomena. However, it appears that many people who watch too much TV and read magazines still assume that I model or do some weird stuff like that !! I Don’t know who told them that someone like me would be busy Modeling . . . LOL , Don’t make the same assumption . . ok . . Guys . . listen here . . I am NOT a Modeler, I have NEVER been a Modeler, and I will probably NEVER be a Modeler, ever, ok !!  There is a LOT more to (My) Life than just Modeling around, LOL. Anyway, I play with computers, I listen to Music, and I read and read and read . . . I go out a LOTTTTT , almost every Friday, I eat out , I go shopping 🙂 LOTSSSSSS of shopping , and I research and I’m always on the look out for Innovative Solutions.

My current areas of research are in the following disciplines : Nanotech, Life Extension, Cryonics, Nano-Medicine, Microbiology, Quantum Physics (properly known as “Quantum Mechanics”), Internet Marketing, Information Technology, Financial Markets and Currency Trading, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, Telecommunications, Tailoring, Artificial Intelligence…especially the sub-field of Clustering, Classification and Fuzzy Pattern Matching, Regular Expressions (i’m BIG time on Regular Expressions! They’ve literally CHANGED my Life!), Automotive Electronics, Space and Astronomical Sciences, Anthropology, Evolution & Creation Science, NLP & DHE (Neuro-Linguistic Programming / Design Human Engineering), Psychology and Philosophy. I also have a very mild interest in Chemistry and Medicine (particularly Microbiology and Immunology). Unfortunately, I have little to No interest in the disciplines of Conservation, Ecosystems, Sociology, Politics and the related disciplines. I make plenty of commentary on many forums and several RSS feeds on a regular basis.

You can Click Here to visit my Current Research Work

Enjoy !


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